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Mindwalk: The Turning Point

Mindwalk (1990) depicts a conversation between three Americans in France: a politician, a scientist, and a poet. The dialogue is well-paced, intelligent, and human. The politician wants to find a way to help fix the world but is stymied by the constraints of the political environment. The scientist has spent some years in contemplative isolation after seeing her work exploited for military use. The poet... well, the poet is the life of the party. These three will not leave each other unchanged.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wilderness Blues: A Reader's Response

This beleaguered seeker's prayers were answered in the form of a beautiful email message from Robert. Here it is in full, for the enrichment of all who might benefit from the higher wisdom shining through.

Dear William,

I read your eloquent, creative and moving post and felt the imperative to respond.

All I can offer you both are some conceptual tools, to help clarify the mind, which IS the only real impediment to change, discounting the physical body’s own inertia and demanding cry to remain in its comfort zone. Actually, even the latter is really mental conditioning, nothing more!

Our minds are the primary centers of fear of change.

Even Western science, in its least corrupted branches, has finally realized that all appearances of matter as solid (and hard to change) are ultimately illusive.

Standing waves of energy, which we perceive as solid matter, are mostly habits in action. The patterns which appear and to which we cling, are really a delicate balance of very powerful forces held in dynamic tension, maintained by our beliefs and the mercy of the higher Mind.

Nearly instantaneous changes are not only possible, but if our mental habits of identification and attachment to what we think we know were not acting as a counterweight, changes would occur more often and with less trauma preceding them!

Were it not for the resistance of the mind, in its primal terror of losing stable control over the body’s form and its potential to grow out of our control, we could shape shift as easily in the physical as we do in our dreams.

The perception and consequent understanding of what is holding back or distorting growth is the key to unlocking so-called miracles.

It is not that we must have a rapid manifestation to satisfy ourselves that healing is happening, it is the mental state of already being there, in the next phase of being, that we must put on in advance, in undisturbed faith.

I know that you understand all this.

However, I am pointing you back to this conceptual space because the truth is, it is our own, very human mental resistance which frustrates higher powers from bringing us information, healing and relief from suffering, not karma!

For us to learn, we must have the exercise of our sovereign wills, free from interference from our loving “parental” Source. As above, so below applies: good human parents know this principle and obey it, even if occasionally overriding it out of concern and their own lack of faith.

So, our little minds were granted the power to hold back the power of Love, to the extreme of suicide when our faith is exhausted.

This means that it is our minds (and the beliefs it holds true), which are the point of engagement in any and all crises; we must clear the decks to see what needs to change in our mental structure and set of beliefs.

Again, metaphysics 101.

My point is, no matter what level of consciousness we attain, the shadow mind, where all of our unconscious patterns await loving attention, must be constantly courted like a lover and brought into the light of awareness, where ancient patterns and long-held traumas to our souls may be healed.

Instead of the culturally transmitted, mind-limiting perception that the physical world is hard to move and that our mental habits are very hard to change, we must detach from our attachment to the mass mind’s “comfort zone” and realize that all these millennia, the power to transcend the psychic momentum of living stuck in the darkness along with the consciousness of the race has always been waiting, patiently, expectantly, to be called upon!

To be clear: it is one thing to attempt to move the consciousness of the entire race out of bondage, as the Christed beings have done, which requires immense energy and self-mastery to pull off.

It is far less intimidating to manage our own life bubbles, our bodies and our relations with those around us.

We face the same psychic inertia and mental ruts, but on a local scale, which we can manage, if we so choose.

All our challenges are learning opportunities, but the conundrum is: what is it we are to learn specifically this time?

The details are always unique and very intimately personal BUT we can help ourselves by realizing that there are general patterns. Though the detail is important and tailor-made for us, the learning process has general congruencies, which we can learn once and then utilize in any situation.

Identification: something which we thinks is “US” or “OURS” is now holding back our growth. We must prepare to find it and let it go, no matter what the cost to our feelings or self-image.

Attachment: There is some thing, idea or feeling to which we are clinging (or which is clinging to us!) which is dis-empowering us, weighing us down, blocking our perception.

We must detach ourselves from anything to which we bonded, grow bigger than the looming illusion that we need, ultimately, anything other than our inner resources, anything more than our invincible connection to the One.

This cusp we are all experiencing at this time is a birth canal transit, squeezing us into a diamond form, impervious to mental delusions and appearances of limitations on our power.

After all, our only power comes from the only One and it is only mercy and compassion that has us requiring “training wheels” before we ride the bicycle freely, wielding the power we were granted in a responsible, esthetic, and creative manner.

In other words, our physical bodies are capable of handling far more energy and far more change and healing growth than most minds will allow, at any cost.

The problem is not to petition Heaven for a miraculous dramatic influx of energy but simply to see how to get out of our own way, to permit our potential force to express.

Are we ready to experience irrefutable, undeniable, irresistible manifestation of our true power? There is no going back from these kinds of growth spurts, which intimidates the little demon mind hitching a ride with our partition of the Mind.

Are we holding ourselves back through some dimly perceived limiting belief, not karmic at all but merely a sticky idea which we adopted like a stray dog, somewhere along the way?

When we are completely sincere in our desire to move out of our prison cell, out of our mental comfort zone of being limited (and “safe”), out of the mass mind and into the rarified air where self-mastery lives, then can any manifestation, healing of our own bodies, healing of communities, healing of planetary systems, take birth.

Practically, we must rely on our parallel connection with the One, to amplify our intentions and make the kind of clean sweep of our recalcitrant minds and multiple little selves which is required to grow into our next level of self-mastery.

We do the work to diligently enlighten our attitude and then rest serene in the vision of being free, knowing that power beyond our present comprehension performs the manifestation on our behalf.

Not easy but doable, especially from the place of sincere surrender to the Will of the One.

I note how the word sincere connotes to me: “searing the sin”, burning in the lesson of our error of limited thinking until we have learned it, once and for all time!

Understand that all of our challenges are more than personal; every being who liberates themselves from their present challenge and learns that lesson, adds to the momentum of enlightenment for the entire Universe!

You and your partner are serving the One well, by taking on your personal challenges on behalf of all humanity, in addition to the personalized lessons involved.

Getting through this latest effort of will, will undoubtedly take you to the next level of self-mastery and transcend these lessons for good, forever.

We must constantly tune our minds to the enlightenment channel, broadcasting faithfully since Creation began.

We must pierce all of our favorite illusions and grow beyond any appearance of powerlessness.

No matter how the time frame may appear to us, once we have achieved the detachment from and non-identification with our present suffering, the victory is won and we get to watch it play out, at a pace at which we can observe and learn from and from which to draw a continuous child-like wonder at the magnificent beneficence of Life in the One.

Nit-pick all the conceptual lice from our magic mirror minds until we reflect the Light of the One well enough to channel that lightforce through any obstacle, any pain, any suffering.

We KNOW at a deep level that we are children of the One, without limitation, other than what may be required to safeguard our continuing growth toward cosmic being, sustainable eternal life.

All we are required to do is act and see from that place, consistently (i.e. more often than not!), in order to claim our birthright.

Go there or be square, as they say! (grin)

When I see that my frustrations are really a call to be more me than I am being at the moment, to be more, period, I get motivated and excited, like a child looking forward to a trip.

Command the energy of victory won, call forth the enthusiasm of the inner child in anticipation of new freedom and then rest in the certainty of its imminent arrival.

Sure there is work involved but it is the most effective, leveraged work we can do, on ourselves, on the size and shape of our own life bubble, which is corralled and policed by our minds in operation.

We must adopt the boldness of the One in commanding Creation Itself, in order to throw off all clinging, disempowering ideas and memes which stand in our way, on our way home with new gifts of experience.

You are both pregnant with huge possibilities and it is from that perception/conception that you will find the power to sort this out and see through all confounding delusions.

Human life before liberation, is merely the story of the power of self-delusion to destroy happiness, to make a mess of things out of doubt and fear, instead of zooming around the Universe applying the power of Love to all stuck states!

You have my deep appreciation for your willingness to serve the One and the many.

I know that you will soon look back on this cusp of change from a higher perspective and laugh with joy.



Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wilderness Blues: Snakebit and Bramblestuck

All is in good hands. I trust that this message will reach whomever it needs to reach.

Prayers have gone out night and day. My own time, energies and abilities don't seem at all adequate to the situation.

My wife, to whose wellbeing I have devoted my life, needs a miracle.

I know the power of the mind. I have experienced at least one miraculous self-healing. I am fully convinced that all manifestations of sickness and health are ultimately creations of the mind on whatever level.

Sometimes health problems are given for the purpose of offering great lessons and calling forth demonstrations of love in action: faith, a positive attitude, and the synergistic support of a network of friends. Such, I believe, is the case with brother Heikki, a soul of superlative beauty and brilliance, whose whole life is one long history of surviving crazy health problems.

In my wife's case, a perfect storm of factors in all areas of life has put her into a state where it seems there is no earthly hope of things getting better. She has truly been through hell in this life, with an unhappy childhood, advanced multiple sclerosis and the loss of her eldest son being just the tip of the iceberg. I won't get into her tale of woe here. Suffice to say she is in a lot of pain on many levels and our overall situation is very trying and constricted. There are many locks here that need opening.

I have been driven to my knees before the Light of Life. I know the power of the All-Pervading Self is unlimited and that that power flows in perfect harmony through the mediation of Christ.

I have been touched by Heaven enough times to know that it is the number one desire of my soul, not only to attain it myself, but to facilitate its manifest arrival in the collective. I cannot achieve this as my separate ego self, not in the lifetime of this or any universe. That is not the way.

William must surrender all personal ambitions, attachments, limitations, and identities, placing all that he is and appears to be in the hands of the One Love. The seemingly impossible situation of the moment has been constructed to clarify this imperative in his awareness beyond a shadow of ambiguity. To help purify his being of all that would hinder him from that surrender.

I do not ask for help out of a sense of special suffering, self-pitying thoughts notwithstanding. We are much better off in so many ways than a whole lot of people in this world are right now. The world is full of terrible suffering, such that nothing in my experience would even come close. I do trust that whatever we need, internally and externally, will be given.

The One Love does not differentiate. No being, no suffering, no miracle is too small or too great. Like the Sun, it shines on great and small alike; like the rain, it waters both the just and the unjust. All that is is equally allowed and redeemed in its sight.

While I still protest the insanity of our situation, I am growing to appreciate its necessity as well. It will pass when it has fulfilled its purpose. It is, as it must be, a blessing, hid as such only by its closeness in time.

Our story has a happy outcome. So does the world's. We must simply do our best and see how it all plays out.

If you feel inspired to do so, please leave a comment with your thoughts here, or send an email to juhowilliam (at) gmail (dot) com. All prayers on our behalf are accepted via Universal Heavenly Courier Service. If you have Otherside connections or abilities that might be of assistance, or know someone who does -- especially pertaining to the clearing of emotional pain and karma -- please let me know. Intuitive readings and advice are more than welcome. I will provide any needed details by request.

Thank you all, you most beautiful and precious, innocent eternal children of God.

May all beings find happiness.
May all beings find peace.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mad World

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for the daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere

Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you,
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles it's a very, very
Mad world, mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy birthday, happy birthday
And to feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen

Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me, what's my lesson?
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you,
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles it's a very, very
Mad world, mad world

As performed by Greg Jules on the Donnie Darko soundtrack:

Gregorian's cover is the version that's grown on me. Here it is with video from A Scanner Darkly:

Friday, February 20, 2015

Asa - Sisään ja ulos (In and Out)

Use Your Illusion III - Track 6
Sisään ja ulos (In and Out)

Asa:Foetida feat. Puppa J

Molemmat himmaa, olemme ilmaa,
Slow down both of us, we are the air
yltäkylläisenä välillämme virtaa.
abundantly flowing between us.
Biosfäärin suurista suodatinpusseista
From the great filters of the biosphere
Tippuu alas avaruudesta hiljaa.
Falls gently down from the heavens.
Näppäillen koodia, hoi Gloria.
Typing out words, ahoy Gloria.
Nyt kaisloja tiluttamassa kaunista oodia.
Playing fast notes on the reeds, a beautiful ode.
Ei voi suuttua, ei voi hävitä
You can’t get mad, you can’t lose
Ja turha väittää ettei kukaan välitä.
And you can’t tell me no one cares.
Kun saniaiset ja hiukka hivenainetta
When you see ferns and trace particles
Ratsastamassa suurta fotosynteesin lainetta.
Riding the big wave of photosynthesis.
Silmiemme edes
Before our eyes
Ottaa vedyistä kiinni jo muuttuu meille vedeks.
Takes hold of hydrogen and turns it into water for us.
Gloria fysiikan lakeja koetellen
Gloria testing the laws of physics
Kävelee toiveet tähtiin asti hinattuina.
Walks with hopes hitched up to the stars.
Kesälomal matkustaa Ahvenanmaalle
Takes her summer vacation days in Åland
Rakentamaan Nelson Mandelalle tikapuita.
To build a ladder for Nelson Mandela.
Joukot hereil, silmät auki ystäville.
Entourages awake, eyes open for friends.
Haihtuu savut, happee on vaa kyhärillä.
Smoke fades, only oxygen on your rolling paper
Etkä sinä voi otsatukkaasi tukehtua
And you can’t suffocate on your bangs
Kun sateenkaari lepäämässä kasvojesi ympärillä.
When the rainbow rests about your face.

Hengitä Gloria kunnolla. / Breathe, Gloria, all the way
Hengitä happea pullolla. / Breathe oxygen from a tank.
Hengitä sisään, hengitä ulos ja / Breathe in, breathe out and
Anna voimien virrata. / Let the energies flow.
Hengitä gloria kunnolla, / Breathe, Gloria, all the way
Unholaan hengitä murheitas. / Breathe your worries into oblivion
Hengitä sisään, hengitä ulos ja... / Breathe in, breathe out, and...

Maailmaa ei tarvii parantaa,
No need to go save the world,
jos jättää rauhaa niin se pitää kyl itsestään huolen.
if you let the peace be, it’ll take care of itself.
Rytmeissä hengittäen, sykleinä
Breathing in rhythm, in cycles
uutta elämää mätänevistä kannoista luoden.
making new life from rotting stumps.
Eli pistähän pitkällesi, ja katso kuinka kasvien rakastellessa
So stretch yourself out, and see how while the plants make love
saa ravintoa juuret.
their roots get fed.
Se on terve kuu, terve päivä,
So it’s hello moon, hello sun,
terve ilma ja terve tuulet.
hello air and hello winds.
Hengitä sisään sateen tuoksua,
Breathe in the smell of the rain
sumuvarjoa sulle aamutuimaan luotua.
The early morning mist made for you.
Ja puhalla ulos hetket heikkona,
And blow out the moments you feel weak,
Ahdistus pitkänä paineiden peittona.
anxiety in a long blanket of pressures.
Tuska hengittämällä taivaaseen palava,
Breathing suffering up to the burning sky
Saa sammaleet aamukasteensa samalla.
and the mosses receive their morning dew.
Henkosella sisään koko maisema avara.
A deep breath in takes the wide view in.
Happee vetämällä ihminen paranna.
Breathing in oxygen, the human being heals.

Hengitä Gloria kunnolla. / Breathe, Gloria, all the way.
Hengitä happea pullolla. / Breathe oxygen from a tank.
Hengitä sisään, hengitä ulos ja / Breathe in, breathe out and 
Anna voimien virrata. / Let the energies flow.
Hengitä Gloria kunnolla, / Breathe, Gloria, all the way.
unholaan hengitä murheitas. / Breathe your worries into oblivion
Hengitä sisään, hengitä ulos ja... / Breathe in, breathe out and...

Kerran käy päivä lainassa.
This day comes only once on loan.
Keuhkot täyn, puolet maailmasta.
Lungs full, half the world.
Pallea kasvaa, rinta pysyy paikalla.
Diaphragm expanding, chest is still.
Gloria juossut liian pitkään maailmalla.
Gloria has run too long in the world.
Nyt nillittämättä jättäytyy kilvasta,
Now bows out of the race without making a fuss,
Höökaa happee. Tää on kaikille ilmasta.
Reloads on oxygen. It’s free for all.
Elämän helppous, himmaten hiukan
The ease of life, slow it down a bit
Löytyy sulle vanhempana selällään rentous.
You’ll be able to relax on your back when you’re older.
Hengitä sisään, hengitä lisää.
Breathe in, breathe some more.
Gloria kerranki antaa henkensä itää.
Gloria, for once, lets her spirit germinate.
Sulkee silmät, keveästi eksyy
Closes her eyes, wanders off lightly
Kuten veteraani joka lempeäksi leppyy.
Like a veteran mellowed out till he’s gentle.
Eikä hengitykseen sisäänrakennettu rauha
And the peace inherent to breath
Tuu juhlista tänä yönä laulamalla ehtyy.
Doesn’t come from parties tonight, it’s spent in song.
Lauhkeena rauhaa huokumaan jäämme
We stay glowing gently with peace
Päämme taivaas, kauemmaksi ei pääse.
With our heads in heaven, can’t get no further.
Kun iänikuinen elämää ruokkiva aine,
When this eternal life-sustaining stuff,
Tää pilvenpäällinen isä ilma kaiken,
This father of all, the air on top of the clouds,
Nyt rakas laine, seläs parantajan maine
Now the dear wave, known as a healer
Leijuu tänne raikkaana läpi vieraiden maiden.
Wafts freshly here through strange lands.

Hengitä Gloria kunnolla. / Breathe, Gloria, all the way
Hengitä happea pullolla. / Breathe oxygen from a tank.
Hengitä sisään, hengitä ulos ja / Breathe in, breathe out and 
Anna laulujen virrata. / Let the songs flow.
Hengitä Gloria kunnolla, / Breathe, Gloria, all the way, 
Unholaan hengitä murheitas. / Breathe your worries into oblivion.
Hengitä sisään, hengitä ulos ja / Breathe in, breathe out and
Tää maailma puhdista. / Purify this world.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Valentine's Day message from our brother Heikki

My dear friend, awakened child of Earth Mother and Heavenly Father, the radiant one we know as Heikki Attila, posted this status on facebook yesterday. My heart is overflowing with love for him and gratitude for the gift of life he illuminates so beautifully even in the midst of great suffering!

"My dear friend, please tell me if I disturb you with my messages. But this morning so wonderful meditations I wish to share. If it helps one of my friend I will cry of joy - I like crying in ecstasy.

First I have noticed that I cannot control my ups and downs, so I am on a path to develop a lovely bipolar personality disorder - at least as long I need to have opiates for pain killing. Perhaps a week more.
I copy here a sms I sent to my friends bringing me some healthy food. Next to my my computer I have a plum juice made by Monsanto-Nestle health monsterfood corporation - keep your friends near and your enemies even closer.

Thank you my dear friend, thank you that you are! I send a copy to T.K. too.

The day of yesterday was one of heaviest in my life. To feel death inside me in bone marrows which are not for the moment strong enough to produce the quantity of blood needed for the brains to function properly causing constant lack of oxygen.

next to my bed a friend is liquidated with red blood cells and antibiotics many times a day just to postpone final collapse (my interpretation only)

I am so deep in physical pain that I ask my friends not to visit on Valentines Day. I am not strong enough and not willing to see my death in their eyes. My pain has accelerated beyond physical level. My emotions are suffering in the way that maybe soon I will see all my friends leaving behind to carry some sorrow because me and continue enjoying joys of life given daily. If I die I will be free of tearing feelings of this pain and free flying rising up spiraling in uprising feelings. Perhaps soon I have stepped in the uppermost floor or level of spirituaL life: Life Itself! Actually that is exactly the REASON why I descended here - to find my path back home again. It is soon fulfilled. I have learned something great with you and through you. It is Life Itself - You My God - You God - You and Me. I bow down and kiss Mother Earth that your foot has touched Human Being, every single Human Being on this Planet with a body or going home or coming down again. Have a most safe journey and welcome in this eternity.

Thank you that you are! Thank you Titariina, Thank you Juho and thank You and Me too - And now today we will have a party on the ice in our POP-UP (not pin-up) restaurant on the ice called Fish From Below Kitchen Floor. LIFE IS!

If you wish to see this multitalented guy Juho, please watch a film we created in youtube: Tuhannen Tarinan Mies - a Man With Thousand Stories. A good example of pure strong group consciousness.

Heikki, you have brought so much to this plane. My heart will forever sing with the thought of you, no matter if you sojourn with us here or in brighter places. I am so grateful to have you in my life, even in such a small amount. Every moment is a treasure, every meeting is priceless. Thank you that you are, my lovely brother!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Craving an end to the nightmare...

... like a seed craves to burst forth into root and leaf. Just to breathe the free air.

This is the wall of frustration that meets us at some point along the way. At some point, more revelation of the dirty deeds of the damned feels impotent, pathetically redundant, and our heart beats with the cadence of a terrible, implacable rage that calls out for revolution... and resolution. Yes, the peace we truly desire is deep within us, we can feel it and it sustains us. We know that the Source of us all has allowed these things to come to pass for the purpose of demonstration. But our hunger for a world free of these pestilential nuisances and demons run amok, our fervent thirst for a world safe for innocence to come out and play, will not be denied, nor sated before that world is a reality. What will it take? What are we willing to do, in real terms, for the coming into being of that world?

Everything. Let this be our cause and our commitment. Nothing less than our very all. Let us dedicate every breath, every awareness, every action to the cause of liberation. Let us use this insane illusion that impinges on our senses as the impetus for our growth into the very beings we came here to be. Beings powerful enough to wipe these miscreants off the face of the earth like the scum that they are. Beings wise enough to know, embrace and establish a way of life that will endure. Beings fully conscious of our connection to the all, of our purpose in life. Beings unattached and unencumbered, yet fully present and active. Beings of immortal essence.

In my heart, I forgive these brothers and sisters so far gone in the whirlpool of evil. Their fate is not a happy one. I do not rejoice at the harm inflicted, layer upon layer, level through level, by and through and in their hierarchy of falsehood. I do not excuse a single loveless act. I know that the One who redeems me redeems also them. I pray that as many as may be might find a way to less punishing locales on their soul’s journey, that even the demons themselves might avoid eternal torment if they can. But that is up to each individual. It is an exercise of free will to choose light over darkness. I know that there is but one Will, and relinquish all desire to criticize it. My very existence is an expression of that same Will. How shall I know its purposes? It is not my place but to be what I am, to know what I seem to know, to carry out this journey I gave to myself in the enlightened halls of eternity (and add a ‘relatively’ to both E-words there).

I do not rejoice in error. I do rejoice in the sure and sublime promise of that error’s correction, in the ending of the horror film that it wrote. I rejoice in the possibilities given to me in each moment: to choose an expanded view, to see the One that we are in the eyes of another, to give thanks for all the miraculous gifts I have been given, to free myself from the grip of sin. This mind-body automaton does what it does according to its apparent abilities and inclinations, subject to all that is unconscious about it; I am free to watch and offer whatever comment I choose, engage with the now while disentangling from false identities. I can marvel at the mystery of divine Will and thrill at the grace opportunity to actively participate and work together with it.

It is a gift to be allowed and able to write these words. It is a gift to know that I am on the way Home. It is a gift to share this little space, this passing moment, with you, my intrepid fellow traveler. Do we not take comfort and find strength in fellowship with one another?


It’s now several hours after I typed the words above. I was directly given an opportunity to apply some of the wisdom implicit in what I had just spelled out on screen. It’s one thing to say (or write) the words, and quite another to put the principles behind them into practice.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

No, we cannot control nor be held responsible for the choices of others. Yes, we are responsible for how we relate to others. Even when those others, their present circumstances and their actions in the past, trigger our defenses, fears, and judgments. We must own our defenses, fears, and judgments. They are not who we are, they are artifacts of a mind structure built up from past memories. We may have been too compassionate, too open and trusting, too willing to extend the benefit of the doubt and endless second chances, umpteenth and last chances. We got burned, bad things happened and we regretted our naïveté, resolving not to let our wide-eyed faith in others’ better nature compromise our discernment in future interactions with them.

Empathy does not require that we be a doormat for others. Willingness to help does not mean that we must acquiesce to others’ unreasonable requests. Desire to maintain good relations does not mean we must bend over backwards to please them. There are no hard and fast rules. Common sense, trusting our inner guidance, openness and sensitivity to the cues of the present moment, bringing our very best discernment to bear, and an uncompromising integrity and autonomy of self: these are our indispensable tools.

It’s easy to be too hard and close off an opportunity for genuine contact and needed assistance. It’s easy to be too soft and gullible and invite abuse. The fine line between... now that is not always so easy. Total honesty and heart-centeredness of being: these will help immeasurably.

I can feel in my body when I am missing the mark. When I feel that off-balance, uneasy sense of wrongness, I know I need to keep searching for what’s right. When I have peace and unity of mind and purpose, then I know I’m on the right track.


I alluded to the path of devotion in the second paragraph of this post. It is the work of a lifetime, or many lifetimes, to build up such devotion that every breath, awareness, and action is totally surrendered to a single higher purpose. I have been – however slowly and unsteadily, even faltering and straying wildly at times – in the process of cultivating devotion for a long time. I feel I have gained perhaps a centimeter of ground on that path. The intent has been there, but the conviction is so often lacking. I do not let that dishearten me. I know that every moment is a new opportunity, golden and unique. All that matters is now.

I have supremely enjoyed Les Visible’s latest transmissions. His relocation seems to be doing him a whole lot of good, now that the hurdles are past and he’s been able to focus on settling in. Here’s the one I read today, very in tune (as usual) with the symphony in play at the moment:

As much as apocalypse weighs upon my mind and upon the minds of so many others, it’s not ultimately that different a time than any other, except outwardly. The intensity cranks up, the stakes go sky-high, but the choice remains the same: where do you want to go and what are you willing to do to get there? Upon the answer to that question rests our fate, or our destiny. Let us not choose blindly. We shall see, or be made to see. What do you claim to hold to? Hold to it and see if it is what you thought it was. Or if you are what you thought you were.

Love is not required of us. Neither is wisdom. But woe to those who hanker after personal power and the things of this world, and reject both love and wisdom! Sad, too, is the way of those who claim to want love and wisdom, yet merely fool themselves and each other. Ah well, as they say, the fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. Maybe that’s what this is all about after all.

Don’t mind me. Mind yourself. (smile)

Be well, and may your acquaintance with the heart of yourself grow ever deeper.

So long,
- William

Friday, February 13, 2015

Therion - The Perennial Sophia

Gothic Kabbalah - Track 3
The Perennial Sophia

[Composer: Johan Niemann, Mats Levén, Petter Karlsson]

Enter paradise, the snake will find the way
She is Lilith, fallen from the sky
Fall into our world, the Snake of paradise
(You're the) Maid of Wisdom in (the) songs of Orpheus

She's the wisdom, she's the truth: The Eternal Sophia
Perennial, beyond the time, she is the one
You're the river, you're the womb
The perennial
The Sophia
Sophia is here
do we need to fear?

She's the gem of (the) mind
... (or the) serpent for the blind
She will make me see
or she will punish me
She appear in a glare
or disappear

She's the wisdom, she's the truth: The Eternal Sophia
Perennial, beyond the time, she is the one
You're the river, you're the womb
The perennial
The Sophia

Shekinah, Shekinah
Eternal Sophia
Shekinah, Shekinah
Eternal Sophia

She's the wisdom, she's the truth: The Eternal Sophia
Perennial, beyond the time, she is the one
You're the river, you're the womb
The perennial
(The) Sophia...

lyrics from DarkLyrics.com

Friday, February 6, 2015

Omnia - Earth Warrior

Earth () Warrior

There's a war on Nature
and we can all choose what to do
So if you feel like I feel, the Love of the Earth
then.. you could be an Earth Warrior too!
'cause I'm a warrior... how about you?
I'm a warrior... how about you?

I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, nature soldier
Fightin' for the earth

This is my home it's where I belong
From the clouds in the sky to the roots and stones
See the sun in the sky make me feel so high
I see the full moon shine make me feel so fine

Her river my blood her rock my bone
Her earth my muscle her heart my soul
Her children my children, their freedom my goal
I'll be fightin' fightin' fightin' fightin' fightin for them all

I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, nature soldier
Fightin' for the earth
I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, dreadlock soldier
Fightin' for the earth

People breed disasociation
Industrialisation of elimination
A million mutant monkeys making mutilation
Deforestation from nation to nation

The earth and her children know they cannot hide
From pollution, confusion and genocide
But I will protect them, yes I got the right
  'Cause I am a soldier, I fight the good fight

I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, nature soldier
Fightin' for the earth
I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, dreadlock soldier
Fightin' for the earth

We got to keep on fightin!
For all the whales and the fishes in the sea
We got to keep on fightin!
For all the little birds and all our trees
Becouse Mother Nature, she needs our help, you know she needs our help
Her children my children, their freedom my goal
I'll be fightin' fightin' fightin' fightin' fightin' for them all

I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, nature soldier
Fightin' for the earth
I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, dreadlock soldier
Fightin' for the earth

I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, nature soldier
Fightin' for the earth
I'm a warrior, Earth Warrior
True-born Pagan, yeah
I'm a Warrior, dreadlock soldier
Fightin' for the earth

I'm a Warrior, dreadlock soldier
Fightin' for the earth

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Know Thy Self, Not What Separate You Pretends to Know. This Unleashes Power Truly.

Brian Steere's stimulating comment on the latest Smoking Mirrors:

"I see Materialism as the reversal of cause/effect by which an illusion of power operates upon and within an illusion of powerlessness.

Source or true Cause is Eternally Indivisible, and yet our human consciousness is a facet of a fragmented disintegrity in which coercive power seems to divide and rule in power OVER Life.

In the wish-attempt to control Life is the reflection of dissonance and disorder which reinforces its own 'foundation'.

The more coercive or fear-defined control is asserted, the more out of control one's self-world experience.
Relinquishing a phoney power allows spontaneous yielding to true harmony of a wholeness of being in resonant relation within all that is presencing itself.

The abyss can symbolize the nothingness of destruction or insanity - but it can also indicate the not-knowing through which Life Knows Itself Truly. For the belief one already knows is the dark lens by which one sees nothing truly.

An unyielding point of view operates 'denial' and wars not with reality but within itself as a denial of awareness of reality - of what is true to the reality that You Are.
To fit or limit oneself to a machine is a chosen condition, but to persist becomes a self-conditioning. But self-definition remains a creative acceptance of true function and not a coercive imposition of power upon powerlessness. Nor a hiding of the illusion of power within a belief in powerlessness."

source permalink

Thoughts arise like ripples spreading and interpenetrating in a shaded, reflecting pool:

The thought of separateness is diametrically opposed to the natural flow, one hundred eighty degrees removed from the viewpoint of Unity.

The more our conscious and unconscious identifications are rooted in this erroneous orientation, the more personal effort our false self must expend to maintain its identity and negotiate a world of external entities, uncertainty, injustice, and existential danger.

This sense of being under threat, forced to respond to demands and attacks, attempting to achieve some modicum of control, with no assurances but those we cling to in our minds as hope-notic self-calming suggestions and beliefs...

makes our psychic and energy bodies curl in on themselves, shrivel and harden, as the flow of natural being is cut off by our misalignment with the native state that is our access key to the Source Field from which we spring. By our resistance to what we feel.

Resisting pain, ignoring or fearing discomfort, blaming the world, translates on the opposite end of the scale to a sense of lacking that which is desired and a hesitance to give or receive Love to the fullest, a fear of surrender commensurate with our addiction to control.

We are indeed at war: at war with ourselves.

The shadow,
all that we have broken ourselves away from,
is the judged,
and innermost piece of ourselves:

the innocence that we lost touch with
when we slipped into our hallucination
of smoking funhouse mirrors,
forged our protective armaments,
built up our defensive walls,
imprisoned and exiled ourselves away
from free, untainted air
and happy days and nights,
from children's laughter,
men and women's work and play
the elders' guiding wisdom,
communion with the spirits
of our celestial ancestors and future generations,

from brotherhood with animals
with flowers, trees, and birds,
from living skies and speaking stones
and waters clear and bright,

in a land now lost and far away,
a fading memory:
our Home.

That homesickness you feel?

Your heart it is that calls.

Your heart is always home,
and there it waits
so infinitely patient
for you to come again into its arms
so that it might communicate with you
as intimately as it did when you were born,
might see your pupils widen with the thrill of remembrance
as illumination dawns
and you regain the wealth of your Self and give
your whole self back to it with molten pleasure,
bubbling with thanks
and dancing, humming,
singing, drumming,
weeping, sighing
breathing, crying
wholehearted odes upon its sweetness,
glories, ways, and mysteries.

It wants to bathe with you in mutual delight
and teach you of the plenitudes of solitude and silence,
eternal stillness moving all.

It wants to show you, teach you, let you feel
the meanings of everything:
of all events and forms and creatures you encounter,
en la belle langue perpétuel d'amour.

It wants to reward you for the everything that you are,
fulfill its every desire and take you along for the ride,
remind you in a million billion ways
of how beautiful and amazing and perfect you are,
just the way you are.

It wants you to know that you are the Special,
that there is only One Special because there is only One Here Looking
and all that it sees is the One Specialitself
wrapped in wonders of imagination.

The miracle the heart sees is not that the One heals all
 for healing is simply in Love's self-abiding nature
but that the Dream can feel so real and offer so much
to marvel at, enjoy, to feel thankful for.

So many opportunities and possibilities.
Such multidimensional depth,
such seamless synergy
and infinitely complex interconnection,
endless vistas to explore,
such different stories to live through.

So much beauty.

Such horrible, convincing ugliness
that we can feel full range and subtle nuance of sensation
on the scale from agony to ecstasy,
and all of it a dance
'twixt Love in naked action
and that same Love becostumed and beveiled...

... and none of it can ever kill, undo,
or make us more or less
than Love.

Such exquisite fantasies,
such wit and play and mirth.
Such great and rich adventures
and such joy in hard-won growth.
Such exhilarated awe at pulling off the least expected,
most satisfying outcome.
Such kinship, faith,
and confidence and grace.

Such awesome demonstrations
of the lengths that Love will go
for its Beloved.

This Love continuous
sends waves to wash you home
and flames to lick away your sins,
and yet your doubtful mind insists
on spurning, miscreating lies.

Only stop the torture toys,
let echoes fade away.
Return to harmony and live
the life created as a gift
for God's own child, the One You Are,
at one with Father-Mother.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Turn the Power from the Hot Shots / Then Burn the Plot

Welcome again!

Todays title is a play on some lyrics by Rage Against the Machine. Contentwise, we’re taking a number of cues from the work of John Lash, as a healthy contrast and breath of fresh air. It is my hope that I can always bring something fresh and useful and relevant here, and not get bogged down in self-absorbed complacency. Heaven forbid I contribute to the smothering embrace of dogma, to the insidious fog of the false light that promises salvation and leads to perdition.

John Lash’s mythopoeic and investigative genius, his heroic attitude, his commitment to timeless values, and his love for the spirit of humanity are greatly inspiring. If you’re not yet familiar with his defining work, the reconstructed Wisdom Goddess mythology of the suppressed Gnostic tradition, I suggest listening to “Sailing Across the Gender Rift,” one of his more recent audio recordings, in which the story is revisited for both newcomers and veterans alike.

I’m forced to observe, as I go through my day, all the delinquent, narcissistic currents and tendencies in my thinking and behavior. I am as much a product of the age we live in as the most ignorant Pod Person. I chose that reference because I am composing these words on my iPod, ironically enough. The depth of that irony will become apparent as I explain.

One of the concerns of our time is the sudden, unprecedented proliferation of these mobile devices. It's clear to see, especially if one takes a step back, that the addiction to these devices, and to the simulacrum of reality they so seductively offer, can be neither natural nor healthy, and even poses a clear and present danger to our evolution and our well-being. If you’ve ever used one, you may have noticed the sensations in your body that resulted, especially from prolonged use. (We have been well trained to ignore bodily signals; this is one of the triumphs of the archontic programming we contend with. Paying attention to the way we feel in our bodies is an important part of the awakening process.) My own sense is that of an energetic change, a drain of life force, replacing the invigorating, harmonious, flowing, native vibration with a morbid, chaotic, stagnant, and foreign vibration. Based on that experience, I am not laughing when John Lash makes the assertion that these touch-screen devices are, in fact, a vector for the third stage of what he calls A.I., the ‘archontic infection’, a partial timeline of the progression of which he has sketched out in the latest Nousflash notes.

(I just switched over to my no-frills laptop with separate no-frills keyboard. Much better!)

He also says that the physical touch of skin on screen gives some of our bioelectromagnetic energy over to the matrix of the archons, actually feeding it. This seems unexplainable and therefore improbable to the conditioned rational mind – how convenient that the worship of blind intellect has infiltrated our Western culture to the point of invisible saturation! – and yet the experiential evidence is there, the consistent feeling that one has been sucked of some vital essence, one’s aura depleted, through even less-direct contact with the less-flashy electronic toys, but particularly by the use of these touch screens.


The final effect of this third, terminal stage of the infection, says Lash, is the complete removal of all that is remotely human from our psyche. No originality. No individuality. No independent thought. No creative impulse. No desire for the living immediacy, warmth, and vulnerability of real, authentically human contact. Little by little, the human animal is led to surrender that which makes it human, leaving nothing but an aimless, ravenous beast. A biological vessel now stripped of all meaningful functions of spirit and soul, completely enslaved and controlled. A meat robot, ready and willing to perform exactly as its overlords intend. The end result? A human race made over in the image of the usurping artificial intelligence, inimical to its planetary mother, destroying, violating, and perverting her and its fellow children along with itself.

This legacy is not the intention of Gaia, nor is it set to prevail. There is a spiritual immunity inherent to the Anthropos, the energetic template of humanity as a life form, that ensures that some portion of us, those who so choose, will never submit, never lose.

The way John Lash tells it, as a piece of Gnostic intel, there were fully ten failed versions of the Anthropos experiment prior to the current iteration with its anomalous personal involvement of the Aeon Sophia. These failures came about even without the unanticipated complication of the abiogenesis of the cunning, vengeful archons. Those human strains did not reach their full and highest potential... but could it be that these parasites and their machinations are the very element that will push us to achieve it in concert with Gaia herself? Humanity’s finest hour is at hand, says the Terton. The very worst and the very best that we are capable of coincide.

Nousletter #5, Romantic Individuality, comments on a video of Jim Carrey clowning around on late-night television, displaying the familiar Illuminati triangle but with a lolling tongue instead of the eye. Funny stuff. That clip can be taken so many ways. My honest, direct impression of it was quite sinister. I saw a mass programming event designed to deepen the hypnotic trance while still providing the opening for awakening. The chilling gist of the (seemingly) intended effect is a schizophrenic, simultaneous admission and denial-by-ridicule of Illuminati influence over the entertainment industry. It acts as an inoculation against the truth for those disinclined to seek it. They pull the old fright-tactic / false-comfort game again: “Boo! We are real and we are scary, here we are admitting it in the open! … Haha, gotcha! Funny funny. It’s OK, here’s your security blanket, go back to sleep. Heh heh heh!” The gloating, genocidal, deranged Demiurge and his warm, fuzzy alter ego. Madness; misery begging for company.

The lolling tongue, as explained by John Lash, is a threefold symbol associated with Kali. One: the image of an animal dying of thirst: the spiritual dehydration of the Kali Yuga. We can be led to the Water of Life, but such is our state of disorientation and degradation that few of us are equipped to really drink it. The proliferation of false guides, the blind leading the blind, and of counterfeit sources, really makes this a perilous time in that regard. Only our most dedicated, honest self-inquiry and sincerity of purpose will suffice to bring us into a position to enjoy those revivifying draughts. And yet that spring eternal is as close to us as our very Self, here and now. It is that feeling of overwhelming divine thirst that drives us to make every effort to attain it.


Two: addiction, the unrestrained pursuit of sensual gratification, the oral stage of sexuality. Weak, foolish mortals helplessly give themselves over to all manner of self-sabotaging habits and compulsions instead of making their overarching object of desire the one thing that could free them to really enjoy the pleasures they endlessly run after and also free them from the cycle of pain, relief, and guilt. The total, pure, guiltless, and unattached enjoyment of carnal pleasures is the perfect expression of the infernal (material) polarity of divinity, which, by virtue of its oneness with Spirit, knows the innocent perfection and the proper place and measure of all things. Addictions run rampant in the Kali Yuga. Desire is the motivating force of creation itself. Divorced from living wisdom and love, it morphs into an intolerable curse. The pain of that curse, allowed to run freely through our being with eternal Spirit as the forgiving witness, becomes our road to liberation. Resistance ensures persistence. Full, unflinching, contemplative awareness of the addiction experience, releasing our energetic bonds to it by relaxing into surrender, vigilantly and consistently, will undo the binding spell and make each moment a timeless ecstasy.

Three: the tongue-on-knife ritual of the Kalika warrior. Since our interpreter is the first and maybe the only expert on this esoteric and novel initiation, I will happily defer to his exact phrasing:

But since the Ronda Moment I live continually in an expanded frame of sensitivity about pleasure and pain. I realized then that the non-dual ground awareness, which is pure and total bliss, conjures intensities of pleasure and pain out of sheer hunger for its own beauty. Endlessly ravenous, the current of Divine Shakti crashes, shivers, and melts through every conceivable nuance of so-called emotion, and perfects itself by consuming its own beauty, and being consumed by it, in turn.

The realization that overwhelms mind and body at such a sublime moment does not fade or wane. It just builds and builds, as much as you can handle it, one moment at a time. And gradually, over time, it dissolves the illusion of time completely—there's a Kaliesque paradox for you. The Ronda Moment provided the perfect counterpart to my experience a month earlier, when I underwent the Kalika initiation of Tongue on Knife up on the Ridge. That is to say, I discovered and performed that ritual in the same moment. The cognitive enlightenment that triggered that spontaneous ritual came in a brutal blow of liberating power from my guardian dakini. By her grace, I realized that the root of all addiction is addiction to the pain of not being seen. Even the Divine Shakti, the sourcing power to manifest the Universe, feels the pain of not being seen. And imagine the immensity of that emotion, considering what is to be seen!

The whole text, along with plain info, teases with some profound and tantalizing glimpses....

The fact that one experiences limiting attachments to certain unwanted patterns is not a problem in itself. The problem arises from one’s relationship to the fact of the matter. Time heals all ills – given the right conditions. And if there is no ill to be healed in the first place, then, well....

What if we reframe the addiction as neither good nor bad, but simply another pattern playing itself out? What if we recognize that the same Source that recreates the addiction pattern in every static ‘frame’ of time can also cease to maintain its existence at any time, and that that Source is within our reach – so near that there is no difference and no distance between ourselves and it? What if we honor it all as part of the gift of life, give up the need to prescribe meaning to it, and give it back to Source sanctified by our gratitude for the grace in every moment, as a devotional offering in the trusting attitude of prayer? What if we stop struggling to attain some imagined ideal of non-attachment and simply realize that our inner nature is already at rest, perfectly neutral, while the vicissitudes of life come and go as ever-balanced extensions of that void state in a symphonic dance of the exquisite outworking of a hierarchy of laws? What if we could balance the personal and heavy aspect with sober, grounded objectivity and an unfounded, carefree lightness?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. What a horrible expression to have wormed its way into our conventional figures of speech. But let’s stick with it here, since we’re talking about ingrained patterns. You can philosophize about it any which way, and still go about performing the actions to separate skin from cat... or you can have a change of heart and let the poor cat keep its skin until Mother Nature decides it doesn't need it anymore. Yeah? And now I’m not even sure I know what I’m saying anymore; isn’t that grand? Somehow I’ve always pictured that cat being alive to start with. Schrödinger, what have you done?

So many addictions and ingrained habits. Some destructive, some indifferent, some ambivalent, and some sublime. I don’t know if it’s worth getting hung up on judging or not judging the difference from a surface-mind point of view. I’ve got mine for sure, along with some I’d gladly be rid of. But I’m content to try to observe, contemplate, accept and forgive. Even celebrate, if I can. If not, no biggie.

Alchemy is always good. If there’s a way you can turn a liability into an asset, you might as well try it. At the very least, (real) forgiveness lets you off the hook from the debilitating effects of guilt.

The earthly cabal’s got its hooks in us almost every way we turn. Same goes for the foreign psychic installation of the lizzies. Some hooks are more voluntary than others. If we’re going to tear ourselves up with anxiety and impotent rage about the ones we feel poking through our flesh, then that’s our business. The Zen-ish approach seems more sane to me. They can’t touch what we are, the part that matters. All they can do is try their best to convince us of their dominion over us, to make us forget that we are so much more than what the straitjacket of society tells us we can be. The more of the truth we know and act upon, the less concerned we need to be over all that. We are not measured by our material success here; we are measured in the realm of measures by the quality of our motives and choices. Then again, the measureless makes us all ultimately equal.

We can see ourselves as victims of the currents that move us and impact on us. We can withdraw our awareness and ignore or deny those currents. We can seek to fight them or change them. We can try to accept them. And / Or, we can inquire into the depths of ourselves to discover the fountainhead of wisdom, courage, and serenity within, whereby we can navigate impeccably as fish do: by instinct. As effortlessly as the infinite. As an open conduit between heaven and earth. As a conscious, connected mind-body matrix moved by the interplay of spirit and soul.

Words, words, words. If you get something out of them, great. That’s more than I even ask. My role as scribe is complete and therewith am I satisfied. Thanks for taking the time.


P.S. The Zio-nanny gremlins at our lovely corporate hydroctopus host, Google (“Be Evil), don’t want to let me embed this video – even though the footage is all familiar, if gut-wrenching, 20th-century stuff – so here is a hotlink for you:

Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up (historical footage)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

All Systems Go – I Believe In You

The following lead-in is not a final word, a definitive conclusion, or a higher ground. It is a perspective that may undo the need for personal investment in debates on the subject, while acknowledging the necessity of that debate to occur wherever it may arise.

So many religions, so many philosophies. Who’s right, who’s full of shit?

Confirmation bias is a mighty complication. Subjectivity makes one person’s savant another person’s idiot. How are we to know which ideas to follow and which to leave by the wayside?

I’m going to steal one of Matt Kahn’s riffs here. He says one of the games universe plays is “I Told You So.” You start with a belief, and universe plays it out for you on the screen of your reality: affirmation, confirmation. Then you, the center of your subjective universe, can have the satisfaction of saying, “See? I told you so!”

It’s easy to see how this lends itself to self-reinforcing, stagnant, mutually incompatible belief systems. Fortunately for those who get tired of the strife that that engenders, universe has an antidote: another game called “Hmm, Now That’s Interesting.” Letting crisis catalyze the needed shifts within you, you change your stance toward new information, get past the identification with particular beliefs, and become open to new ideas, at best without even a need to prematurely adopt or reject them. You go from rigid pedantry to an adventure of discovery.

But old habits die hard. We can still get caught up in the “who’s right, who’s full of shit” dichotomy, keep trading up to newer and better beliefs to confirm and defend, or finding thought leaders to raise up and tear down, publicly or privately.

The realization that each one of us is on a unique, tailor-made journey – intertwined with the journeys of all those with whom we come into contact – takes a lot of the pressure off: there’s less of a proselytizing / condemning savior complex and more of a mutual respect and support dynamic. What works fine and appears true for the other person right now may not be at all what you need or see at the moment and vice versa, in which case simple recognition of that fact can suffice. If you do engage in discussion, then regardless of the similarities or differences in your viewpoints, you can help the other person to correct or expand or balance their view, and they can do the same for you – provided there is a common ground of respect and openness.

All lines of inquiry lead to truth. All paths of development bring fruition.

I love encountering new ways of being, new viewpoints and information. All of it simply adds to the delightful richness of my experience, and some of it is even practically useful for me. As much as the heart revolution reveals the rightness of our path and every other path, the following of that singular, silky thread of the personal path is still a matter of honest effort and discernment, in which any and all of our faculties of mind, body, spirit and soul can and will be called forth and tested.

I often recall the message in the words of Polonius: “This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

All systems go. All roads lead home. Systems come and go. Home is where the heart is.

Dvaita, advaita. Paradox. No contradiction – only complement.

Form glorifies the formless. The One sanctifies the all. The transcendent truth informs and contextualizes the cosmic dance of thought, providing sanity to the sensual and making sense of insanity.

We do what life calls us to do, no more and no less. The role we play, whether as pawns or conscious participants, in the dance of life, is our raison d’être. When our being embodies the causeless nature of the Now, we can call upon and partake of the power of intent, the eternal first cause: the Will of the I Am presence. That should be incentive enough for anyone experiencing divine discontent to strive forward in the earnest pursuit and application of perennial wisdom.

All systems go. You are the thread you must follow. Go, and don’t look back. It’s a heck of a ride, but you’ll make it through. There is no other possibility. So: choose peace, choose certainty. Choose Love, and it will thrill instead of terrify. Feel fully and you will give the greatest gift – appreciation and abandon – to the infinite aspect of your being that made it all just for you.

“You can’t go wrong, you must go right – it’s Willy Wonka’s Wonkavite!” The fountain of youth is your willingness to take each moment as it comes, your ability to bring forth the freedom contained in your innermost being.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the essence of things not seen.” Even if you feel inadequate to the task, fear not. Your infinite aspect has it all in hand and is even now guiding your every thought, feeling, and movement.

These are reminders, gently appearing before you, inviting you to take them into your awareness. It is good that you read these words. It is impeccably sublime, imperative, and inevitable that they henceforth become part of the path that lies behind you, so that you can face whatever lies ahead of you. Remember if you wish, forget if you must, but know that you always have what you need.

I believe in you. How about you?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Epica - Sense Without Sanity

The Quantum Enigma - Track 5

Sense Without Sanity
- The Impervious Code -

music: Mark Jansen & Epica
lyrics: Mark Jansen

See through the veil

Our perspective on life
Defines everything we reach
Most of us will aim for
All the certainties

Beyond the veil

Our perspective on death
Can manifest in many ways
Some of us stay fearful
Till the end of days

As we believe in what we see
We all assume that this is real

Our experience will just hamper us
Sense without your sanity
We've tried to define and intertwine circles
Circles of your life

Our knowledge will only hinder us
Sense without your sanity
We've tried to conceive and interweave the cycles of life
Cycles of your life
Death will ease us

See through the veil

Our perspective on birth
Defines how we honor life
An aesthetic wonder
Blessed with splendid eyes

As we believe in what we see
We all assume that this is real

Sense without your sanity
Perceive a new reality
Your heart is guiding you into
Blessedness, we will pull through

The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be

We're searching for the origin
Dig deeper, where we've never been
Carry the light, we should cherish the night

The questions that we cannot solve
We don't know how we should evolve
Carry the light, we should cherish the night
Bring us all to new heights

Our feelings are ready to warm us, to finally heat us up
Our mind will betray us and leave us in coldness, undefined

Our vision of life says what we will experience
Our vision of death defines what we will see

Beyond the veil

Our perspective on life
Defines everything we see
As we all could aim for
A sense of unity

See through the veil

Our perspective on death
Defines how we spend our days
Everyone interprets
Things in different ways

As we believe in what we see
We all assume that this is real

Sense without your sanity
Perceive a new reality
Your heart is guiding you into
Blessedness, we will pull through

Sense without your sanity
A changed mentality
Perceive a new reality
Do not suppress
Your heart is guiding you into
Moments of pure blessedness


It’s been a rough few days. My dear wife has been suffering from a highly virulent seasonal flu, coughing up sputum and going through rolls of toilet tissue. She’s also been running a high fever. Her condition has been such that I have had to be by her side almost continuously, given that her personal assistant has also been down with the flu. My friend Teemu came over to help out last night and mentioned the following text, seen on a sign outside the local Pentecostal church:


He said it was like the perfect answer to the media’s recent campaign to divide people into different camps with the viral slogan, “Je suis Charlie.” ‘Viral’ is right: it’s a sick way to think. In the name of ‘solidarity’ with the ‘defenders of free speech’ (no argument with the principle, only with how it is being used), the public are called to identify with a name that psychologically symbolizes the wronged, the killed, the victim of the past. To take a stand, not actually for anything real, but against an imagined threat. We are asked to put on the role of the accuser, to take a moral stance of righteous indignation and condemnation.

I’m no apologist for Mohammedan fundamentalism. Or militant Christian zealotry. Or Jewish supremacist fanaticism. As John Lash elucidates in his update, There Are No Shades of Freedom, these three monotheistic religions have been exploited as vectors for a virus of the mind, a soul parasite that some call Wetiko, others psychopathy or the archontic influence. Typical symptoms include authoritarianism, subjectivity of thought, an atrophied conscience and intuition, and distrust toward the world in general and the free inner nature in particular. But what is it that speaks when we hear this adversarial voice of fear?

We hear the thought that thinks separation is real. This thought cannot conceive of love except as an exclusive, particular, limited thing. A weak, soft thing in a hard world, creating only vulnerability. The idea that if we united ourselves in a freely-flowing web of mutual love, we could overcome any obstacle to our true heart’s desire individually and collectively, seems like madness and impossibility, a nice dream but only delusion after all, to this child of the primal thought of separation; the unconscious, unliving, abortive offspring of Shiva and Shakti; the insatiable ghost of envy and hatred toward all life; a semblance of life without the spirit of life, animated only by the energy of the thought that impels and sustains it.

This thought dwells within me. And if you are seeking the same truth I seek, then it dwells within you as well. For if it did not, we would have no need to seek for what we already have: the perfection of our Divine Being.

It is not required for us to speak of spirituality, to read books or blogs, or to even have a concept of ourselves as being spiritual seekers. All that is needed is a willingness to bring the darkness to light. To come closer to what we really are, to embrace an absolute freedom that does not differentiate between right and wrong, better and worse. We have all possibility within us. Only if we are open to meeting the darkest parts of that field of possibility with the light of our innermost heart to illuminate the way, only then can we make friends with our feelings of fear and sensations of pain. Then they are our guides, showing us the next thing to accept and forgive, so that it passes through us without resistance, released out of our field of vibration by the resolving power of Love.

Je suis la vie.” An expansive, heart-opening statement, open to all possibility. Je suis, I am. Take away but the letter i and you get Jesus, the name of a man. Take the living ‘I’ out of being and you get only a specific form among forms. This is the trick that mind plays on itself.

We are here, as the Adam of myth, as namers of God. We are given the power to express divinity. When we misuse that power by believing and expressing falsehood, we make that falsehood our god and become like our false god, creating a world reflecting that false god’s nature back to us. When we replace our falsely self-identifying thoughts and beliefs with self-illuminating truth, with a way of being that is predicated on neither belief nor non-belief, knowing nor unknowing, we are released from the tyranny of the divided and divisive mind of duality into a pure spontaneous flow of being that springs from our Home Source in the living unity of Light. Then even our human form naturally attains ever more faithful congruence with the nature of the true God, becoming less and less limited in all the qualities and attributes of that divinity.

Love evolves. Fear devolves. This is well explained in the article titled Moral Evolution by Norman D. Livergood. We have nothing to fear from fear when we surrender it and ourselves to the service of the purposes of Love. Then it is only a player in the dynamic of eternal growth – not a hungry, consumptive, cancerous type of growth, but an organic, balanced, intelligently ordered growth producing only more and more expressions of limitless divinity.

We need not deny God by perceiving lies to be true, or by making compromises with lies, or even by attacking lies – giving legitimacy to the primal lie. We need only abide in truth, for the God that cannot be denied lives within us. When we see things as they are while seeing what they appear to be, we see God as God is while seeing what God appears to be: unity in diversity, the self-evident truth cloaked in awful, awesome mystery.

It is a truly divine gift to really, viscerally perceive the innocence of the eternal Christ nature of all that we encounter in life. Life is our mirror. Let us honor it as that, and embrace the opportunities it presents us with in every moment to know ourselves more deeply through loving relationship with every form, sensation, and thought that comes into our awareness. This is the way, the truth, and the life. Some call it dharma, some call it the Tao. It is the working of the One sacred heart.

In Om shanti Om, I leave you now. Have faith. The journey is not what it may seem. We are going Home, helping each other on the way whether we know it or not.

Much love,