Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother . . .

Aisha Salem, in her way, goes deeper and further than anyone else I've run into online. There is a ruthless beauty to her song that touches in a most unique way. Cutting and healing, killing and breathing life. If you are a sensitive soul with an instinct and hunger for radical truth, if you feel the intensity of being across the spectrum and dare to expand to encompass ever more poignant depths and soaring heights, if you yearn to integrate and include all levels, paradoxes, and dimensions in a surrender to life more total than anything you've been shown before, if you are willing to step up with all you've got and say no to playing games and making room for ignorance, if your spiritual path is leading you to the total consumption of every last personal belief and every fiber of a separate will, if you are tired of fighting your vain war of futile aspirations and are ready to commit to total oneness, the warrior path of impeccable love and undivided intent, if the Goddess has called you to seek her and immolate all that you thought you were in the relentless pursuit of union with her . . . then let this voice be your teacher.

Yes, this is serious fucking business. Yes, she is playing for keeps. And yes, we know less than nothing if we think we know anything about anything.

Inasmuch as any of these words are mine, they are worthless imitations. Let all be done through us as perfect gifts of the divine. And so it is. Be free!