Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A letter of encouragement in these days of darkness and confusion

Dear friends,

I composed the following text as a comment on Les Visible's most recent post. As usual, his offering merits my highest praise and heartiest recommendation.


Dear X and all who doubt that great justice is at hand,

I know your fear, for it has touched me as well in my more clouded, less coherent moments. Yet I have faith.

There are plans and there is the Plan. Those who would conspire for personal gain under the banner of evil and those who are aligned with divine purpose. Those enslaved and divided by fear and those liberated and united in love. You ask which side will prevail in this apocalypse? Will you trust in shifting appearances interpreted by your limited human mind? Or will the inner knowing of your perfect wholeness provide you the only answer you need beyond a shadow of a doubt?

We are here for a reason.

The deceivers are themselves deceived. Based on clues provided by Q and the info sleuthed out by tireless anons, all of which seem to gel into a highly coherent picture, I believe that the dark chess pieces who still remain un-neutralized and un-turned have been lured into a trap. By design, they believe they have won, are winning, and can still win. Their hubris and delusional overconfidence has doomed them.

Even some anons are having doubts, now that appearances seem to indicate that "Chyna" Joe Biden will be sworn in. They are not thinking clearly. They are allowing fear to cloud their judgment. I believe the optics of appearing to have lost the US presidency are necessary to this stage of the plan to cleanse evil from the planet. Trump and the "Alliance" are playing a highly complex and divinely inspired game. All of it is scripted. We are "watching a movie" play out, as Q says. Just as the bad guys have been in league with demonic forces unseen, the good guys have been subtly guided, protected, and inspired by heavenly forces. The great drama nears a climactic moment of brilliant, breathtaking reversal.

We are meant to reclaim our birthright as children of God. This is what this time is all about.

Rejoice! We are not abandoned unto chaos and tyranny. We are being put step by step through a program of soul awakening and ascension, individually and collectively. Surrendered to the Almighty, your human self may play its part with joy and gratitude.

Yes, there are dark moments when it seems like all is lost. In these moments lies the great blessing of humility. When we are brought to our lowest point, we can truly experience that all we can rely upon is the ineffable Divine.

Thank you, Visible, for bringing through your excellent, eloquent, and elegant compositions in the service of God and man. Your work is appreciated more than you can know or imagine. Blessings be upon you and all those who visit you.

Where we go One, we go All. Peace!


I'll close with some pictures from an outing I and a couple of friends made to a nearby nature spot on Monday, January 11. We enjoyed the silence and some tea and cookies. I drummed and sang a prayer of blessing to the Creator. It was beautiful.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Come into the Presence of God, prepare for the storm to come


Greetings, fellow travellers!

A great wind is blowing. It sets the trees to swaying, the grasses and the lakes to rippling, in a musical dance that seems to speak its own sort of Mother Earth tongue. Its rhythm is compelling. It speaks of great tensions on the verge of thundrous release. Something is coming, it says. Prepare yourself for the storm.

Nervous apprehension arises. Uncertainty triggers the ancient fear response. A turmoil of speculative thoughts clamour to be fed, entertained, and housed in my being. Yet a deeper knowing calls for letting go of the fear of fear. When I listen to that still voice, I am calmed, yet fully present. I attract those thoughts which are of the quality of calm presence.

There is no need to numb out with distraction. There is only this ever-present moment, in which I am fully alive, feeling whatever I happen to feel, witnessing whatever thoughts may arrive and go. I feel whole and centered in myself, in reality. In the timeless, ineffable Presence of God.

I invoke the Presence of God: be with me now. I know that You are with me, in my every living cell and in my every breath. Even this mercurial human mind is a manifestation of You. I trust in You completely.

Thank You for this life. Thank You for this moment. Thank You for all my fellow travellers, both near and far. Thank You for taking care of our every material and spiritual need. Thank you for Your perfection that spans all time and space and transcends all time and space. Thank You for Your wisdom, Your power, and Your love. For Your angels, for Your guidance, for Your serendipities and wonders. Thank You for Your cosmic order in which every polarity plays its part. Thank You for calling us home to Your Presence, O God, merciful and just! Thank You for the gift of free will, that we may freely choose Your love and thereby pass the trial of this 3D world. Thank You for making us in Your divine image, so that we Your beloved children are inherently capable of expressing Your divine qualities of wholeness.

Thank You for healing our wounds. Thank You for relieving us of heavy burdens we need no longer bear, and for the precious cross we so willingly volunteered to carry here on this earth. Thank You for showing us the way to heaven, through the gateless gate of the eternal heart and up the ascension path with the help of Your holy angels. Thank You for Your protection, Your teaching, and Your joy – the joy of liberation that fills the kingdom of heaven forever. Thank you for allowing Your kingdom to descend upon the earth, and for the great work of your innumerable servants to raise up earth to its heavenly expression.

Thank You for letting the light of truth shine into the darkest places in this hour of awakening. Thank You for sending your effectual Kali Maa and violet flame energies to aid in this moment of purification. Thank You for the spiritual doulas and midwives who are assisting so many to give birth to their inner child. Thank You for regenerating our innocence and restoring our faith. Thank You for strengthening our resolve. Thank You for awakening our spiritual senses. Thank You for placing us here on earth to serve You in this time. Thank You for activating our inner Sun and every needful energy at its appointed time. Thank You for this great Lila adventure story where the Brahma and the Maya play. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Lord protect, enlighten, and guide our leaders, our generals, and our footsoldiers in this war to eradicate evil from the earth. Save the children from horrors and abuse. Save our bodies, minds, and souls from the degrading influences still rampant in the world. Keep our thoughts, words, and actions pure and wholesome for the wellbeing of all. Expose all Satanic agendas and let them fall apart. Keep us steadfast in Your holy Presence, so that we may unwaveringly stand against the onslaughts of the enemy.

Lord awaken every soul unto Your goodness and compassion. Help every soul achieve moral uprightness and intellectual clarity. May our lives be a demonstration of Your power and a song of Your glory. Let our hearts unite in one eternal outpouring of divine love.

And so it is. In the name of Christ, Your will be done. Hallelujah! Amen.

I feel this October will leave none of us unchanged and unmoved. A time is coming when the workers of God will be acutely needed in these fields of approaching harvest. Souls will be crying out for aid, and all who are able will be drawn to answer. Prepare, my friends. Speak to God in whatever way feels needful and comfortable… listen… and prepare.

In deepest love and kindest regard,

Your brother JWT.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Folly of Blame

You were the fallen one I blamed
Irredeemable, offensive to my heart
A splinter in my mind, abhorrent to my eyes
Your mere existence torturing my own

Out of my need to annihilate you
To wipe my world clean of you
And thus achieve utopia
A world liberated from the memory of you

I birthed a scheme: a drastic plan
A solution final, terrible and cold
And so I summoned by my Will alone
A Portal dark and fascinating overhead

A hole in heaven, beyond which lay
Dimensions distant, utter Hell
The regions where abominations dwell
A place for all the things that never should have been
For rejects of creation, by wholesome eyes unseen

My heart I sent to lie in wait for you
The bait I set just past the threshold
Instantly it took a form grotesque
And yet my machination held, I would not yield
So rigid was my Will to see this horror through

But oh! did fear and consternation strike
When, step by step, the mouth of Hell
Did swallow up my heart instead
And with each step, a path was forged
For unforgiving souls to blindly follow in my wake

And only once the realization came
As I lay gasping at the knowledge of my doom
Was all of it dissolved, another dream
To show me: I am Will, the world my mirror
And you and I shall never parted be

By knowing what perdition means
I am not fixed, nor are my debts released
But in the grace of loving kindness held
My heart can feel how liberation flows
And when the poison turns to nectar
Even monsters make their journey home

Friday, May 15, 2020

No Substitute for Safety for the Innocence Within

Navigating the sea of paradoxes that is our human life is a task for which the programming we took on in our developmental years can hardly be said to equip us well. I speak for those of us whose parents were not saints and paragons of angelic virtue. Who found ourselves surrounded by a profoundly sick society and adjusted our identities accordingly to cope and achieve a semblance of functionality. When the wind blows in our favor, it seems all is well, relatively speaking. But duality being what it is, the opposite of smooth sailing also takes effect in turn, and it seems we find ourselves struggling to make any kind of headway, or even to keep our little boat from taking us further from our destination than we were before.

And what might that destination be? To anyone who has spent long enough drifting on these shifting waves and currents, it is the thought of terra firma that calls to us in our hearts. The shore of peace, where storms may rage, but never unroot us from our deep, abiding connection with the Permanent. The journey, we learn, is not to somewhere out there, to some literal mythic utopia of ultimate satisfaction that, mirage-like, ever recedes and eludes our reach… but inward to the essence of Self, beyond conception, beyond labels and divisions and judgments. Beyond hope and fear, desire and revulsion, subject and object.

We can form a concept of this transcendent Self and it too becomes reified, fetishized, an object of pursuit. Our egoic operating system adopts and incorporates the concepts of spirituality into its existing dynamic and bends them to its purpose of perpetuating the illusion on which it is based. We can observe this at play in the subtly toxic games engaged in by those who identify as spiritual. It is all too tempting and easy, inevitable even, that we try to attain or seize that tantalizing Thing using all the methods at our disposal. To storm the gates of Heaven. There will be no shortage of opportunities offered to that end. And all set up to produce the result we unconsciously need: disappointment and disillusionment.

Of course, since we already are the true Self, experiences partaking of Its nature will spontaneously arise in our awareness wherever they are not blocked by hypnotic entrancement into the dualistic dreamworld of ego identity – the matrix. It is in fact our entire underlying reality and even – hard as it may be to accept – gives rise to the matrix overlay. It is the Source of all that is. We have created and voluntarily inhabit our own prison. And yet some part of awareness is always free. It is the part that remembers, however dimly, who we really are.

In meditation, we may try to cultivate that remembrance. To turn attention inward toward the silent Source of thought and emotion. This can be a training, a preparation, for awakening. When the distinction between Doing and Being disappears, awareness aligns with itself and, through unknowing, knows itself as One.

All this high-level talk becomes useless and irrelevant, however, in moments when we find ourselves deeply enmeshed and hopelessly stuck in a state of suffering. When our wounded inner child has given up knocking at our door and has smashed its way in to demand our full attention. In its desperation, when all else has failed, it stops our entire world and we face the impossibility of going on. Our fantasies revolve around images of a bullet to the brain, a chemical ender of the vital functions, a noose around the neck, a sudden meeting with the ground after a great fall. We know not how to bear to live, to carry on. The force of our inner hell has overwhelmed us. And it need not even be so drastic. The escalation into crisis is only to make us fully aware of the blockage that was already there, to put an end to our bypassing it.

What was it that was blocked and why did we keep it that way? Pain is what it was and the lack of love extended to the one who was in pain is why. This may not be a perfect answer, but it’s the one I’m seeing now in my own experience. It was the fear of having to go through that pain, the fear that we wouldn’t be OK if we did. It was the lack of safety, acceptance and self-worth that we internalized from our early experiences of the tragic limits of our parents’ wisdom and capacity to extend unconditional love to our child selves. Now that we are grown up, we have the chance to expand those limits and clear the emotional debris that resulted from our unmet needs.

How can we do this? It can be very simple. We create a space of love for the child to safely go through whatever it needs to go through. A space to Be where the context is of unconditional support, safety and acceptance. We imagine the divine Parent, an embrace of infinite love and caring. We can rest in that embrace and cry all our pain out of our suffering heart. Finally allow that weight to be lifted from us in a sacred exchange of gifts. Through feeling our pain, we pass the information of that experience on through our soul, surrendering it to the Spirit. In return, Spirit and soul are restored to our conscious being. The human vessel lightens and clears, leaving room for more refined, expansive energies to flow where held pain once resided. A greater coherence, balance, and stability arise from the death of the old configuration and rebirth into the new. And the soul is one step closer to its eternal destiny as a conscious expression of God, co-creating and intimately connected with the totality of creation.

Keeping it simple here boss, never mind the fancy jibber-jabber. It’s all in good faith and good fun, easy come easy go. May Love endure through and in spite of everything. Ciao my friends, and bon voyage mes amis. Thank you for this moment. May you go in peace.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The crucial role of will (and bonus 4th Commandment self-wizardry!)

The world is the world.
Every creature plays its part.
I have believed I could play mine on my own terms.
Earn a separate merit for myself,
play with fire and burn in secret shame.
For so long I have played this game
Of serving two masters, lived that untenable lie.
And I can still, for like us all
I have the gift of free will
To do precisely as I desire.

Everywhere I look, the demonstration is on display
Of the outworking of universal law.
The results of choices are as they must be,
Good begetting the good and bad bringing forth the bad
On the evolutionary experiential path of the soul.

A small sin leads to another
And ere long they form a chain
That weighs me down and rattles in rebuke.
I am not that chain, yet I carry it
And cannot unmake it.
All I can do is bear the consequences
And, by my will, repent and come again
Before the presence of the holy flame
In recognition of the one true Name
With contrite heart sincere, stripped bare
To give up my error to be consumed.

Is this a game as well? I wonder.
Am I addicted to feeling bad and small?
Perhaps, if I go on repeating the same old pattern.
Affirming conviction in the mind alone
Is not enough to stop the cycle,
For the underworld of unknown psychic forces
Overpowers a vacillating will with trifling ease.
There is a Will beyond that will
Which desires to come into union with it
But depends upon the free will choice of the mortal being
For its method and the duration of the process of drawing it in.

The human will has no relief from responsibility;
It is always free, and that extends of course
To the liberty to make excuses and so prolong indefinitely
Its coming back to sober remembrance of itself and the truth
And the blessed, rigorous path of ascension
Which leads to eternal life and the promise of heaven,
Ever-unfolding majesties of experience,
Ever-increasing virtue and happiness,
Ever-new invigorating challenges to rise to,
All the great gifts of the houses of the family of God.

Honor thy Father and thy Mother,
That it may be well with thee
And thou mayest live long on the earth.

The principles and polarities of creation:
Spirit and matter,
Will and wisdom,
The yang electric and the yin magnetic,
Idea and form.
The spiritual lineages of our cosmic progenitors
Vibrationally encoded within our being.
The supernal Father on high
And the planetary animal Mother that bears us in this and every precious moment.

I have clearly overworked that last bit in an escalating fit of vain pretentiousness, trying, trying so hard while really just compulsively escaping from the potent, immediate reality of the prayerful state that set this stream of words in motion to begin with… and from my body’s constant complaint as to why the fuck I am still up and on the computer at five in the morning when it needs proper, regular sleep to function well – so I have actually been disrespecting both Father and Mother and I find this highly ironic to say the least. Maybe I will learn to write something more useful in a more wholesome way someday. I find myself idly hoping so. One thing’s for sure: not writing is the only certain way to never get closer to achieving that. (grin) Honestly, I enjoy doing this so much that only the amnesia of that enjoyment can explain why I don’t do it way more. Although the possibility occurs to me just now while finalizing the post that I may just be indulging in the narcissistic tendency referred to as masturbation… a valid concern. It also occurs to me that self-pleasuring can be a wholesome activity if used well! And whatever is in error will be corrected in due course, given the sincere desire of the heart toward what is good and right.

Adios and onward, friends! See you next time.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The last mile

At rest, turning inward
Withdrawing belief from the thought of separation
All dimensions collapse into one dimensionless here-now-being
What is breathed but the stuff of eternity
Channeled through a passing form?

The revelation of our common essence, boundless, intertwined
Forms like dewdrops shimmering under the radiant moon
Precipitating through the matrix of reality
Like milk from the eternal Mother’s breast
To nourish you, her child, on your soul’s journey of growth

The vessel that carries your point of awareness
Is contained within awareness
A part of creation here to host a part of the creator
Awakened, you partake of your totality
And are overtaken by waves of overflowing gratitude and praise for all!

All the treasures of the tendermost Heart of reality
Are yours to discover in these inner realms
That open ceaselessly and multiply their blessingness
As you freely give of the abundance that you are
And close that final gap between receiver and the Source

As human beings, we are here to shine for one another
Every shock and inconvenience in the world
Another chance to let go of the attachment to appearances
And dive within to reunite with our precious pearl of peace
And let things play out as is the wont of their perfection

Your reality reflects your state of being
Your suffering begs you to come back home again
To yourself, the vastness holding time and space
Where singularity extends and fractalizes out
To make this wonder of a Technicolor world

What makes anything true… is you
What you choose to feel… becomes the real
You are the magic, you are the life
So spend the present as you will
And know yourself… or be made to know… the game is rigged. ;)


Today’s lines owe their existence to the excellent and groundbreaking work of Dr Joe Dispenza (particularly this YouTube video), which inspired me in the midst of a very difficult time of intense victim thoughts to stop, quiet down, draw from the well, and bring something through that last mile of personal consciousness interweb connection by actually sitting down and setting hand to keyboard. It’s a start. I’m really grateful to have this chance. I don’t even care if what I wrote is any good. It came from my heart, and the feeling of creative flow was very much its own reward. Not to mention how incredibly good it felt to make live contact with the deeper currents of reality… from which I eagerly anticipate bringing lots more goodies forward!

I hope you have a great day. I love you.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

At long last! Here we are again. I'm so very glad.

Part of me felt obligated to use this time to work on translating Tapani Koivula’s UFO book Kosminen kosketus. Part of me felt reluctant, resistant to starting this, writing my own text. But asking myself what I wanted, the knowledge was deeper than any conscious thought. I want to write.

I feel my soul opening up in this medium of expression. This is what I was born to do. To let it all flow freely, to see my stream of consciousness appear on screen (or on paper). Now, to it: what shall we focus on today?

While walking today, I had the inspiration to just start speaking the truth. No longer suppressing it for the sake of an ego agenda, in the service of the prison warden of my mind, body, and soul. There is no need to try to make anything “fit” or be “right” – it already is, just as it is. The only thing holding us back from experiencing the truth of that is our unreadiness to really let go and surrender, to really trust that the universe will uphold everything without any personal effort on our part.

We can have a dialogue! I can speak with you and speak with myself – my myriad selves – all at once. This resolves the dichotomy I’ve been laboring under for so long: the tension between “should I write for myself or for others?” Nonsense. Just write!

Precisely as my inner teacher told me once when I said I was willing to hear what he had to say to me. He’d suggested I wouldn’t like it – or, rather, my small-me wouldn’t. That was a truly fruitful discussion. I had stood in front of the mirror, calmed my being, brought forth my deeper intelligence, and engaged it in conversation. It said some pleasant, vanilla things to establish its good intentions and build rapport. But to my surprise, when I asked if it had something of substance to share, it seemed thrilled… and informed me it wouldn’t be easy to take in. When I said yes, I wanted to hear what it had to say to me and I understood that I might not take it well, it paused for a pregnant moment… and out of my mouth, unbidden, came a single word: “Right.” There was a heartbeat’s delay as the message made its way through my ears to my brain, was processed and its meaning interpreted, sinking in with a sudden and deepening shock: what my brain took in was not the filler word “right,” spoken prior to delivering the actual message, but the action imperative “WRITE.”
So here I am, finally. Stopped fighting the world and myself as far as this critical point is concerned. It has taken a while for that message to be properly received and its content accepted. It is easy to nod along and seemingly agree to something in principle; it is another thing entirely to actually go ahead and put it into practice.
I owe a particular debt of gratitude to my ex-wife and the often very difficult years I spent together with her for preparing the way for me to step out on this road. If not for the unbearable tangle of unresolved emotions and issues that surfaced today after meeting her and her kids yesterday, I wouldn’t have gone out walking today and had such a powerful, wholehearted intention to 1. just get the truth, and 2. do it in the most loving way. When I got back, a person she and I both know from our time together had sent a message saying I’d lost all those years. I replied saying no, they weren’t lost. Everything that adds to our self-knowledge helps us. At least from the point of view of evolving our consciousness. That, I said, is the most important thing to me.

Perhaps it really is as simple as this. To just listen to what the little voice deep inside is saying. The world and our own hairless ape bodies and brains will always have their say too – but if we follow them and ignore the indwelling presence inside, forsaking the knowing it abides in, we’ll just find ourselves circling back again. I’ve run out of excuses not to do this. And I’m excited as hell to get on with it!

I look forward to meeting you here again. We shall continue these dialogues at the soonest possible juncture. (I cannot possibly think of this as a monologue – there are so many of us here with something to say and everything to hear!) Until we return, adieu and au revoir, my friends. I love you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Visiting Home

the world is always ending
and always being born anew

simultaneously saturated with meaning
and free of set interpretation

feel the overwhelming intensity of fullness
and rest in the vast, primordial emptiness

be at one with the waves and the ocean floor
let the scent of eternity reveal this moment’s priceless reality

complete unto itself, yet layered, interwoven,
interpenetrating every moment in the fabric of totality

the warming suchness of a fire crackling in the stove
the electric pinpoint radiance of little incandescent lights
the dark, cool breath of the spacious outside air
and the deep, bracing chill of the river gurgling past

a moment to sit and let feelings precipitate into words
a moment to appreciate this gift of life
without expectation or encumbrance
a moment to settle into the symphony of the senses
and wonder at this grand mystery of ultimate simplicity
on a quiet Wednesday morning in my parents’ homely house
on the threshold of ancient Lapland
just before the season’s longest night
and the Sun’s most dearly welcome journey back
towards the magical promise of Midsummer