Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A letter of encouragement in these days of darkness and confusion

Dear friends,

I composed the following text as a comment on Les Visible's most recent post. As usual, his offering merits my highest praise and heartiest recommendation.


Dear X and all who doubt that great justice is at hand,

I know your fear, for it has touched me as well in my more clouded, less coherent moments. Yet I have faith.

There are plans and there is the Plan. Those who would conspire for personal gain under the banner of evil and those who are aligned with divine purpose. Those enslaved and divided by fear and those liberated and united in love. You ask which side will prevail in this apocalypse? Will you trust in shifting appearances interpreted by your limited human mind? Or will the inner knowing of your perfect wholeness provide you the only answer you need beyond a shadow of a doubt?

We are here for a reason.

The deceivers are themselves deceived. Based on clues provided by Q and the info sleuthed out by tireless anons, all of which seem to gel into a highly coherent picture, I believe that the dark chess pieces who still remain un-neutralized and un-turned have been lured into a trap. By design, they believe they have won, are winning, and can still win. Their hubris and delusional overconfidence has doomed them.

Even some anons are having doubts, now that appearances seem to indicate that "Chyna" Joe Biden will be sworn in. They are not thinking clearly. They are allowing fear to cloud their judgment. I believe the optics of appearing to have lost the US presidency are necessary to this stage of the plan to cleanse evil from the planet. Trump and the "Alliance" are playing a highly complex and divinely inspired game. All of it is scripted. We are "watching a movie" play out, as Q says. Just as the bad guys have been in league with demonic forces unseen, the good guys have been subtly guided, protected, and inspired by heavenly forces. The great drama nears a climactic moment of brilliant, breathtaking reversal.

We are meant to reclaim our birthright as children of God. This is what this time is all about.

Rejoice! We are not abandoned unto chaos and tyranny. We are being put step by step through a program of soul awakening and ascension, individually and collectively. Surrendered to the Almighty, your human self may play its part with joy and gratitude.

Yes, there are dark moments when it seems like all is lost. In these moments lies the great blessing of humility. When we are brought to our lowest point, we can truly experience that all we can rely upon is the ineffable Divine.

Thank you, Visible, for bringing through your excellent, eloquent, and elegant compositions in the service of God and man. Your work is appreciated more than you can know or imagine. Blessings be upon you and all those who visit you.

Where we go One, we go All. Peace!


I'll close with some pictures from an outing I and a couple of friends made to a nearby nature spot on Monday, January 11. We enjoyed the silence and some tea and cookies. I drummed and sang a prayer of blessing to the Creator. It was beautiful.

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