Sunday, October 30, 2016

XVI. The Tower

How heartbreaking it is
to deeply realize
that you have been living a lie

How it burns and crushes
to have your false-self-centered patterns
of blind, compulsive, destructive behavior
exposed and called out
in the full light of awareness

How devastating
to see that the centermost pillar
on which you had based your illusory identity
and rationale for existence
has been a ruse of fractured mind

How terrifying
to have your most jealously guarded mental possessions
not only challenged
but positively destroyed
by a truth whose name you had dared not breathe

How agonizing
to resist an all-consuming flame
that promises to transmute everything you are
through the portal of death
into a life everlasting
where the you that you had thought was you
has forever ceased to be

A Threshold beckons:
is it a Maw of Hell
or a Gateway to Heaven?
Will we be dictated to by Time and Space
consoling ourselves momentarily with visions
of a Cloud Cuckoo Land caricature of our eternal Home?

What we must realize
is that neither Heaven nor Hell as such
truly exist as places behind or ahead in time
but only now, right now where we are:
the one a maelstrom of thoughts circling the drain
the other an abiding Peace

Love is the password and the key
it is our ticket to freedom
our guiding star
and our inner fire
One resonating Light

Our destination lies within


Compassion is the balm
for a mind seared by the revelation
of its own insanity

the bridge to wholeness
for a heart torn asunder
by the pain of past lovelessness

a simple message:

"I see you where you are
as you are
I am wholly present with you
even in the midst of this experience"