Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not As Advertized

Greetings, fellow travelers!

I have a confession to make.

This blog is “not as advertized.”

(In fact, nothing is as advertised! But that is a deeper topic for another time.)

There was a moment when I felt pumped up and blown away by a dazzling new experience. I felt like something was ‘finally happening’. I supposed it had some relation to Kundalini: possibly a ‘test drive’ of my energy circuits. I was on fire with it. I felt as though a threshold had been passed where the old blog felt obsolete. Since I was all stoked about Kundalini, I built a new theme based on that concept.

I’m not here to invalidate that. I’m also not going to pretend to be some kind of ‘go-to guy’ on that subject, or any other. I make no claims regarding the truth value or efficacy of anything presented here. It is offered ‘as is’, a collection of communications arising from whatever dynamic drives the exchange in any given moment, relying on sympathetic resonant vibration as the medium of transmission.

I am pleased with the new digs, enough that I see no reason to overhaul everything all over again. The dramatic title and ambitious byline are just a fun little thing, really. I don’t want anyone reading here to have a false impression of what this is about. So, please, don’t take it too seriously, ’cause it’s not meant like that. It’s a crunchable candy coating, a little pizzazz to frame the content and add some flair.

You would have seen that over time, anyway. I just wanted to give advance warning so that no one would come here with expectations that aren’t going to be met. You are a most welcome guest here, and I, as your host, will do my best to entertain and offer the best hospitality I can. That means being honest and genuine, recognizing your true nature as being of the same sublime substance as myself, all that is, and the divine itself. I mean to cast down the barriers between us, as much as I can, on my end, because that’s what spreading love – sharing – connecting – is all about.

I’ll be back soon. (smile)