Friday, January 30, 2015

Epica - Sense Without Sanity

The Quantum Enigma - Track 5

Sense Without Sanity
- The Impervious Code -

music: Mark Jansen & Epica
lyrics: Mark Jansen

See through the veil

Our perspective on life
Defines everything we reach
Most of us will aim for
All the certainties

Beyond the veil

Our perspective on death
Can manifest in many ways
Some of us stay fearful
Till the end of days

As we believe in what we see
We all assume that this is real

Our experience will just hamper us
Sense without your sanity
We've tried to define and intertwine circles
Circles of your life

Our knowledge will only hinder us
Sense without your sanity
We've tried to conceive and interweave the cycles of life
Cycles of your life
Death will ease us

See through the veil

Our perspective on birth
Defines how we honor life
An aesthetic wonder
Blessed with splendid eyes

As we believe in what we see
We all assume that this is real

Sense without your sanity
Perceive a new reality
Your heart is guiding you into
Blessedness, we will pull through

The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be

We're searching for the origin
Dig deeper, where we've never been
Carry the light, we should cherish the night

The questions that we cannot solve
We don't know how we should evolve
Carry the light, we should cherish the night
Bring us all to new heights

Our feelings are ready to warm us, to finally heat us up
Our mind will betray us and leave us in coldness, undefined

Our vision of life says what we will experience
Our vision of death defines what we will see

Beyond the veil

Our perspective on life
Defines everything we see
As we all could aim for
A sense of unity

See through the veil

Our perspective on death
Defines how we spend our days
Everyone interprets
Things in different ways

As we believe in what we see
We all assume that this is real

Sense without your sanity
Perceive a new reality
Your heart is guiding you into
Blessedness, we will pull through

Sense without your sanity
A changed mentality
Perceive a new reality
Do not suppress
Your heart is guiding you into
Moments of pure blessedness


It’s been a rough few days. My dear wife has been suffering from a highly virulent seasonal flu, coughing up sputum and going through rolls of toilet tissue. She’s also been running a high fever. Her condition has been such that I have had to be by her side almost continuously, given that her personal assistant has also been down with the flu. My friend Teemu came over to help out last night and mentioned the following text, seen on a sign outside the local Pentecostal church:


He said it was like the perfect answer to the media’s recent campaign to divide people into different camps with the viral slogan, “Je suis Charlie.” ‘Viral’ is right: it’s a sick way to think. In the name of ‘solidarity’ with the ‘defenders of free speech’ (no argument with the principle, only with how it is being used), the public are called to identify with a name that psychologically symbolizes the wronged, the killed, the victim of the past. To take a stand, not actually for anything real, but against an imagined threat. We are asked to put on the role of the accuser, to take a moral stance of righteous indignation and condemnation.

I’m no apologist for Mohammedan fundamentalism. Or militant Christian zealotry. Or Jewish supremacist fanaticism. As John Lash elucidates in his update, There Are No Shades of Freedom, these three monotheistic religions have been exploited as vectors for a virus of the mind, a soul parasite that some call Wetiko, others psychopathy or the archontic influence. Typical symptoms include authoritarianism, subjectivity of thought, an atrophied conscience and intuition, and distrust toward the world in general and the free inner nature in particular. But what is it that speaks when we hear this adversarial voice of fear?

We hear the thought that thinks separation is real. This thought cannot conceive of love except as an exclusive, particular, limited thing. A weak, soft thing in a hard world, creating only vulnerability. The idea that if we united ourselves in a freely-flowing web of mutual love, we could overcome any obstacle to our true heart’s desire individually and collectively, seems like madness and impossibility, a nice dream but only delusion after all, to this child of the primal thought of separation; the unconscious, unliving, abortive offspring of Shiva and Shakti; the insatiable ghost of envy and hatred toward all life; a semblance of life without the spirit of life, animated only by the energy of the thought that impels and sustains it.

This thought dwells within me. And if you are seeking the same truth I seek, then it dwells within you as well. For if it did not, we would have no need to seek for what we already have: the perfection of our Divine Being.

It is not required for us to speak of spirituality, to read books or blogs, or to even have a concept of ourselves as being spiritual seekers. All that is needed is a willingness to bring the darkness to light. To come closer to what we really are, to embrace an absolute freedom that does not differentiate between right and wrong, better and worse. We have all possibility within us. Only if we are open to meeting the darkest parts of that field of possibility with the light of our innermost heart to illuminate the way, only then can we make friends with our feelings of fear and sensations of pain. Then they are our guides, showing us the next thing to accept and forgive, so that it passes through us without resistance, released out of our field of vibration by the resolving power of Love.

Je suis la vie.” An expansive, heart-opening statement, open to all possibility. Je suis, I am. Take away but the letter i and you get Jesus, the name of a man. Take the living ‘I’ out of being and you get only a specific form among forms. This is the trick that mind plays on itself.

We are here, as the Adam of myth, as namers of God. We are given the power to express divinity. When we misuse that power by believing and expressing falsehood, we make that falsehood our god and become like our false god, creating a world reflecting that false god’s nature back to us. When we replace our falsely self-identifying thoughts and beliefs with self-illuminating truth, with a way of being that is predicated on neither belief nor non-belief, knowing nor unknowing, we are released from the tyranny of the divided and divisive mind of duality into a pure spontaneous flow of being that springs from our Home Source in the living unity of Light. Then even our human form naturally attains ever more faithful congruence with the nature of the true God, becoming less and less limited in all the qualities and attributes of that divinity.

Love evolves. Fear devolves. This is well explained in the article titled Moral Evolution by Norman D. Livergood. We have nothing to fear from fear when we surrender it and ourselves to the service of the purposes of Love. Then it is only a player in the dynamic of eternal growth – not a hungry, consumptive, cancerous type of growth, but an organic, balanced, intelligently ordered growth producing only more and more expressions of limitless divinity.

We need not deny God by perceiving lies to be true, or by making compromises with lies, or even by attacking lies – giving legitimacy to the primal lie. We need only abide in truth, for the God that cannot be denied lives within us. When we see things as they are while seeing what they appear to be, we see God as God is while seeing what God appears to be: unity in diversity, the self-evident truth cloaked in awful, awesome mystery.

It is a truly divine gift to really, viscerally perceive the innocence of the eternal Christ nature of all that we encounter in life. Life is our mirror. Let us honor it as that, and embrace the opportunities it presents us with in every moment to know ourselves more deeply through loving relationship with every form, sensation, and thought that comes into our awareness. This is the way, the truth, and the life. Some call it dharma, some call it the Tao. It is the working of the One sacred heart.

In Om shanti Om, I leave you now. Have faith. The journey is not what it may seem. We are going Home, helping each other on the way whether we know it or not.

Much love,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sing That Perfection!

Living truth is as simple as counting to one.

The One reverberates against itself by mirroring into duality.

Duality is the domain of mind.

Mind is nothing more than the occurrence of thought.

Thought is light, sound, vibration.

Vibration manifests on all octaves from primal creative impulse to the multitudinousness of apparent physicality.

Physicality on all its densities is a realm of experience.

Experience is a feedback process where information cycles through faculties called the senses.

The senses’ raw output is filtered and interpreted by mental programs to create the totality of what we are conscious of.

What we are conscious of is a distilled end product of the sum total of a vast web of streaming energy in the body-mind complex.

The body-mind complex is not a separate entity; it is part of an integral whole whose reaches and depths and spans and immensities go on forever, inwardly and outwardly, in an endless playground of mind knowing itself as an extension of the One while pretending now and then not to know, veiling parts of itself from other parts of itself for the purpose of its highest expression.

The highest expression of divinity is hidden in plain sight as all the things in experience that seem not to be divinity’s perfection.

Perfection sings itself and celebrates the miracle of existence in every quark and in every cosmos, in every catastrophe and in every triumph, in every cruel and every compassionate act, in every example of idiocy and genius, in every dissonance and in every harmony, in every desolate waste and in every paradise, in every moment of a lifetime and every moment out of time, in every shadow of denial and resistance and in every shining ray of realization and remembering.

Remembering who we are is the return of our soul’s journey to this eternal celebration.

This eternal celebration is the supportive, allowing space for the breath of creation, emanating from the One Love that we are, always were, and always will be.


To get a deeper, fuller, more rounded and grounded sense of the station that this train of thought came from, I ask you to please take an hour and twenty-three minutes of your time to take in what this lovely man has to say here.

Now you may understand why the song below is so dang catchy, and understand also why it was that I, listening to it during the end credits of The Lego Movie after taking in the movie for the fourth or fifth time in a heightened state of sensitivity, cried the living crap out of myself for the sheer emotional release of the gratitude and wonder and joy I felt at the enlightened vibes I was picking up from what I had just watched and the song I was hearing. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Satan: Businessman and Card Shark Extraordinaire

Ah, welcome again! Here's a secret for you:

As subtle as the father of lies can be, he is still only a fool and a tool, the greatest of them all, ever constrained to the polar opposite of truth for the purpose of creating all the shades of gray that lead us all into temptation for the purpose of demonstration. He is the eternal sufferer, the masque of God that shows us what God can never be, yet only there to provide for us the opportunity to choose other than what the Holy Spirit would have us choose. Any deviation from our truest inner guidance is a victory for him, but there is only one victor, our Self, veiled even in the form of that first of the fallen: the adamant believer in the very notion that we are not who we are.

Belief makes it seem real. Belief in what the devil tells us gives the devil power over us. He is always offering us a deal, and we always have a choice: buy into whatever fear he is selling, or stand in our truth. The devil’s bargain takes us farther from home, but the Spirit ever calls and beckons us to return. A sad fate it is for those who persist in selling their birthright for a mess of pottage, their very soul in exchange for the glitzy glamours of the world. They obtain only desolation and destruction for their trouble. They are the wanderers in the desert, chasing mirages to their doom.

The deal is always offered in a seductive package, pleasing to the senses or appealing to a semblance of good judgment. He knows where we are weak, and will exploit those weaknesses to the fullest. But when we have our hearts set upon reunion with the Father, we can resist all those schemes by simply listening to our heart’s wisdom. The journey home is made one step at a time, by choosing anew with the light of the Holy Spirit as our guide.

Each time we reverse an old harmful, limiting, fear-based choice, each time we nullify another Faustian contract, break off an unnecessary agreement, or dissolve an obsolete compromise that we’ve made in the past, the part of us that we gave away when we first made it comes back into our possession. In effect, it’s as if the devil who deceived us at the time was merely asking for a loan, and now the loan is being called back in. He is a sneaky bastard, so there’s no telling what he might try in an effort to stall you or distract you or convince you to change your mind. Your ace card is your integrity of peace and knowing and resolve. Once he sees that, he knows the game is up. But you can’t bluff him; he’s much too good for that. There’s no beating this master player with his own tactics: after all, he invented them to serve him!

If you’re playing a card game with the devil, you’d better have an advocate on your side. Let’s say, someone all-powerful and all-knowing who can make sure you always have the cards you need and even tell you how to play them. A mysterious stranger with unshakable cool, impeccable style and timing and a wicked sense of humor, always at your back, supporting you in just the ways you need. But don’t pay any mind to the antics of the drunken stooges, thugs, and smooth talkers. They’re all in the other guy’s pocket, trying to make you lose. Devil’s advocates. Your benefactor can help you deal with them too. Don’t mind the well-meaning do-gooders, either, trying to feed you their personal advice instead of taking their cues from your friend. Stay focused: whatever’s happening in the game, it’s just you and these two characters in the present moment. Every seeming distraction or setback is another opportunity to make a save and find more resources at your disposal. All part of the game.

Now what is it that’s at stake in this game? Only your undying soul, of course. Every chip or token played for is a piece of it, of your innocent perfection and wholeness. Powers and virtues and knowledge. You can rest assured that they are all yours at any given time, regardless of what’s going on at the table. Your friend, in fact, is bosom buddies with the owner of the house, with the one who really makes the rules, sets everything up behind the scenes, and can do anything at any time. The game is only a game, played for fun. The idea that your one eternal perfection could be broken up into separate bits, much less change owners, is a funny notion that simply makes the game possible. There’s no point to it, except for having the experience of what could never be without it. Both your worthy opponent and your trusted friend, once the game is over (and if you haven’t won, it ain’t over yet), will congratulate you, buy you drinks to celebrate, and reminisce about your exquisite performance. The more serious and anxious and uncomfortable you were at the time, the more precious and outrageous it will be in retrospect. You’ll all be howling, in stitches, rolling on the floor laughing. You’ll laugh until you cry and hug so tightly you can hardly tell each other apart. This tag team of opposites, the prosecution and the defense, the schemer and the knower, only played their parts so you could play yours. What a rush!

Then... I guess there’s no telling what happens next. I’d probably go dancing till the wee hours and crash out in a place like home. Then probably spend the next day quietly recovering my strength, just in time for work the following day. Or whatever it is that gods do in the realm of infinite possibility. It’s a good life, though, innit? Everything is voluntary. And if you can take this game as a recreational activity while keeping your focus, then you will hardly even break a sweat – it’ll just be another Saturday night of cards. Let your play be as your work, and take your work with all the enthusiasm, lightness, and joy with which you take your play.

This game is going on entirely within our psyche, whenever we’re faced with a choice between fear and love. Actually, once we get the hang of this deeper game behind any of the structured, rule-based games, it all becomes almost childishly simple to navigate. All that’s needed is to feel whatever it is we’re feeling, be honest, take in our perceptions without denial, resistance, or escape, recognize where the fear seems to come in, and choose the response that Spirit offers from our still center of being.

Play well, my friends!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Spiritual Sun Is Rising, the Lion Sleeps No More

Any Leos in the house? Here's looking at you, kids. You shining, glorious, badass mofos. I’m honoring you guys and gals today for being the solar embodiment of that one-of-a-kind, royal energy that's returning to its throne in all of our hearts.

I know a couple of Leos – a brother and a sister in our Finnish ‘rainbow family of living light’ – whose lion energy is so impressive that I am simply in awe, having been touched and moved by it from our first meeting onward. The charisma and soft, yet unyielding, heart-centered power that pours forth from their being is palpable and a force to be reckoned with.

Toni Rissanen from Oulu, of Limericks fame, does ‘conscious’ rap and poetry in both Finnish and English, beatboxes like a boss, dances like you wouldn’t believe, is a font of general esoteric and indigenous shamanic and medicinal knowledge, honors the divine feminine in our Mother Earth and all women, and is an all-around wonderful guy who makes everyone he meets fall in love with him. I am so happy to know him and call him a friend, words simply cannot do justice to the feeling. I can only hope that as many people as possible have a chance to get to know him and be touched by his great energy.

Toni once made some ORMUS water for me and my wife. That was good stuff. He also invited us to his housewarming party once, in a seven-story building with no elevator. My wife gets around with a wheelchair. Guess which floor the apartment was on? You got it: top floor. Of course. We were glad to climb those stairs to get there. The party was unforgettable. We were introduced to some beautiful new people and got to see some old acquaintances too rarely met. We vaped and smoked prime ganja to the point where getting back down the stairs to go home was an adventure in itself. Thanks for that evening, Toni, and thanks for all the sound healing sauna sessions, the dumpster diving tips, the magical massages, and most of all, thanks for being Toni. My beloved brother in light, may your pathways be always blessed and may you shine ever the brighter. Om veli, kiitos.

I met our sister Nitai at the same Finnish Rainbow Gathering where I first met Toni, on the island of Hailuoto in summer 2011. I never got to know her as well as I know Toni, but those timeless two weeks, and the equally timeless six days I spent at the Rainbow commune that fall, wouldn’t have been the same without Nitai.

I found Nitai’s warm lioness energy irresistible. Her uncannily leonine features and calm, confident, easy manner bespeak an understated yet unmistakable presence that commands both admiration and respect. She bears both great wisdom and an irrepressible sense of fun. She treats all with fairness and makes no compromises with the truth. I know she would give her life to save another without a moment's hesitation, and god help the man or woman who gets on the wrong side of her devotion to what is right.

Krishna is her name for the supreme personality of Godhead. Nitai spent time studying and practicing Gaudiya Vaishnavism – better known to the West as the Hare Krishna movement – at ashrams in eight different countries between 2001 and 2007. When I met her, playing the Indian harmonium and singing the sacred chants was just one of the ways in which she selflessly and joyfully served her rainbow tribe, raising vibes wherever she went. Even in the face of world-weary cynicism, she peacefully proclaimed the worthiness, holiness, and inner sainthood of her fellow beings.

I hope to see you again, Nitai, even more than once in this life, if universe will permit it. Thank you for sharing your vast treasures of soul and spirit with me and others. I will always love you with a fierce and passionate, yet soothing and gracious love. Fire and Water are strong in you, sister, but your Light is beyond this world. Namaste, siskoseni. Pysy aina Nitaina, vaikka nimet ja muodot vaihtuukin. Rakastan sinua. Kiitos kun olet.

This celebration of Leo is timely, for the lion is truly stirring within humanity. The qualities associated with that symbol certainly seem to be coming to life, bringing a new golden dawn for us all.

The elite mice who have so cleverly put this lion to sleep and tied it down have a few surprises coming. In their hubris, they have even appropriated the symbol of the lion for their own distorted ends. It has been reserved for so-called royalty and associated with war-worshipping, trivial, jingoistic, and even racist forms of nationalism. These artificial overlays are no match for the true, organic energy of Leo unleashed.

I am not a prophet, nor do I desire to lead others. I merely share what comes my way to be shared. This message stands or falls on its own merits. Thank you for taking it into consideration. What, if anything, the power it speaks of is to accomplish in the world, is in the hands of its all-knowing source. We are in its keeping always.

In gratitude,
Your brother,

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Early Risers, My Goodness Me!

I sure woke up early today. I opened my eyes and thought, “Wow, it feels like eleven o’clock.” Sure enough, I looked at my phone for the time and it was 11:00 on the dot. My wife was still sleeping soundly, and wouldn’t get up until after twelve.

Eleventh-hour early riser, that’s me. As I went about my morning routines, I gave myself over to reverie and turned it all into a kind of symbolic thing in my mind.

The eleventh-hour awakening is what’s going on now. You and me, up before the greater part of humanity, apparently, although the rising tide is quite intense by now. What to do, what to do?

One might:

check the weather,
take out the trash,
clean up yesterday’s mess,
take a shower,
walk the dogs,
make breakfast for one’s significant other,
read tea or coffee,
drink the newspaper,
take a whizz,
scratch one’s butt,
make plans for all the glorious and unglamorous things that one is obliged or inspired to do,
go wake someone else.

“Rise and shine, my love! You are so beautiful. Today is a good day.”

Take note: as in the everyday routine cycle, there is nothing ‘better’ about being awake as opposed to asleep. It doesn’t make one special or more needed. It is simply another state or condition we all go through.

What is it to be awake? We think of it, just as in the mundane sense, as meaning to abide in awareness of a more encompassing reality than the supposed dream awoken from. Certainly... perhaps. At least subjectively. But the dreamer may be dreaming something beautiful, ugly, safe, scary, transcendental, trite, exotic, familiar, important, irrelevant... anything. The point is, the dream is real to the dreamer. In your right mind, you wouldn’t invade their dream and tell them, you’re mistaken, none of this is real, you’re not really here. Of course they’re ‘here’ – for them, ‘here’ is their experience, and that is as real as it gets.

Of course, when you encounter a dreamer who desires to wake up from their dream, then what they need is to take their next step on that road, and sometimes you can help with that. Forget your need to prove the person wrong. No one needs that from you the way they might need, say, reassurance that they’re loved and OK and everything’s going to be fine. Affirmation of their inner goodness. They may simply need someone to share with, someone to support and congratulate them within their dream – not for someone to come along and invalidate their dream. That’s so very easily perceived as an invalidation of the person herself.

When you are dealing with egos, you are dealing with minefields of buried pain, where the slightest misstep can trigger an explosion. You’re much better off dealing directly with the person’s authentic self, by being your own authentic self. Vulnerable. Open. Honest. A brother or sister in the same human family. Don’t mind the ego. Know its ways, don’t play its games. You don’t have to engage it on its own terms. That’s called lowering your vibration to the lowest common denominator. That’s a losing proposition for everyone. See the goodness inside and resonate it. It may not come to the surface right away, but you’ll have engaged it. The reminding seed you’ve sown may germinate at any time.

How do you resonate a person’s inner goodness? By demonstrating your own toward them. The truth you hold so precious becomes a poisonous thorn, a bone of contention, a weapon of mass destruction when you use it as an object in your collection. Throw away your collection of truthy-truth beliefs. All you need is the living truth inside you. No words or concepts. Nothing to remember, nothing to carry with you. Just you. Just your love. Lighten the load you carry and others will find it easier to do the same.

Dream will always be with us. Whatever we experience, on any level, in whatever layer, in realm upon realm, there is only one thing we need to remember if there is to be happiness and freedom: Love is. Not these two words you just read; the living truth of it, which is inside you as your authentic being. Trust it like you would trust gravity. That’s called being grounded. There you go.

Whatever dreams may come, let us remember. If we forget, then that is only a chance to remember again. We will never come to harm, for the one who truly dreams as us dwells beyond all dreaming.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Too Good to Be True (updated)

This is kind of what I've been getting at in a roundabout way that seems to say, "Believe me, this is the big truth, this is what'll set you free," and yet perhaps failing to emphasize the deeper truth beyond all truth: truth in action. That's the deal. Wherever you're at, whatever your concepts of truth and what you believe is real, just listen to what the reality around you and within you is telling you it wants. What feels nice, what doesn't feel nice. Notice. Respond. Learn. Give. Make amends. Say no. Say yes. Whatever you are called to be and do. You will feel it. You will know when you just relax and stop trying to desperately control your experience and instead flow with it, take it in and give yourself over to it. Anyway, too many words. Sounding like a preacher, do this, don't do that, feels whiny and dorky, so I'm going to stop. OK, bye!

One day later:

Wooooow. That was a genius way to shut myself down with judgment. (quiet laughter) Well, I was done for the moment, in any case. I had only watched about 25 minutes of the video at that point. Later last night, I finished watching it thanks to a far-too-usual attack of insomnia. Almost immediately after, my wife awoke, and, finding me gone from her side, got up to give me an earful. She really hates my staying up at night. I tell her there's not often a whole lot I can do about it, but you know how it is. We've done a lot of talking past each other on this and other recurring topics that never seem to get resolved. But now... well, we did the usual thing, back and forth, getting nowhere, me trying to convince her of my way of seeing things and her not budging a metric inch. Even my new-found gentleness and compassion and non-judgment were to no avail. I was still talking past her, still holding on to my truth and using it as a weapon, no matter how oh-so-spiritually I acted and spoke. The set-up was the same: conflict. Two people on opposite sides of a fence, one saying, “Come over on this side, it’s so much more comfy and sensible over here,” and the other saying, “Like hell I will!”
To make a long story short, I ended up seeing some surprising things about myself, my behavior and motivations, more clearly than I had dared before. It was humbling, and that humility was refreshing and relieving. Like an old inflammation dying down. For the first time, on a deeper and more subtle level, I was able to approach the love of my life from a position of equality and respect.

It was a truly synchronistic event, as I saw, one after the other, point for point, opportunities to apply the wisdom teachings Matt Kahn had just shared. As I did so, breakthroughs happened. Conflict gave way to mutual respect and peace. It no longer felt as important to try to convince her of anything – no matter how gently – as it did to simply be there for her and support her right where she was. To go to her level and drop the inwardly aloof superiority that had kept us on opposite sides of that communication barrier.

Words are not important. What’s important is where the words come from.

After this extended Matt Kahn advertisement (just watch the video), I’m going to post a text that I drafted by hand this morning as a kind of follow-up. So that’s up next. See you there.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Seeker Must Die

Be what you never thought you were or could be.

Be what you most feared to be.



As insubstantial as a thought:

For we are energy, which is thought born,

And no thought can be real.

For in the infinite reality beyond what we think of as reality, there is no separate object to perceive, about which to think.

Your Infinite I exists there.

Your Infinite I is one with infinite Love.

You are its creation.

Your life story and everything attached to it is its creation.

Creation is a work of art.

The cosmos is a love story.

The nightmare appears to be when we believe the voice of unreason, of impossibility.

It is impossible for Love not to be, for Love is all there is, the first cause of any existence.

Space and time are projections in the Mind.

Where we see separate objects and subjects, Love sees symbols and opportunities for its own demonstration.

The purpose of all is Love.

Loves knows itself perfectly and without pause.

All purposes and stories are known to it.

All stories are perfect demonstrations of Love.

Sometimes, for the purpose of the story, Love appears veiled. There appears to be a subjective experience of a lack of Love, a lack of light, or whatever.

Everything you really want, everything you really need, is a symbol of the only thing you ever need. It takes all those forms in order to demonstrate its nature within duality.

Love, as manifest in the virtual realm of Mind, wants to act. In order for it to act, there must the appearance of separation: the doer, the thing done unto, and the act performed in time and space. Abstractions all, dreamed up and imagined so that Mind can experience what that feels like.

The voice that speaks subconsciously, feeding you its unreal interpretations of the unreal dream that you seem to perceive, telling you that this world of separation is real, is insane.

The Course in Miracles calls this voice ego.

Ego cannot know truth, for ego itself is born of a lie: the belief in separation from Love.

Ego must die, for it was dead to begin with.

It is the voice of death itself.

But seen through the eyes of Love, even seeming death is another form of Love, dressed up for a joke played on ego for the amusement of limitless Mind.

Death is your best friend.

Death is your liberator.

Death is the door to infinity.

When ego dies, Love is revealed.

Love would never abandon us.

Love leaves bread-crumb trails for us to follow in the dark night of delusion.

Love leaves evidence of its nature scattered throughout the dream.

It is all Love. We need only perceive it as it is.

When we learn the language of Love through listening to its teacher-voice, the true meanings of all symbols are opened to us. We no longer need to misinterpret anything.

But we are addicted!

Hooked on drama!

The fear! Look at it, isn’t it scary? RAWRRAWRRAWR. Vampires and zombies and killer AIs. Evil corporations and Satanic elites. Bombs and guns and poisons, massacres and extinctions. Rapists, psychopaths, and unrepentant criminals. Death, danger, and destruction. Chaos and the cries of the damned. Innocence killed, the desecration of all that is holy. War and famine and pestilence. The looming end of the world. Not to mention all the petty annoyances and mundane headaches: in-laws, deadlines, taxes, the flu, and going to the dentist.

Mind has the power to convince its limited projections, these seemingly separate beings, of anything. Even the reality of fear and all attendant lies. It is so convincing, because that’s what makes the story so delightful from the viewpoint of Love.

The journey of awakening is a joy that Mind wants to experience again and again, in all different forms.

But once awakening has occurred, the false-light-and-dark ceases to be and all is revealed in the light of the Truth that always was.

We never lacked for anything. We ourselves, as the true infinite nature, are the missing birthright which we sought for so long. It was with us all along.

Let me tell you about a dream I had some years ago.

I was walking in the woods. The forest seemed dead, no green, no life. Just trunks and a carpet of needles as far as the eye could see.

I was looking for mushrooms. Juicy, tasty mushrooms. When I had found enough, I would make a hot soup and eat it with gusto.

But I found not a single mushroom, though I wandered for hours.

I didn’t want to give up. I knew somehow that the mushrooms were there, if only I could find them.

In my discouragement, I consoled my mind with substitute mushrooms: smooth, dark stones that I gathered into my basket. It was somehow soothing and reassuring to have at least some weight to carry, even if they weren’t the real thing. It was nice to pretend. It was like an act of faith, a symbol of what I knew deep inside. They had no value in themselves, but they stood as placeholders and reminders of what I sought.

After a time, I encountered two beings walking through the woods: the first living things I had seen all day. A pair of women, about sixty or seventy years old, dressed all in white, with an otherworldly glow about them. They were smiling and laughing, enjoying themselves without hurry or worry. A sense of profound peace, joy, and abundance radiated from their presence.

They greeted me like they knew me, like old friends. I courteously returned the greeting. They asked me what I was doing, and I told them I was looking for mushrooms. They spied my basket, and their eyes twinkled with laughter.

“You’ll get a good soup out of those, I bet,” said one. They winked at me mirthfully as though they shared the same mind.

I grinned, a little bit embarrassed. Silly, carrying rocks.

But their demeanor was compassionate and loving. They went their way with an encouraging nod, as if to say, “Keep going, don’t worry about how it looks. You’ll be fine.”

Quite soon after, I finally stopped. I laid down my basket of rocks and just kind of gave up. Like I was naturally ready to stop doing what I had been doing, to stop trying on a personal level. The fool’s errand lost its appeal and I simply was. No urgency, no judgment. The problem I had been struggling with was no longer a problem, it was simply a situation that was what it was. Not even really real. Like a dream.

Right then, like magic, the mushrooms I had been seeking were there in front of me. A big pile of fresh, ready-picked mushrooms, each bigger than the last, neatly stacked at the foot of a tree. More than I could even carry.

An overwhelming sense of gratitude and relief came upon me. Now I remembered! I had picked these for myself before time even existed. I smiled, chuckling gently. The game was over, and I could go home.

This powerful dream has stayed with me, and I will never forget it. The symbolism is obvious.

The seeker stopped seeking. The object of his search never was an object in the world. It was his already, and the imagined object “out there” was merely its symbol. When he lost his attachment to the outer form of the symbol, and to the idea of struggle and lack, he saw clearly.

Those women were in heaven, walking the seeming earth but not of it. They appeared to me as guides and allies. And yet they themselves were only dream figures, symbols.

When the dream’s purpose is complete and the dream body ceases to be, all there is is Mind, waking up and moving on to yet another dream.

We can be lucid. We can be free. We can let go of ourselves and let the Power move us.

We do not use the Force. The Force uses us. This is the secret of the ages, long hidden, now revealed.

Accept the truth, and lies will have no power. Only learn to listen to the still, small voice of truth and you will learn to recognize and reject the voice of the idiot.

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” This is life through the lens of ego. Why listen? Why believe? It sure would suck to be ego, and as long as we identify with its voice, then life surely does suck for us.

Embrace death. The seeker is a story with an end. It will end, and only then does the happy dream begin.

A new year, a new beginning. Time is over, and only the calendars and clocks tell us otherwise. We have all the time in the world, in no-time.

What is it for? Love only.

Let’s have a good time. Let’s have beauty and celebration. Let’s heal our ills and comfort one another. Let’s eat and drink and smoke and make love and do all the things we do without guilt or fear. Let’s serve Love, because that’s why we’re here. Let’s enjoy life and forgive all the bad. It only ever seemed like there was anything bad. Love reigns victorious.

Have an awesome new year.