Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Folly of Blame

You were the fallen one I blamed
Irredeemable, offensive to my heart
A splinter in my mind, abhorrent to my eyes
Your mere existence torturing my own

Out of my need to annihilate you
To wipe my world clean of you
And thus achieve utopia
A world liberated from the memory of you

I birthed a scheme: a drastic plan
A solution final, terrible and cold
And so I summoned by my Will alone
A Portal dark and fascinating overhead

A hole in heaven, beyond which lay
Dimensions distant, utter Hell
The regions where abominations dwell
A place for all the things that never should have been
For rejects of creation, by wholesome eyes unseen

My heart I sent to lie in wait for you
The bait I set just past the threshold
Instantly it took a form grotesque
And yet my machination held, I would not yield
So rigid was my Will to see this horror through

But oh! did fear and consternation strike
When, step by step, the mouth of Hell
Did swallow up my heart instead
And with each step, a path was forged
For unforgiving souls to blindly follow in my wake

And only once the realization came
As I lay gasping at the knowledge of my doom
Was all of it dissolved, another dream
To show me: I am Will, the world my mirror
And you and I shall never parted be

By knowing what perdition means
I am not fixed, nor are my debts released
But in the grace of loving kindness held
My heart can feel how liberation flows
And when the poison turns to nectar
Even monsters make their journey home