Monday, February 16, 2015

A Valentine's Day message from our brother Heikki

My dear friend, awakened child of Earth Mother and Heavenly Father, the radiant one we know as Heikki Attila, posted this status on facebook yesterday. My heart is overflowing with love for him and gratitude for the gift of life he illuminates so beautifully even in the midst of great suffering!

"My dear friend, please tell me if I disturb you with my messages. But this morning so wonderful meditations I wish to share. If it helps one of my friend I will cry of joy - I like crying in ecstasy.

First I have noticed that I cannot control my ups and downs, so I am on a path to develop a lovely bipolar personality disorder - at least as long I need to have opiates for pain killing. Perhaps a week more.
I copy here a sms I sent to my friends bringing me some healthy food. Next to my my computer I have a plum juice made by Monsanto-Nestle health monsterfood corporation - keep your friends near and your enemies even closer.

Thank you my dear friend, thank you that you are! I send a copy to T.K. too.

The day of yesterday was one of heaviest in my life. To feel death inside me in bone marrows which are not for the moment strong enough to produce the quantity of blood needed for the brains to function properly causing constant lack of oxygen.

next to my bed a friend is liquidated with red blood cells and antibiotics many times a day just to postpone final collapse (my interpretation only)

I am so deep in physical pain that I ask my friends not to visit on Valentines Day. I am not strong enough and not willing to see my death in their eyes. My pain has accelerated beyond physical level. My emotions are suffering in the way that maybe soon I will see all my friends leaving behind to carry some sorrow because me and continue enjoying joys of life given daily. If I die I will be free of tearing feelings of this pain and free flying rising up spiraling in uprising feelings. Perhaps soon I have stepped in the uppermost floor or level of spirituaL life: Life Itself! Actually that is exactly the REASON why I descended here - to find my path back home again. It is soon fulfilled. I have learned something great with you and through you. It is Life Itself - You My God - You God - You and Me. I bow down and kiss Mother Earth that your foot has touched Human Being, every single Human Being on this Planet with a body or going home or coming down again. Have a most safe journey and welcome in this eternity.

Thank you that you are! Thank you Titariina, Thank you Juho and thank You and Me too - And now today we will have a party on the ice in our POP-UP (not pin-up) restaurant on the ice called Fish From Below Kitchen Floor. LIFE IS!

If you wish to see this multitalented guy Juho, please watch a film we created in youtube: Tuhannen Tarinan Mies - a Man With Thousand Stories. A good example of pure strong group consciousness.

Heikki, you have brought so much to this plane. My heart will forever sing with the thought of you, no matter if you sojourn with us here or in brighter places. I am so grateful to have you in my life, even in such a small amount. Every moment is a treasure, every meeting is priceless. Thank you that you are, my lovely brother!

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