Friday, March 10, 2017

Epica – In All Conscience

Today I want to share a song that has touched me deeply. Its emotional resonance for myself comes from my experience breaking up with my wife. Some of the lyrics don’t necessarily relate to that, but many of these words have impacted me powerfully.

Can you imagine feeling and knowing a love so full and perfect and timeless and pure – the stuff of heaven – expressed directly from the heart of a person with whom youve shared intense years of trial and tribulation, to whom youve wanted to commit your all, someone who actually needs a good, strong, wise person by their side to defend and help them. . . only once youve become aware that your marriage with them has been built on sand, is hopelessly dysfunctional, and is keeping you from your own true path?

The freeing revelation has been that that love is not just with that one person: it is behind, inside, and around everything. It is the stuff of life itself! It doesnt bind you to that particular person or to any set path. And it doesnt make the pain and sorrow go away. It allows you to embrace the pain, to embrace yourself within the experience of the pain, just being there, present, for as long as the pain wants to express. It allows clear sight, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go.

I am learning to listen to myself – to feel what my body is telling me – and to be honest. I want all of my relationships to be balanced and free. I want to go through life with a light touch, no twists, no baggage, no holding back. I want to give myself permission to feel every twinge and torrent of sorrow, regret, injustice, unfairness, outrage, and anguish. I want to feel connected to life. I want peace.

(For every statement beginning withI want,” take away the “I” – thats ego – and “wantthats desire – and you’re left with the thing itself. Yay Zen aphorisms!)

(Embedding is disabled on these videos, so I’ve hotlinked them for you below.)


The Quantum Enigma – Bonus Track

Allow me to write my final words
I can’t stand this anymore
Hold me when the time has come
’Cause I don’t want to be alone

In my heart you’re still here, it’s the bond that we share
I can feel you’re around everywhere
Even though you are gone our spirit is strong
We’re honoring all the work that you’ve done

When there’s no chance for a defense
I’ll have to bend and give it all
(Each angle will give a new view)
All that I’ve been standing for
Was an illusion after all
(As both sides should always be heard)

In my heart you’re still here, it’s the bond that we share
I can feel you’re around everywhere
Even though you are gone our spirit is strong
We're honoring all the work that you’ve done

I’ll see you somewhere again
Away from all the insanity
We can’t beat injustice now and for all
I’ll see you somewhere again
Away from humanity
We can’t beat unfairness now all alone

Even though you are gone our spirit is strong
I felt you all around alone
In my heart you’re still here, it’s the wound that we share
I can feel you’re around everywhere
Even though you are gone our spirit is strong
We’re honoring all the work that you’ve done

I’ll see you somewhere again
Away from all the insanity
We can’t beat injustice now and for all
I’ll see you somewhere again
Away from humanity
We can’t beat unfairness now all alone.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Self-Correction: Return to the Breath of Life

I am very reluctant to share my weaker, more vulnerable moments even with people who are close to me. I have times when I withdraw completely into my shell. I have been in that state now for four days: not leaving the house, not talking to anyone, just keeping myself occupied with mass Internet / movie / TV intake and drifting on a sea of inner turbulence while doing little or nothing to steady it, find my anchor, get back on the horse. Powerful thoughts and emotions arise, but am I channelling them in a healthy way? I've been running from myself in a manner all too familiar from decades of mental and emotional fragmentation. I get the high highs and the low lows. Been psychiatrically assessed as borderline bipolar, just shy of a clinical diagnosis.

I need to find a way to self-correct these wild swings. Something deep inside me has yet to stand up and invite the warring inner factions to a round table where all can be heard and accepted. Trying to rule one's self as a dictatorship leads to disaster. It's just one persona after another setting the agenda while the others wait for their chance or plot their coup.

I fear both success and failure. I fear both life and death. Sitting in this black hole of fear and self-inflicted misery seems easier than manning up. Is there a way out? I intuit that the only solution lies at the center. Inward. Where everything meets and relative truths implode into the singularity of consciousness.

The world is in crisis. We who feel that crisis on a personal level are responsible for our part in resolving it. But to attempt to resolve it without first resolving our root conflict is a circular path. The linear notion is that this is something we will do once and everything will be peachy from then on out. No. The quantum understanding says that there is no incremental path to peace, no future time point of resolution to hope, wait, and prepare for. The only peace is the one we already have within, timelessly waiting for our wandering attention to stop seeking it out as if it were beyond us, as if we lacked it, to just settle in and make contact.

This is it. This is all there is. Just the now moment and the eternal choice to accept or reject. To abide in peace or perpetuate war. To let the current of life carry us or seek in some way to control it.



We are Breath. Rising, falling. Expanding, contracting. Ever new. Ever present. No agenda. Just in and out. Rhythm. Pulse. Zero point extending in time and space in a dynamic designed for one thing: the exploration of experience. To have our experience rooted in the knowledge of what lies beyond experience, we are called to go ever deeper into peace, into breath, into Being.

Into Life.

Thank you for breathing with me. We are separate in form and experience, but one in the great Breath of Life.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Going Home

This text was born of my response to a thread on facebook. I owe the inspiration for it to many dear souls, but mainly to Irina, whose words are a spiritual depth charge of mystic, numinous insight.

When I connect with my deeper self, I know only a Love that surpasses all understanding. This tells me that evil is not an absolute reality, but arises within relativity. I would characterize it as the result of progressive layers of distortion overlaid on the mind’s codec (coding/decoding software), affecting its perception of base reality-as-it-is to the point where identity becomes a false construct and authentic connection is lost. The notion of an isolated “I” within a fundamentally uncaring or hostile universe supersedes the base reality, creating the need for an arsenal of defense mechanisms and control schemes. By degrees, the sublime music of the spheres is twisted into a cacophony of chaos and confusion. Meaning is hidden from view, vitality withers, divine evolution gives way to spiritual diminishment and degradation. The virus of narcissism and fear insinuates itself into the structure of our being on every level. Every choice in favor of truth, forgiveness, liberation, and growth (for oneself or another) is a choice to reclaim a truer experience of our divine self and repudiate the programming of the virus.

I see the regions of the multiverse infected by the virus as dark, dense, chaotic disruptions/interruptions within an otherwise clear sea of white light. This visual-tactile-auditory-gustatory impression was a familiar one to me in childhood fever dreams. There was a nasty roughness to these dark regions that contrasted with the silky, frictionless, infinitely permeable liquid smoothness of the white light. The vibrations were intense and low compared with the sublime peace of vibes that were so high in frequency as to disappear entirely.

We are developing spiritual antibodies every time we recognize and “flag” a viral distortion within our perception without identifying with it or attaching to it with guilt or loathing. Blessing and releasing it severs the energetic cord binding us to it. Even the virus – though it lacks a life of its own independent of the host consciousness and has no free will the way conscious beings do – is an equal in a world of equals. It behaves according to its nature and all we can do about it is choose not to partake of that nature.

My concept of Christ is influenced by Philip K. Dick’s VALIS trilogy. I see Christ as unbounded consciousness that has walked the path we are on and possesses full immunity to the dark that is only a passing shadow, a momentary nightmare within the grand, exquisite dream of God. Since our nature as Christ exists beyond our limiting construct of linear time, it has access to and is theoretically accessible from any point within time. Perhaps certain time frames within cosmic time – such as the astronomical alignment we are in now – facilitate access both ways. This is an in-built “weakness” in the viral construct, an “escape hatch” for beleaguered souls yearning for Home. But since Balance is a universal law, there must then also be an equal opportunity for the dark to make its own harvest of souls, claiming those that have become so karmically heavy and committed to evil, so steeped in the worldview of narcissism and fear-based hierarchy – so possessed by the virus – that they “pop” through the membrane separating this battleground Middle-Earth from the negative 4D realm.

The realms of Light are far greater and vaster and more varied than those ruled by the morbid themes of shadow. The realms of Light allow free rein for all creator beings to bring forth whatever they desire, solo or in tandem or in groups. Respect for free will is unbreachable. Trust is absolute. Learning and exploration and fun and beauty are pursued. Evolution happens with elegance and grace. The existence of an inimical alternative, of the possibility of evil, lends these realms a preciousness and poignancy that enhance the experience. We don’t fully appreciate something until we’ve missed it.

We’ve been here a long time. The amnesia is so thick, there’s no telling how long, how many lifetimes we’ve wandered here in this twilight zone. But we have a chance now to return to our precious Home. To take steps toward the Light. To heal all sin and shame. To embrace and be embraced in the arms of Love.

Our hearts have been calling out to Home, to the brothers and sisters and loved ones we left behind, and Home is calling us just as dearly and longingly. May we of this battle-weary diaspora of hardy souls now forge new alliances, combine forces, pool our talents, and work together to close the final gap and pierce this nightmare veil, blazing a shining path for millions upon millions to follow if they choose. We call them with love to follow us in orienting ourselves with the True North Star. We will help and guide and inspire them in turn as we have been helped and guided and inspired ourselves. May the lost return and may God protect every one of us until we reach the destination.

Take heart, dear brother and sister. We remember you. We are always with you. You are God’s own child and we love you just as you are. Peace eternal be with you. OM!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Polyphia – LIT

Audiovisual onomatopoeia of some highly tuned-in, full-blast, intricate, high-bandwidth feels. Energy sketching with the latest in tools and cutting-edge inspiration. A feast and a challenge for a (relatively) old guy like me to take in. (Besides my age [32 Sols], I was raised mostly on music that was either upwards of a hundred years old or exhibited a clear, tightly-buttoned-down lack of groove. I only started freely listening to whatever I actually wanted when I was 23.)

These kids are amazing. The band released its first studio album in 2015. We’re talking demigod-level talent and creativity. If this is the direction music is taking, I’m all for it!

The whole genre is new to me:

“Djent is a style of progressive metal, named for an onomatopoeia for the distinctive high-gain, distorted, palm-muted, low-pitch guitar sound first employed by Meshuggah and SikTh. Typically, the word is used to refer to music that makes use of this sound, to the sound itself, or to the scene that revolves around it.”

The song in the video is “LIT, a remix of the song Light, the second track on Renaissance. The remix presents melodic guitar and bass tracks over an EDM beat, presenting the mixture of their genre and their inspiration of Rap and Hip-Hop.”

I stumbled upon this video through the Facebook timeline of another artist, Beyond Infinity, whose work I discovered by searching YouTube for “progressive ambient metal” just on impulse to see what turned up. He’s a no less talented one-man band with some daring, fresh material that has teased and expanded my sensibilities as I’ve listened. So good.

Stay lit up inside, friends, and don’t forget to party!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Neptunian Horizon – The Pride of Lucifer

From the description:
New punk/metal/symphonic track from the next album.

Download the MP3:
(latest version: Dec 25, 2016)

This song about the controversial Anthroposophical understanding of Lucifer as a force of transcendence and liberation that risks overshooting into mania and delusion. It's a cautionary tale about the seductive quality of Lucifer and transcendence in general, in that this force is necessary to rise beyond pedestrian materialism but it can lead to ungrounded or false spirituality if one isn't careful. The golden mean between material enslavement and metaphysical delusion is the Christ impulse, which balances and goes beyond, matching awakened wisdom with compassion.

For more info on Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman as conceived by Rudolf Steiner, see:




The Pride of Lucifer

Track from as yet unreleased album

Neptunian Horizon / Montalk

Crashing to ground, lucid light of the heavens,
Fire divine unto darkness and venom.
Captive in clay, dream the ancient of days,
Eyes burning skyward all vision but fades away.

For there once was an angel with eyes brighter than the sun.
Bringer of light, minnesinger primaeval.
Deep in your soul, can you hear the song of Lucifer?
“Break through the waves, rise to infinity!”

Crown of creation, foundation of the universe.
Baptized in light, let the wisdom flow through your veins.
You are Neptunian, the progeny of fissure kings.
Break through the waves, rise to infinity!

Flashes so bright, gnostic visions transcendent,
All laws revealed in a cosmos resplendent.
Scraping the ceiling of unhuman feelings,
Pride burning skyward, submission but fades away.

For the Grail lies within you beneath the waters of your mind,
Churning the waves, turning the maelstrom.
Rise, O Neptunian, from vile pandemonium,
Break through the waves, rise to infinity!

The pride of Lucifer!

Freedom unbound, astral dreamers astray,
Burned by the sun, dark infernal dominion.
Bringer of gnosis or untold psychosis?
Falling from heaven the loveless behold their doom!

The pride of Lucifer!

Oh, fallen the angel with eyes brighter than the sun,
Bringer of light, serpent-singer prime evil.
Deep in your soul, can you hear the song of Lucifer?
“Break through the waves, rise to infinity!”

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Kingpin of Cosmic Evil in Our World. . . and Its Cure

This blog site is about healing the psyche. It’s about a journey into truth. Understanding. Forgiveness. Liberation. Empowerment. Responsibility. Co-creation. The realisation of our potential as vast, multidimensional, divine beings interconnected with all creation.

The major challenge that comes with trying to tell people the truth is that you meet with the limits of what they’re prepared to wrap their minds around and accept. Of how far they’re able to follow you down the rabbit hole. Once you come up against beliefs that the other person can’t or won’t see past, all you can do is lay down some breadcrumbs that they may follow later.

People don’t want to believe in the existence of true evil. Contemplating the reality of it is enough to haunt you, to turn your stomach and rob you of sleep. Acknowledging the reality of it makes you responsible for including it in your worldview and carries the moral obligation to stand up against it. As a society, we have been so psychically neutered, weakened, domesticated, and corrupted that many are simply unequipped to face this reality as it stands.

Warriors are the ones the world relies on to defend against evil. Those who are armed with knowledge. Those who are committed to bringing the light of Home into this world. Carriers of the flame of Spirit whose eyes burn with the holy fire of creation that runs in their veins.

We may not associate ourselves with that image of the warrior. We may see, instead, the weakness and malaise that seem to hold us back and keep us small. The contagion of evil has touched us. Through trauma, we have fallen under its spell of fear.

We do not feel. We go about our business, numb. Hoping that the evil will strike somewhere else and leave us alone. Cowed.

Know this. Evil will not rest until it owns and controls everything. There is no safety in hiding. It must be confronted and brought down for the world to know real peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Clearly, this confrontation must happen both internally and externally. But it must happen internally first for us to have the guts, courage, and conviction to face it externally.

There is a dividing line that represents the structural foundation of evil’s inner stronghold in this world. That line is the decisive borderline beyond which evil reigns supreme. Those who have crossed this Rubicon are owned and possessed, committed agents of true evil. Their spiritual orientation is reversed; they serve Satan, the enemy of life.

You ever hear of celebrities ”selling their souls” for worldly success? We think of recording artists who sign exploitative contracts that obligate them to give up their artistic freedom and ownership of their creative talents. In return, they are promoted by the bankster-owned media machine and their careers take off like never before. However, they ultimately find themselves deep in debt to the record company and discover the bitter personal price of their success.

Hollywood actors like Elijah Wood have been coming out as whistleblowers on the dark underbelly of the film industry: human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. The FBI has started to make the first low- and mid-level arrests in its campaign to take down the entire elite pedophile network that has been operating in the United States and facilitating the complete takeover of government by traitorous forces bent on enslaving Americans under the worldwide agenda of a small circle of predators. Pizzagate, the damning coded exchanges revealing elite pedophile activity found in John Podesta’s leaked emails, was a carefully-timed bombshell to bring this evil into the public awareness. Yes, it’s all connected: from royal families to banking families to the business, political, and religious elite and their lying mouthpiece media, the structures of control are held in place by the glue of a fractal hierarchy of fear and domination whose core and apex are forged of an iron characterized by the psychic will to violate innocent, defenseless children.

This trauma, this betrayal, is not something out there that we can safely ignore. It touches all of us personally through the collective consciousness field. Satanic pedophilia is the extreme manifestation of unchecked ego consciousness, of reptilian fear mode running so rampant that all emotional vulnerability, empathy, higher thought, and conscience must be destroyed to make way for the dictates of darkness: kill and be killed, eat and be eaten. That maelstrom of fear believed in and obeyed is the black hole that eats our consciousness and life force. It underlies our personal departures from the way of life. It is death and knows only death.

The trauma experienced by a small child whose own parents betray the sacred trust of parenthood and give them over to torture and abuse and violation, to psychic invasion by the malevolent dark, resides within our collective unconscious. The agony of opening up to that denied portion of ourselves, to the abandoned and forsaken inner child, is the threshold of the warrior. Only knowing the true horror of our situation on a head, heart, and gut level will grant us the conviction, the empathy, and the fortitude to change it. Only by meeting that horror with an equal measure of faith and love for life can we hope to withstand its assault. In fact, we do not withstand – we are destroyed. The part of us that believes in limitation and control is destroyed. Saturn eats its children. Satan devours its own.

To hold back from that horror, that agony, is to hold back something that belongs to the devil. He will claim it. It’s up to us to release it. To make the leap from delusional outer knowing to self-existent inner knowing. To let all the shackles of the heart melt in pain... and evaporate in bliss. To ground ourselves in our complete universal and individual unity, in solitary solidarity, yogic union. To commit to a process of divine destruction and re-creation. Death and rebirth.

Every time love calls upon us and we heed that call, we take another step home. Our Home is within us – we never left. Our true Father and Mother, Brother and Sister, Friend and Lover, Christ-child and Indwelling Spirit are all working within us and throughout our holographic self-projection of a world to repair the broken linkages, clear the psychic gunk, and turn on the lights of our DNA Christmas Tree of Life.

I ask that we pray for the children who have been stolen, hurt, and sacrificed. Let their pain be our pain. Let us console our forlorn inner child with the good news: my child, I have always loved you. I never left you. I will protect and provide for you always and never lead you astray. You are safe. You can be who you inherently are without fear of judgment. I will guide you and support you and celebrate you as you grow. I love you. I love you. I love you forever.

Let us also support the efforts of the many men and women who are actively engaged in taking down global pedophilia. Let us not remain silent on this horrible subject, complicit through the tacit approval of inaction. Above all, let us not abandon our inner child to the spiritual darkness and cold of a prison of shame, disgust, and unworthiness. Let us bring the flame of loving, tender awareness to every darkened corridor on its path to freedom. Let us tame the monsters with our fearless, unflinching gaze. Let us unchain our abilities, activate our alliances, and reoccupy the land of our true self.

We cannot make this journey alone. But the help we need always comes.

Godspeed, dear ones. Wherever we may find ourselves on the spiritual battlefield of this plane, we are always connected. The family of God is truly universal. We cannot redeem our fallen brothers and sisters, but we can make the choice of redemption for ourselves and extend the same possibility to others.

In Lak’ech. May only peace abide in your presence.

love, william

Monday, February 13, 2017

The endgame is upon us. Don't panic!

My dear fellow human travelers on this voyage of self-discovery,

It has been astonishing and truly mind-boggling how this quickening has accelerated on the inner and outer planes. We are doing magnificently, and all that’s needed is for us to not lose heart, stay focused and stay the course. Even if that means taking an entire evening or a week to feel into what we really want, who we are, what’s real and what’s not, to let stuff come up and just observe it as it is with tender acceptance. There is and will be also the time to exert ourselves, to consciously and intentionally muster and direct our energies into constructive, needful, and transformative pathways of action. I feel that these two modes, yin and yang, may eventually be felt to merge into a larger whole that one might call the flow of Being, where there is no longer a personal sense of pushing or pulling or being pushed or pulled. We’re one with it. Informing and being informed. Intending and surrendering. Giving and receiving. In harmony.

I look at the world in this turbulent time and I see a beautiful, elegant process taking place through the appearance of danger and uncertainty. Our greatest hopes and our greatest fears are coming to meet us on the field of experience. The more we can willingly forgive and let go of old, limiting beliefs and conditioning, the smoother time we will have of it as life gives us exactly what we need to catalyze the necessary transformations.

A new world is coming. Are we tired of hearing that? I can assure you, life is in the process of making it happen. And no, you don’t need my assurance to know it for yourself. I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know. What I say comes from my own experience. Yours will tell you whatever you need to know.

I watch Alex Jones getting worked up into a holy righteous wrath-of-God human torch of fury and passion as he steps up the fight, day by day, against the tyranny of the oppressors. I see David Seaman calling for fair trials and public hangings of those who have wantonly violated defenseless, innocent children while the world slumbered. I empathize with these emotionally-charged currents of energy. I can feel them inside myself without blindly identifying with them. These guys essentially want the same things I do. I don’t want evil to rule the world and make it a place of bondage and torment for conscious, feeling beings. I want justice. I want peace. I want to live in a world where we can all have a fair chance at happiness. Not at others’ expense, but through caring and mutual support. Through respect.

Respect comes from boundaries. The recognition that there is an I and a You that are separate but equal, uniquely different beings with a common ground of Being. Individuality and free will are absolute, bedrock underpinnings in this reality we share. Natural law – universal law – arises on that basis and on the basis of our mutual, inherent divinity. We do nothing to another that we would not allow to be done to ourselves if we were in their place. Free will, sacrosanct, preserved by obeying the inner law of Spirit. We need not even necessarily keep a formulation of that law in outward observance as long as we are observing and feeling and moving from a place of deep truth within. Which is why all lies must go. All distortions of truth must dissolve from our being. This is the alchemy underway.

I am aware of the perspective that all this drama is just another story. Stories within stories, layers upon layers. Yes, eventually consciousness lets go of all narratives. Eventually we step out of a linear mindset and enter the holy moment, not knowing who we are, where we came from, or where we’re going. These narratives we are all caught up in, even the narratives of struggling to free ourselves and help the world, of striving for excellence and goodness against all odds and all the forces arrayed against them, of seeing through and escaping the Matrix mind-trap, of being a personal identity forging its way and being guided through a journey from an old-me in the past to a new-me in the future – all these pass out of being the definition of our reality and become just stories in the mind. What’s happening is a story, yes – but we are meant to live it, fully, to embrace our roles without fear or favor, to give ourselves away to each moment and receive all that it offers us without resistance.

Being caught up is part of the game. It really does add a whole new flavor, doesn’t it? We can really get into these personas and identify with them one hundred percent. It’s beautiful. None of us is better or worse for being awake or asleep. We can’t earn a place on a hierarchy, whether it’s a hierarchy of consciousness or any other, that makes any difference to the absolute of who we are. Within the game, sure. If we want to make up hierarchies and live them out as real, that’s our choice. Free will, right? It’s beautiful.

The world is shaped by intent. We see chaos and confusion because our consciousness has been occluded to the point where that’s what we manifest. As a mirror of where we are as a collective. There is no collective out there as an entity to blame for our tragedies. No, we are individuals first and always, with full individual responsibility for our creations. It’s only lack of awareness that even makes it possible for us to abdicate responsibility. With awareness comes greater possibility to choose. We can choose to nurture and fulfill our potential. To push our limits. To let the crashing waves of restless thought and energy subside and allow a stillness where ever finer currents can be felt. We can choose how to meet the world we face, knowing that what we put out will come back to us.

The music and dance of creation impel us. We are drawn by great archetypal forces as they move in a cosmos that is the body and mind of a great whole beyond what we can yet comprehend. There is no shame in being a fallible, imperfect human. There is no shame in being a robot-like, scripted puppet on strings like the hosts of Westworld. What matters is the journey toward self-awareness. The evolution of agency. The germination of the spore of compassion. The eventual unfolding and spiraling out into conscious participation with the dance of all that is.

"Jewels of the Galaxy" by Forging Minds

The cold, empty sterility of outer space need not be our fate. We have a place here where growth can happen. All the elements we need are gifted to us here. The Earth will support us if we but dare to push out into the soil and the light.

Happy trails, guys and gals. We’re awesome and we’re gonna be just fine. We are humanity and we can show ourselves and this world what we’re truly made of. Let’s roll. I love you.

yours, william

Friday, December 2, 2016

Epica – Ascension: Dream State Armageddon

The Holographic Principle – Track 9


Dream State Armageddon

Inhale the strength to play
Blow barricades away
This universe implodes
Reality unloads

Find yourself a thousand worlds
Pick the one that suits you most
Will a choice put you at ease?
Than grab your chance to slay the beast

Keep searching for your destiny
And you will find all that will set you free
Keep moving onwards endlessly
To evolve and become
One piece

The universe implodes
When our dream state explodes

Find yourself dreaming your life
Do you truly feel alive?
Comprehend the sacred code
That makes your universe implode

Keep searching for your destiny
And you will find all that will set you free
Keep moving onwards endlessly
To evolve and become one

Our ego will lead us to endless penance
This journey shall wake us don’t dream forever

The Matrix of reality transforms the cosmic energy

Our ego won’t spare us these endless failures
This journey will guide us don’t dream forever

Nothing appears to be what it really is as we believe in the illusions
Free yourself from walking in circles
This will be the end of the world as we know it
Your ascension will begin

Keep searching for your destiny
And you will find all that will set you free
Keep searching for your legacy
And you will find all answers undoubtedly
Keep looking forward endlessly
To evolve and unite the world to become one piece