Monday, February 13, 2017

The endgame is upon us. Don't panic!

My dear fellow human travelers on this voyage of self-discovery,

It has been astonishing and truly mind-boggling how this quickening has accelerated on the inner and outer planes. We are doing magnificently, and all that’s needed is for us to not lose heart, stay focused and stay the course. Even if that means taking an entire evening or a week to feel into what we really want, who we are, what’s real and what’s not, to let stuff come up and just observe it as it is with tender acceptance. There is and will be also the time to exert ourselves, to consciously and intentionally muster and direct our energies into constructive, needful, and transformative pathways of action. I feel that these two modes, yin and yang, may eventually be felt to merge into a larger whole that one might call the flow of Being, where there is no longer a personal sense of pushing or pulling or being pushed or pulled. We’re one with it. Informing and being informed. Intending and surrendering. Giving and receiving. In harmony.

I look at the world in this turbulent time and I see a beautiful, elegant process taking place through the appearance of danger and uncertainty. Our greatest hopes and our greatest fears are coming to meet us on the field of experience. The more we can willingly forgive and let go of old, limiting beliefs and conditioning, the smoother time we will have of it as life gives us exactly what we need to catalyze the necessary transformations.

A new world is coming. Are we tired of hearing that? I can assure you, life is in the process of making it happen. And no, you don’t need my assurance to know it for yourself. I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know. What I say comes from my own experience. Yours will tell you whatever you need to know.

I watch Alex Jones getting worked up into a holy righteous wrath-of-God human torch of fury and passion as he steps up the fight, day by day, against the tyranny of the oppressors. I see David Seaman calling for fair trials and public hangings of those who have wantonly violated defenseless, innocent children while the world slumbered. I empathize with these emotionally-charged currents of energy. I can feel them inside myself without blindly identifying with them. These guys essentially want the same things I do. I don’t want evil to rule the world and make it a place of bondage and torment for conscious, feeling beings. I want justice. I want peace. I want to live in a world where we can all have a fair chance at happiness. Not at others’ expense, but through caring and mutual support. Through respect.

Respect comes from boundaries. The recognition that there is an I and a You that are separate but equal, uniquely different beings with a common ground of Being. Individuality and free will are absolute, bedrock underpinnings in this reality we share. Natural law – universal law – arises on that basis and on the basis of our mutual, inherent divinity. We do nothing to another that we would not allow to be done to ourselves if we were in their place. Free will, sacrosanct, preserved by obeying the inner law of Spirit. We need not even necessarily keep a formulation of that law in outward observance as long as we are observing and feeling and moving from a place of deep truth within. Which is why all lies must go. All distortions of truth must dissolve from our being. This is the alchemy underway.

I am aware of the perspective that all this drama is just another story. Stories within stories, layers upon layers. Yes, eventually consciousness lets go of all narratives. Eventually we step out of a linear mindset and enter the holy moment, not knowing who we are, where we came from, or where we’re going. These narratives we are all caught up in, even the narratives of struggling to free ourselves and help the world, of striving for excellence and goodness against all odds and all the forces arrayed against them, of seeing through and escaping the Matrix mind-trap, of being a personal identity forging its way and being guided through a journey from an old-me in the past to a new-me in the future – all these pass out of being the definition of our reality and become just stories in the mind. What’s happening is a story, yes – but we are meant to live it, fully, to embrace our roles without fear or favor, to give ourselves away to each moment and receive all that it offers us without resistance.

Being caught up is part of the game. It really does add a whole new flavor, doesn’t it? We can really get into these personas and identify with them one hundred percent. It’s beautiful. None of us is better or worse for being awake or asleep. We can’t earn a place on a hierarchy, whether it’s a hierarchy of consciousness or any other, that makes any difference to the absolute of who we are. Within the game, sure. If we want to make up hierarchies and live them out as real, that’s our choice. Free will, right? It’s beautiful.

The world is shaped by intent. We see chaos and confusion because our consciousness has been occluded to the point where that’s what we manifest. As a mirror of where we are as a collective. There is no collective out there as an entity to blame for our tragedies. No, we are individuals first and always, with full individual responsibility for our creations. It’s only lack of awareness that even makes it possible for us to abdicate responsibility. With awareness comes greater possibility to choose. We can choose to nurture and fulfill our potential. To push our limits. To let the crashing waves of restless thought and energy subside and allow a stillness where ever finer currents can be felt. We can choose how to meet the world we face, knowing that what we put out will come back to us.

The music and dance of creation impel us. We are drawn by great archetypal forces as they move in a cosmos that is the body and mind of a great whole beyond what we can yet comprehend. There is no shame in being a fallible, imperfect human. There is no shame in being a robot-like, scripted puppet on strings like the hosts of Westworld. What matters is the journey toward self-awareness. The evolution of agency. The germination of the spore of compassion. The eventual unfolding and spiraling out into conscious participation with the dance of all that is.

"Jewels of the Galaxy" by Forging Minds

The cold, empty sterility of outer space need not be our fate. We have a place here where growth can happen. All the elements we need are gifted to us here. The Earth will support us if we but dare to push out into the soil and the light.

Happy trails, guys and gals. We’re awesome and we’re gonna be just fine. We are humanity and we can show ourselves and this world what we’re truly made of. Let’s roll. I love you.

yours, william

Friday, December 2, 2016

Epica – Ascension: Dream State Armageddon

The Holographic Principle – Track 9


Dream State Armageddon

Inhale the strength to play
Blow barricades away
This universe implodes
Reality unloads

Find yourself a thousand worlds
Pick the one that suits you most
Will a choice put you at ease?
Than grab your chance to slay the beast

Keep searching for your destiny
And you will find all that will set you free
Keep moving onwards endlessly
To evolve and become
One piece

The universe implodes
When our dream state explodes

Find yourself dreaming your life
Do you truly feel alive?
Comprehend the sacred code
That makes your universe implode

Keep searching for your destiny
And you will find all that will set you free
Keep moving onwards endlessly
To evolve and become one

Our ego will lead us to endless penance
This journey shall wake us don’t dream forever

The Matrix of reality transforms the cosmic energy

Our ego won’t spare us these endless failures
This journey will guide us don’t dream forever

Nothing appears to be what it really is as we believe in the illusions
Free yourself from walking in circles
This will be the end of the world as we know it
Your ascension will begin

Keep searching for your destiny
And you will find all that will set you free
Keep searching for your legacy
And you will find all answers undoubtedly
Keep looking forward endlessly
To evolve and unite the world to become one piece

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gab: Activated! #SpeakFreely my warrior kin.


Such fascinating and dramatic times. There’ve been so many compelling stories to follow. Pizzagate is absolutely mind-blowing in its impact on the collective awareness. It has galvanized a huge popular movement, as I privately predicted when it first came out. I also predicted that this megascandal would be the final tipping point leading to the Satanic elite’s downfall. The abduction, trafficking, ritual sexual abuse and blood sacrifice of innocent children on this grand a scale, this endemically entangled in the entrenched power structure of black magic and blackmail, coming out in such an undeniable and concrete way, is an irreversible step over the line. The shock, rage, and disgust it evokes are so deep and powerful that I knew there was no way this would just blow over and yield to business as usual.

(I tried and failed to implement a Javascript embedded Facebook post here, so I’ll just link you to where I posted on the subject.)

The perps and their puppets are pulling out all the stops to keep the lid on this. The “fake news” psyop meme was rolled out just around the time Pizzagate was breaking in the “alternative” media. Reddit deleted and banned the /r/pizzagate subreddit, a major early platform for the crowdsourced investigative effort. In a parallel development dubbed “Twittergate,” a user named Molly employed an algorithm to detect networks of linked Twitter accounts and discovered a huge pedophile ring whose members were using the site to share obscene images involving children. Other similarly appalling rings have been uncovered by Molly since. Twitter shut down her account to protect the guilty. Both houses, Reddit and Twitter, have been leaned on at the top, and the top has succumbed.

These efforts are self-defeating. The more they clamp down on consciousness, the more the pressure of awakening builds. The ever-expanding experience of the One that we are has no limits on what it can do. It has manifested an unprecedented rise in both audience and participation in the new media: an unsquashable, horizontal response to top-down hierarchy. It has redirected traffic from Reddit and Twitter to the new Gab platform, a free-speech utopia that combines the best of both.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on President-elect Donald Trump. I am confident that he will be able to set off some positive changes, both directly through his actions and indirectly through what he inspires and catalyzes in others. It seems clear that the bloodline oligarchs and their tentacles are doing and will do everything they can to trip him up, undermine and compromise him. Just how much he is already compromised remains unknown. Some of the perennial pessimists of the conspiracy-rabbit-hole corner have had him pegged as a Rockefeller asset for some time. Some believe he is being played and used since day one. I think he’s very well informed, very aware of the real situation behind the scenes and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He’s obviously highly intelligent and shrewd, much smarter than the limited vocabulary of his campaign speeches would indicate. The accusations of bigotry and racism are no more than the tired, empty rhetoric of a perpetually-victimized and -outraged leftist fringe whose credibility outside its own echo-chamber confines is a thing of yesterday. Trump has shown some very promising signs and I remain cautiously optimistic on the surface while rediscovering, again and again, more and more, a supreme confidence in the perfection of all things, deep down in my core. [Edit: lest we get too high on the hopium, here's a piece that shows Trump is far from clean, pals around with some ugly beings, and has a history of leaning more toward expediency than principle when it comes to the truth.]

The pendulum of public opinion has indeed swung back, bringing the formerly-suppressed, so-called alt-right into a position of more favor. I think the alt-right has largely been a reaction against the destructive cultural Marxism of the left. I think the left and the right are both very needed political currents that need not be at each other’s throats, exchanging insults in lieu of thoughtful dialogue. What we do need is consensus on the facts. This is something the Dark cannot allow to arise—hence the flood of distractions, the inflammatory trolling and baiting, the onslaught of disinfo, the dumbing down, the corralling of the range of thought, the censorship, the threats of violence—anything to divide us and obscure the facts. I see that consensus growing exponentially. It's already far past the point of no return. The facts of our situation are staring us in the face. We who are aware cannot remain on the sidelines. We are needed in this fight.

The spiritual war goes far beyond politics. It is a war that is fought on every front. It is only a war from the perspective of duality; non-duality integrates conflict with the underlying non-conflict. We are simultaneously being called to choose a side and to transcend all sides. If we want a unified world of live and let live, of marvelous diversity and excellence and freedom, then we must respond to both of these calls. We must remain both vigilant and at peace within ourselves. The journey of self-reunification is what we are on. The fruits of success will be beyond imagining. We should have the audacity to envision exactly what we really want and the humble gratitude in advance that attracts that vision into our reality.

I love you all. May supreme confidence in the goodwill of the One overcome your every doubt and fear. Not by drowning them out, but by calmly and lovingly embracing them in the light of the timeless, living truth. May your intentions be conscious, courageous, and liberating. Namaste, fellow warriors. We got this.

Friday, November 25, 2016

False Personal Crusades: An Ego-Driven Diversion from the Real Work

A little over four years ago, I allowed myself to be sucked into a false agenda of acting in a personal saviorship role to my current, soon-to-be-former wife.

The hook was very appealing to my scheming monkey mind. I could put off assuming personal responsibility for my own affairs, for my own psychological healing and well-being, under the compelling pretence of helping someone else who was in a far worse predicament than I was. My sense of morality, of the virtuousness of helping others, was co-opted through the weakness of an egotistical pride that fed on the idea of being a martyr for a superficially noble, yet ultimately hopeless cause that would supposedly earn me my glorious place on the loftier end of an imagined totem pole of do-gooders. As my wife so perceptively pointed out many times, I was trying to “polish my halo” and “buy my way into heaven” through self-abnegation and suffering. As it turns out, the only thing that that suffering did for me was to teach me the lesson of taking care of myself first before taking on the problems of the world or any other person.

I am now a shell of who I was four years ago, energetically speaking. The cognitive dissonance of being on the disempowering power trip of trying to assume control of another person’s journey to well-being—against her own will—was one of the factors that took its toll on my energy system over the ensuing four years. The crazy dramas and power struggles we’ve had are another. Not to mention the stress of associating mostly with people who had little respect for personal boundaries, who were stuck in self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors, and who acted out their intuitive distrust of my motives in countless sabotaging ways. I isolated myself from those who could truly act as partners and catalysts for positive change in favor of constant firefighting and busywork on the home front.

The end result was inevitable: burnout and disillusionment. The good news is that I’ve now exhausted that excuse for not committing to the real work. I have so much to do. I don’t know how much of it will manifest in blog postings here, but given my proclivity for writing, some portion of it most likely will.

There’s no denying that some real good has resulted from my misguided efforts to do good. Some beautiful moments were enjoyed. Many valuable insights were gained. But whatever good has come of it all has come from behind the veil of separation, in spite of my egotistical motives and tendencies, from the wellspring of life and love that no man can lay claim to for himself alone.

And so it is that I embark on my own journey as an individual. The bitter tears of disillusionment and release have been shed and the last remaining sentimental ties severed. All that remains for me here is to do what I can for a transition of caretaking responsibility that will ensure my wife’s safety and well-being on a basic level in future. Following that, I make my exit as gracefully as I can.

In addition to the warnings, observations, and advice of loved ones, I have had the benefit of many enlightening messages and resources on relationship dynamics that have helped me get to this point. If the topic interests you, or if you suspect you may be trapped in a similar entanglement, look up “victim-perpetrator-rescuer triangle.” We all have to discern, choose, and find our own way, but so much suffering can be avoided by learning about the ways we trip ourselves up and perpetuate destructive patterns in relationship. No one wants to end something they’ve invested their entire life in, based their whole identity on. But when all the signs point to that something being a hindrance rather than a help to your personal well-being and sovereign self-actualization, then it pays to pay attention and be willing to drop the rationalizations that hold you back.

Love you all.

Signing off,

Friday, November 4, 2016

Epica - Consign to Oblivion - "A New Age Dawns" Part III

Consign to Oblivion – Track 11

Consign to Oblivion

A New Age Dawns” Part III

How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed ’till the end

The only thing that counts is the prosperity of today
Most important to us is that our bills get paid

Our good intentions have always been delayed

How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed ’till the end
When we will stand in front of heaven's gate
It will be too late!

Try to unlearn all that you’ve learnt
Try to listen to your heart
No, we can’t understand the universe
By just using our minds
We are so afraid of all the things unknown

A must we appease is the lust to get laid
Nothing really matters, just devouring our prey

Our good intentions have always been delayed so
Our generous acts have always come too late

How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed ’till the end
When we will stand in front of heaven's gate
It will be too late!

Try to unlearn all that you’ve learnt
Try to listen to your heart
No, we can’t understand the universe
By just using our minds
We are so afraid of all the things unknown
We just flee into a dream that never comes true

Low to the ground we feel safe
Low to the ground we feel brave

Oblivisci tempta quod didicisti
[Try to forget what you have learned]

Open your eyes, we’re not in paradise
How can’t you see this stress is killing me?
Fulfill your dreams; life is not what it seems to be
We have captured time
So time made us all hostages without mercy

Seemingly generous fooling ourselves
Selfishly venomous time tells

Too much thinking goes at the cost of all our intuition
Our thoughts create reality
But we neglect to be!
So we’re already slaves of our artificial world
We shouldn’t try to control life
But listen to the laws of nature

Open your eyes, we’re not in paradise
How can’t you see this stress is killing me?
Fulfill your dreams; life is not what it seems to be
We have captured time
So time made us all hostages without mercy

Low to the ground we feel safe
Low to the ground we feel brave

We all think we’re generous
But we only fool ourselves
The only thing that matters is
Our way and our vision

Selfishly we’re venomous
But you know the time tells us
There is more to life than our
Higher positions, race for perfection
Better, faster
We must return to the laws of the nature
Free ourselves from madness

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Who Is Raging Against What?


In my childhood, I strongly intuited, without being able to articulate it, that that was what we were living under.

A deep wrongness that had infiltrated every aspect of our life on every level.

As I approach my thirty-second Solar Return, I am far better equipped with knowledge of the who, what, how and why of our predicament, both exoterically and esoterically. What I still lack, however, is the sense that this horror show is in any way finished. I have had many small victories, yet the big one still eludes. For each victory, I take another fall. I receive enlightening downloads both beautiful and terrible, but fail to translate them into the consistent success I yearn for.

I know, on a core level—when I stop to let the gravity and buoyancy of my heart take over—that there is no battle, that it’s all a holographic show put on by infinite consciousness for its own purposes.

The sense of personal doership, to borrow Sri Ramana’s phrase, will have no truck with this. It is invested in the show. Outcomes matter! There’s so much to be concerned about! How the fuck is this going to work out? So much is at stake. So much to be won and lost. Such impossible odds. And I, so small and inadequate, must face them. The fear and uncertainty are a palpable veil, a Shelob’s web that entangles me the more with each effort to oppose them. All while the reek of death fills my nostrils and the dread of my impending doom grows.

This is the battle: to muster the wisdom, the strength, the will, the faith to overcome all shadows. There are those who have passed through this no-man’s-land and shine like beacons. I see them and I envy them. Yet not I, but the demons: they who will never inherit glory, who insinuate their thoughts into my mind, whose currency is counterfeit and whose most fearsome weapons can never extinguish the Light of Eärendil.

The demons’ power depends on my not recognizing their deceptions. On my acting out their commands unawares. On my inability to distinguish my own self from their intrusions. On my lack of alertness to how I feel inside.

I know true peace. I have foretasted it. I can use that experience as the standard, the homing signal. Whatever is not of peace is of foreign nature. I can test every thought: “Who goes there? Show yourself!” To all who are not emissaries of peace, I can say confidently, “I see who you are. You are a figment of my imagination. You have no dominion here. Get behind me.” With love and compassion, I release each part of my beloved Self that was held hostage behind a monster’s mask. One agent at a time, I can transform the treacherous, sneaking creatures into a unified force under one command.

This work is a long, difficult, and dangerous undertaking. So says the Lord of Time. He is my ultimate foe, chief among the gods. Outside his realm, I have defeated him already. Not with anything of my own as a small, separate being, but by virtue of my connection with where I came from, beyond the borders of this demonocracy, where my eternal Self abides. I can go there at any time and know that I am free of his chains. They, too, are a figment of my imagination. So it is against nothing that I rage, and all that rages is the one who believes a lie.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

XVI. The Tower

How heartbreaking it is
to deeply realize
that you have been living a lie

How it burns and crushes
to have your false-self-centered patterns
of blind, compulsive, destructive behavior
exposed and called out
in the full light of awareness

How devastating
to see that the centermost pillar
on which you had based your illusory identity
and rationale for existence
has been a ruse of fractured mind

How terrifying
to have your most jealously guarded mental possessions
not only challenged
but positively destroyed
by a truth whose name you had dared not breathe

How agonizing
to resist an all-consuming flame
that promises to transmute everything you are
through the portal of death
into a life everlasting
where the you that you had thought was you
has forever ceased to be

A Threshold beckons:
is it a Maw of Hell
or a Gateway to Heaven?
Will we be dictated to by Time and Space
consoling ourselves momentarily with visions
of a Cloud Cuckoo Land caricature of our eternal Home?

What we must realize
is that neither Heaven nor Hell as such
truly exist as places behind or ahead in time
but only now, right now where we are:
the one a maelstrom of thoughts circling the drain
the other an abiding Peace

Love is the password and the key
it is our ticket to freedom
our guiding star
and our inner fire
One resonating Light

Our destination lies within


Compassion is the balm
for a mind seared by the revelation
of its own insanity

the bridge to wholeness
for a heart torn asunder
by the pain of past lovelessness

a simple message:

"I see you where you are
as you are
I am wholly present with you
even in the midst of this experience"