Thursday, April 25, 2019

The crucial role of will (and bonus 4th Commandment self-wizardry!)

The world is the world.
Every creature plays its part.
I have believed I could play mine on my own terms.
Earn a separate merit for myself,
play with fire and burn in secret shame.
For so long I have played this game
Of serving two masters, lived that untenable lie.
And I can still, for like us all
I have the gift of free will
To do precisely as I desire.

Everywhere I look, the demonstration is on display
Of the outworking of universal law.
The results of choices are as they must be,
Good begetting the good and bad bringing forth the bad
On the evolutionary experiential path of the soul.

A small sin leads to another
And ere long they form a chain
That weighs me down and rattles in rebuke.
I am not that chain, yet I carry it
And cannot unmake it.
All I can do is bear the consequences
And, by my will, repent and come again
Before the presence of the holy flame
In recognition of the one true Name
With contrite heart sincere, stripped bare
To give up my error to be consumed.

Is this a game as well? I wonder.
Am I addicted to feeling bad and small?
Perhaps, if I go on repeating the same old pattern.
Affirming conviction in the mind alone
Is not enough to stop the cycle,
For the underworld of unknown psychic forces
Overpowers a vacillating will with trifling ease.
There is a Will beyond that will
Which desires to come into union with it
But depends upon the free will choice of the mortal being
For its method and the duration of the process of drawing it in.

The human will has no relief from responsibility;
It is always free, and that extends of course
To the liberty to make excuses and so prolong indefinitely
Its coming back to sober remembrance of itself and the truth
And the blessed, rigorous path of ascension
Which leads to eternal life and the promise of heaven,
Ever-unfolding majesties of experience,
Ever-increasing virtue and happiness,
Ever-new invigorating challenges to rise to,
All the great gifts of the houses of the family of God.

Honor thy Father and thy Mother,
That it may be well with thee
And thou mayest live long on the earth.

The principles and polarities of creation:
Spirit and matter,
Will and wisdom,
The yang electric and the yin magnetic,
Idea and form.
The spiritual lineages of our cosmic progenitors
Vibrationally encoded within our being.
The supernal Father on high
And the planetary animal Mother that bears us in this and every precious moment.

I have clearly overworked that last bit in an escalating fit of vain pretentiousness, trying, trying so hard while really just compulsively escaping from the potent, immediate reality of the prayerful state that set this stream of words in motion to begin with… and from my body’s constant complaint as to why the fuck I am still up and on the computer at five in the morning when it needs proper, regular sleep to function well – so I have actually been disrespecting both Father and Mother and I find this highly ironic to say the least. Maybe I will learn to write something more useful in a more wholesome way someday. I find myself idly hoping so. One thing’s for sure: not writing is the only certain way to never get closer to achieving that. (grin) Honestly, I enjoy doing this so much that only the amnesia of that enjoyment can explain why I don’t do it way more. Although the possibility occurs to me just now while finalizing the post that I may just be indulging in the narcissistic tendency referred to as masturbation… a valid concern. It also occurs to me that self-pleasuring can be a wholesome activity if used well! And whatever is in error will be corrected in due course, given the sincere desire of the heart toward what is good and right.

Adios and onward, friends! See you next time.

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