Thursday, December 20, 2018

The last mile

At rest, turning inward
Withdrawing belief from the thought of separation
All dimensions collapse into one dimensionless here-now-being
What is breathed but the stuff of eternity
Channeled through a passing form?

The revelation of our common essence, boundless, intertwined
Forms like dewdrops shimmering under the radiant moon
Precipitating through the matrix of reality
Like milk from the eternal Mother’s breast
To nourish you, her child, on your soul’s journey of growth

The vessel that carries your point of awareness
Is contained within awareness
A part of creation here to host a part of the creator
Awakened, you partake of your totality
And are overtaken by waves of overflowing gratitude and praise for all!

All the treasures of the tendermost Heart of reality
Are yours to discover in these inner realms
That open ceaselessly and multiply their blessingness
As you freely give of the abundance that you are
And close that final gap between receiver and the Source

As human beings, we are here to shine for one another
Every shock and inconvenience in the world
Another chance to let go of the attachment to appearances
And dive within to reunite with our precious pearl of peace
And let things play out as is the wont of their perfection

Your reality reflects your state of being
Your suffering begs you to come back home again
To yourself, the vastness holding time and space
Where singularity extends and fractalizes out
To make this wonder of a Technicolor world

What makes anything true… is you
What you choose to feel… becomes the real
You are the magic, you are the life
So spend the present as you will
And know yourself… or be made to know… the game is rigged. ;)


Today’s lines owe their existence to the excellent and groundbreaking work of Dr Joe Dispenza (particularly this YouTube video), which inspired me in the midst of a very difficult time of intense victim thoughts to stop, quiet down, draw from the well, and bring something through that last mile of personal consciousness interweb connection by actually sitting down and setting hand to keyboard. It’s a start. I’m really grateful to have this chance. I don’t even care if what I wrote is any good. It came from my heart, and the feeling of creative flow was very much its own reward. Not to mention how incredibly good it felt to make live contact with the deeper currents of reality… from which I eagerly anticipate bringing lots more goodies forward!

I hope you have a great day. I love you.

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