Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Visiting Home

the world is always ending
and always being born anew

simultaneously saturated with meaning
and free of set interpretation

feel the overwhelming intensity of fullness
and rest in the vast, primordial emptiness

be at one with the waves and the ocean floor
let the scent of eternity reveal this moment’s priceless reality

complete unto itself, yet layered, interwoven,
interpenetrating every moment in the fabric of totality

the warming suchness of a fire crackling in the stove
the electric pinpoint radiance of little incandescent lights
the dark, cool breath of the spacious outside air
and the deep, bracing chill of the river gurgling past

a moment to sit and let feelings precipitate into words
a moment to appreciate this gift of life
without expectation or encumbrance
a moment to settle into the symphony of the senses
and wonder at this grand mystery of ultimate simplicity
on a quiet Wednesday morning in my parents’ homely house
on the threshold of ancient Lapland
just before the season’s longest night
and the Sun’s most dearly welcome journey back
towards the magical promise of Midsummer

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