Sunday, October 4, 2020

Come into the Presence of God, prepare for the storm to come


Greetings, fellow travellers!

A great wind is blowing. It sets the trees to swaying, the grasses and the lakes to rippling, in a musical dance that seems to speak its own sort of Mother Earth tongue. Its rhythm is compelling. It speaks of great tensions on the verge of thundrous release. Something is coming, it says. Prepare yourself for the storm.

Nervous apprehension arises. Uncertainty triggers the ancient fear response. A turmoil of speculative thoughts clamour to be fed, entertained, and housed in my being. Yet a deeper knowing calls for letting go of the fear of fear. When I listen to that still voice, I am calmed, yet fully present. I attract those thoughts which are of the quality of calm presence.

There is no need to numb out with distraction. There is only this ever-present moment, in which I am fully alive, feeling whatever I happen to feel, witnessing whatever thoughts may arrive and go. I feel whole and centered in myself, in reality. In the timeless, ineffable Presence of God.

I invoke the Presence of God: be with me now. I know that You are with me, in my every living cell and in my every breath. Even this mercurial human mind is a manifestation of You. I trust in You completely.

Thank You for this life. Thank You for this moment. Thank You for all my fellow travellers, both near and far. Thank You for taking care of our every material and spiritual need. Thank you for Your perfection that spans all time and space and transcends all time and space. Thank You for Your wisdom, Your power, and Your love. For Your angels, for Your guidance, for Your serendipities and wonders. Thank You for Your cosmic order in which every polarity plays its part. Thank You for calling us home to Your Presence, O God, merciful and just! Thank You for the gift of free will, that we may freely choose Your love and thereby pass the trial of this 3D world. Thank You for making us in Your divine image, so that we Your beloved children are inherently capable of expressing Your divine qualities of wholeness.

Thank You for healing our wounds. Thank You for relieving us of heavy burdens we need no longer bear, and for the precious cross we so willingly volunteered to carry here on this earth. Thank You for showing us the way to heaven, through the gateless gate of the eternal heart and up the ascension path with the help of Your holy angels. Thank You for Your protection, Your teaching, and Your joy – the joy of liberation that fills the kingdom of heaven forever. Thank you for allowing Your kingdom to descend upon the earth, and for the great work of your innumerable servants to raise up earth to its heavenly expression.

Thank You for letting the light of truth shine into the darkest places in this hour of awakening. Thank You for sending your effectual Kali Maa and violet flame energies to aid in this moment of purification. Thank You for the spiritual doulas and midwives who are assisting so many to give birth to their inner child. Thank You for regenerating our innocence and restoring our faith. Thank You for strengthening our resolve. Thank You for awakening our spiritual senses. Thank You for placing us here on earth to serve You in this time. Thank You for activating our inner Sun and every needful energy at its appointed time. Thank You for this great Lila adventure story where the Brahma and the Maya play. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Lord protect, enlighten, and guide our leaders, our generals, and our footsoldiers in this war to eradicate evil from the earth. Save the children from horrors and abuse. Save our bodies, minds, and souls from the degrading influences still rampant in the world. Keep our thoughts, words, and actions pure and wholesome for the wellbeing of all. Expose all Satanic agendas and let them fall apart. Keep us steadfast in Your holy Presence, so that we may unwaveringly stand against the onslaughts of the enemy.

Lord awaken every soul unto Your goodness and compassion. Help every soul achieve moral uprightness and intellectual clarity. May our lives be a demonstration of Your power and a song of Your glory. Let our hearts unite in one eternal outpouring of divine love.

And so it is. In the name of Christ, Your will be done. Hallelujah! Amen.

I feel this October will leave none of us unchanged and unmoved. A time is coming when the workers of God will be acutely needed in these fields of approaching harvest. Souls will be crying out for aid, and all who are able will be drawn to answer. Prepare, my friends. Speak to God in whatever way feels needful and comfortable… listen… and prepare.

In deepest love and kindest regard,

Your brother JWT.

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