Monday, December 8, 2014

Breaking Free

You are ready to come home.

You begin to realize, deeper and deeper, that home is within you.

The holy guardian angel, your higher self, the crystallization of the godly being that you are, guides and protects your every step. You now perceive this guidance and protection where once it was not so apparent to you, and you feel a growing sense of gratitude and security.

One by one, layer by layer, inner tensions and conflicts are resolved. Your sight becomes clearer, your steps lighter, your joy fuller, your peace more profound.

You make mistakes like before, yet not like before: you begin to forgive yourself. Not a self-indulgent license or excuse for doing wrong, but the knowing that even though you messed up in a relative sense, you only did what you were meant to do at the time and that one power does all things, no matter how it may appear, for the perfect outworking of a perfect will. You are not the person who did those things now. You are the person who has traveled that path and is willing to make a better choice next time. You set yourself free of moralizing judgments, and notice how much easier it becomes to forgive others.

You see that karma is balance, cause and effect, a mirror, perfect justice... and, ultimately, unreal. Grace is available every second. It comes from beyond time. It is your shelter from the wrath of form, liberating without exempting, translating the inner quality of your experience into the language of heaven. It is the voice of the all-forgiving Christ.

What will you do when you finally come home? Will you stay? Of course you will, for as long as you so desire and as long as you possibly can. You’ll have gone through all the suffering and have no personal taste for going back to it. But so long as even one soul is lost in the wilderness, someone’s going to have to go and shine a light for them. Someone is going to have to meet them where they are....

Do I speak as a fool, from a place of ignorance? Why do I speak on behalf of personal suffering? Why can’t souls just stay in heaven permanently once they’re there?

Heaven is no-time, just now. We’re always there, even when we don’t think we are. Thinking makes it so, said the Bard. And he was right. Our experience of something that’s not heaven comes about because our mind has taken some illusions on board. Can illusions hurt you? Only subjectively, and only inasmuch as you believe in them. (There are, of course, levels upon levels of belief....)

Heaven is no-place, just here. The manifest world is a story created by the mind. The first mind – prime creator of the cosmos – tells the story, but always remembers that it’s only a story. The characters are a different matter: for the purposes of the story, many if not most of them will, for whatever part of the duration, remain unaware of the truth beyond the story: that they are products of one mind; that they can potentially awaken to what lies beyond, which lies within.

Identity. Who am I? The One appearing as one among the infinite parts of the All that is One.


“Limits of an Infinite Self.” This was the name of my old blog. You can still read it. I just don’t identify strongly with the person who wrote it. A past version of me, somewhat more caught up in existential angst and conditioning. There are some pearls in there worth saving, regardless, in my present opinionated opinion. The value to the reader of anything, of course, is up to the reader. Even now, what I write is, as it was then, an upwelling of whatever happens to come out in the moment. Good, bad, indifferent – I’m not here to judge it. Just to be the instrument of its arrival. All is of One, and all credit goes to the same address.

The infinite Self takes on limitation. This is mind-boggling, a paradox that will drive you mad as you ponder it. Don’t try to understand it. God knows I have, and here I am, still at it. Perennial fool that I am. Oh well, one is a slave to one’s inner drives, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s how God works. That crazy-like-a-fox dude, eh? You’ll never get the best of him. It doesn’t work that way. Doesn’t stop some of us trying, of course.

Well, I was navigating some sort of thread back there, and I took a little detour, got all meta on myself. Uhm, let’s see...

(Isn’t this fun?)

Why do you think you came here? As an infinite being, to be incarnated in this time and place... you’ve come a long way just to be here the way you are now. Why?

(Just a caveat: the personal you never can be, never was, and never will be equal to the One in All. That’s the ineffable. Which is also you, but infinitely beyond you at the same time. That’s because the notion of a you is just a crazy notion. We are One. Please do remember to laugh. The worst thing we can do is to take our personal selves seriously. The fact that we do is the cosmic joke. So don’t forget to laugh at the fact that you forgot to laugh!)

Obviously, you are no stranger to heaven. It is your home, and a home knows its master. Master of heaven? Well, yeah. Nothing special about that. We all are. (At least originally. Can’t speak for the children of darkness, but then that’s just duality creeping in. We’re not going that route. Perhaps another time. Disregard it, it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. Now I’ve only succeeded in confusing you. See how tricky this is? That dual mind is a real trickster.)

It’s the story. The story dictates that a certain character be in a certain place at a certain time, doing or saying or thinking a certain thing. That’s all.

Now it’s nothing to whine about, to feel sorry for yourself for having all these layers of limitation placed on you. Sure, you can do that. It’s just not the best use of your time – if you want to have a good time. And who doesn’t?

Since all the sincerely good times are happening in the heavenly realms, many of the happy souls who inhabit them are quite willing to go out on missions to help others get there too. Sometimes those missions involve taking upon themselves whatever conditions envelop the souls they’ve come to assist. Being born here, for example. Often the mission profile entails first being subjected to exactly the same kind of programming that put everyone else there into such a non-heavenly state. Next they have to get their mind deprogrammed, and that can be a heck of a slog. It helps if they didn’t get too damaged in the first place, but their makeup does give them an edge in breaking free from the matrix.

All that is just another story-within-a-story. My gift to you, passed on from wherever it came to me from. If you’re reading this, you are breaking free. And that’s damn awesome. Welcome to the party. I will now shut up so you can get back to celebrating who you are in your own special way. Thanks!


  1. Namaste brother, beautifully written, a pleasure to read. Contrary to your opinion, I feel your old site offered no more nor less than this site does. You are developing your philosophy brother, this personal search is a beautiful thing to behold.

    We proudly stand upon one mountain top, then discover another begs us climb higher.

    In Lak' ech. brother Carl, Philo..... Sophia.....

  2. Well, thank you, dear brother. I'm always gratified to read your comments.

    Old habits die hard, and harsh self-criticism is one of mine. I knew I wasn't taking a balanced view, but I let that in because it was subjectively true in my experience of the moment. I am always amazed when I go back and read some of the stuff that came through in the past. I can't take credit for more than being open to receive and pass on that higher wisdom. Gratitude is all I have that endures.

    Thanks for your support. Indeed, the journey never ends. New heights beckon always, and even the valleys are no more than beloved and necessary teachers on our way to those more rarefied summits.

    All the teachers we encounter are individual aspects of the One. To honor that One in the one, and the one as the One, is our highest calling.