Wednesday, December 10, 2014

certitude (put it on)

the certain knowledge that your true, original, ultimate, enduring, and eternal nature is that of Love

regardless of how you appear to be in this moment

makes how you appear to be in this moment


worthy of your own loving attention

even if you feel like you can't love

then simply love the one who feels like they can't love

no need to force love to appear where it isn't, to attempt to apply some contrived, imaginary overlay of love

that masks the bare reality of what's there

or measures it against some ideal

and demands there be something else, something better

just love the one having the experience you seem to be facing

be it circumstance, emotion, action, or whatever comes into your awareness

receive it as it is and let it be what it is

it, too, shall pass in time

when you see with the eyes of Love

you can do no wrong

your experience is alive with this truth

it is what underlies all things

go and sin no more

but forgive

and be the blessing you are here to be

for the sake of all the world

and rejoice

for all has been redeemed

in the still and mighty arms

of eternity

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