Saturday, December 27, 2014

Abiding in Forgiveness - We Are the Dragon

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the fellowship of the seekers of the eternal wisdom of the heart.

We are the ones whose wondering attention has turned to the great questions of life.

At any given moment, we only perceive one side – and of that, typically the most minuscule portion – of the great Möbius strip of life in duality.

This plays into the illusion that there can be something outside of ourselves for us to do that will make any difference to anything whatsoever. From the point of view of that which is permanent, such a false idea can only be absurd delusion.

Our senses cannot tell us anything of that which is permanent. They perceive symbols only.

The forces of Nature are, in themselves, quite neutral and blind. Nature is a virtual reality hologram projected by Mind. This hologram comprises all matter, energy, space, and time.

The cycles of time, of birth and death, creation and destruction, descending and ascending, operate on a sort of looping autopilot based on cosmic laws. The cosmos is a clockwork mechanism.

The principle of Balance maintains that all actions are ultimately null and void.

All creation borrows against the One, and is eventually repaid in the coin of the One.

Nothing can be added to, or taken away from, that which is permanent.

Consciousness, then, is the only thing that matters.

Consciousness chooses, now.

The outer is immaterial, the inner is all.

No doing or not-doing can solve the puzzle of life. Only choice. Only the attitude which informs our doing or not-doing.

Condemnation compounds the puzzle. Reconciliation dissolves it.

Become reconciled to yourself. Know that you are not what you appear to be: limited in space and time, unable to undo the chains that bind you.

You are infinite consciousness appearing as an individual being. The story of that individual being is the trajectory of this infinite consciousness within that dreamed-up character arc.

The only thing worth knowing, having, or being is Love. All else you might desire already emanates from there: your true divine nature as Love.

The path of reconciliation with your eternal nature is forgiveness.

Lay down your weapons. The world is not your enemy.

The world invites you to forgive.

This is the true purpose of all we see in the dream from which we struggle so mightily to awaken.

Our awakening, our emancipation, eludes us as long as we toil in vain. Give up that struggle and take up the real work.

Forgive. That is all. All else will come of its own accord. You need not concern yourself with the details of the future. All is in good hands, the most capable hands.

Infinite consciousness conspires together with your heartfelt intent to be free. The universe has got your back.

Things won’t typically go how you thought they might. You won’t be an overnight success story. Setbacks are to be expected. That’s the way it goes.

Think of this: if universe is out to give you anything and everything your soul desires, and if your soul’s deepest desire is to find a way out of the madhouse, then isn’t that already a done deal? All you need to do is walk the path.

You may be shown the most disgusting, perverted, inhuman things – appearing as part of the world, the people around you, and even the character you seem to be yourself. All there to be forgiven.

Forgiveness is not automatic. There’s no ritual to make it happen. There’s no need to make it happen faster or better. You are simply invited to choose it at your own pace.

Whatever comes into your awareness as something other than Love, forgive. If that is too much at the moment, then forgive the one identifying with the thought that to forgive, in this case, is asking too much of the personal me.

There is no personal me or you. This is a concept for now, perhaps supported by extramundane experiences with trance states or psychedelics, or even simply the wordless deep thought that arises from being still with nature. It is true.

The Sons of God descended into hell, one after the other. Lucifer, the bright and morning star, was the first. Heirs to glory, they chose to turn their backs on truth and forfeited their divine birthright as children of the heavenly King.

But the archangels, led by Michael, vowed not to abandon their brothers to eternal torment in the vain pursuits of spiritual blindness. Their work was subtle, an exceedingly long game, to tease out from the depths of illusion these precious lost souls. Against the will of their quarry they could do nothing. Their hope lay in the spark of divinity still burning within each breast, which forever longed to return to the glory of heaven, to remember their true nature as innocent brothers in the Light.

This is a symbolic story. It has relevance within the illusion. The fact is that we have never left our Father’s side. His fullest Love is ours in every moment. We are left with the choice of whether to receive it. But we cannot embrace lies and truth. Therefore it is the lies with which we must contend.

They have no power. Only consciousness choosing to invest belief in them, gives them the semblance of it.

Believe the truth: you are free. The bonds of corruption are a dream. Now all that is left is to awaken.

We are the dragon.

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