Monday, February 20, 2017

The Kingpin of Cosmic Evil in Our World. . . and Its Cure

This blog site is about healing the psyche. It’s about a journey into truth. Understanding. Forgiveness. Liberation. Empowerment. Responsibility. Co-creation. The realisation of our potential as vast, multidimensional, divine beings interconnected with all creation.

The major challenge that comes with trying to tell people the truth is that you meet with the limits of what they’re prepared to wrap their minds around and accept. Of how far they’re able to follow you down the rabbit hole. Once you come up against beliefs that the other person can’t or won’t see past, all you can do is lay down some breadcrumbs that they may follow later.

People don’t want to believe in the existence of true evil. Contemplating the reality of it is enough to haunt you, to turn your stomach and rob you of sleep. Acknowledging the reality of it makes you responsible for including it in your worldview and carries the moral obligation to stand up against it. As a society, we have been so psychically neutered, weakened, domesticated, and corrupted that many are simply unequipped to face this reality as it stands.

Warriors are the ones the world relies on to defend against evil. Those who are armed with knowledge. Those who are committed to bringing the light of Home into this world. Carriers of the flame of Spirit whose eyes burn with the holy fire of creation that runs in their veins.

We may not associate ourselves with that image of the warrior. We may see, instead, the weakness and malaise that seem to hold us back and keep us small. The contagion of evil has touched us. Through trauma, we have fallen under its spell of fear.

We do not feel. We go about our business, numb. Hoping that the evil will strike somewhere else and leave us alone. Cowed.

Know this. Evil will not rest until it owns and controls everything. There is no safety in hiding. It must be confronted and brought down for the world to know real peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Clearly, this confrontation must happen both internally and externally. But it must happen internally first for us to have the guts, courage, and conviction to face it externally.

There is a dividing line that represents the structural foundation of evil’s inner stronghold in this world. That line is the decisive borderline beyond which evil reigns supreme. Those who have crossed this Rubicon are owned and possessed, committed agents of true evil. Their spiritual orientation is reversed; they serve Satan, the enemy of life.

You ever hear of celebrities ”selling their souls” for worldly success? We think of recording artists who sign exploitative contracts that obligate them to give up their artistic freedom and ownership of their creative talents. In return, they are promoted by the bankster-owned media machine and their careers take off like never before. However, they ultimately find themselves deep in debt to the record company and discover the bitter personal price of their success.

Hollywood actors like Elijah Wood have been coming out as whistleblowers on the dark underbelly of the film industry: human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. The FBI has started to make the first low- and mid-level arrests in its campaign to take down the entire elite pedophile network that has been operating in the United States and facilitating the complete takeover of government by traitorous forces bent on enslaving Americans under the worldwide agenda of a small circle of predators. Pizzagate, the damning coded exchanges revealing elite pedophile activity found in John Podesta’s leaked emails, was a carefully-timed bombshell to bring this evil into the public awareness. Yes, it’s all connected: from royal families to banking families to the business, political, and religious elite and their lying mouthpiece media, the structures of control are held in place by the glue of a fractal hierarchy of fear and domination whose core and apex are forged of an iron characterized by the psychic will to violate innocent, defenseless children.

This trauma, this betrayal, is not something out there that we can safely ignore. It touches all of us personally through the collective consciousness field. Satanic pedophilia is the extreme manifestation of unchecked ego consciousness, of reptilian fear mode running so rampant that all emotional vulnerability, empathy, higher thought, and conscience must be destroyed to make way for the dictates of darkness: kill and be killed, eat and be eaten. That maelstrom of fear believed in and obeyed is the black hole that eats our consciousness and life force. It underlies our personal departures from the way of life. It is death and knows only death.

The trauma experienced by a small child whose own parents betray the sacred trust of parenthood and give them over to torture and abuse and violation, to psychic invasion by the malevolent dark, resides within our collective unconscious. The agony of opening up to that denied portion of ourselves, to the abandoned and forsaken inner child, is the threshold of the warrior. Only knowing the true horror of our situation on a head, heart, and gut level will grant us the conviction, the empathy, and the fortitude to change it. Only by meeting that horror with an equal measure of faith and love for life can we hope to withstand its assault. In fact, we do not withstand – we are destroyed. The part of us that believes in limitation and control is destroyed. Saturn eats its children. Satan devours its own.

To hold back from that horror, that agony, is to hold back something that belongs to the devil. He will claim it. It’s up to us to release it. To make the leap from delusional outer knowing to self-existent inner knowing. To let all the shackles of the heart melt in pain... and evaporate in bliss. To ground ourselves in our complete universal and individual unity, in solitary solidarity, yogic union. To commit to a process of divine destruction and re-creation. Death and rebirth.

Every time love calls upon us and we heed that call, we take another step home. Our Home is within us – we never left. Our true Father and Mother, Brother and Sister, Friend and Lover, Christ-child and Indwelling Spirit are all working within us and throughout our holographic self-projection of a world to repair the broken linkages, clear the psychic gunk, and turn on the lights of our DNA Christmas Tree of Life.

I ask that we pray for the children who have been stolen, hurt, and sacrificed. Let their pain be our pain. Let us console our forlorn inner child with the good news: my child, I have always loved you. I never left you. I will protect and provide for you always and never lead you astray. You are safe. You can be who you inherently are without fear of judgment. I will guide you and support you and celebrate you as you grow. I love you. I love you. I love you forever.

Let us also support the efforts of the many men and women who are actively engaged in taking down global pedophilia. Let us not remain silent on this horrible subject, complicit through the tacit approval of inaction. Above all, let us not abandon our inner child to the spiritual darkness and cold of a prison of shame, disgust, and unworthiness. Let us bring the flame of loving, tender awareness to every darkened corridor on its path to freedom. Let us tame the monsters with our fearless, unflinching gaze. Let us unchain our abilities, activate our alliances, and reoccupy the land of our true self.

We cannot make this journey alone. But the help we need always comes.

Godspeed, dear ones. Wherever we may find ourselves on the spiritual battlefield of this plane, we are always connected. The family of God is truly universal. We cannot redeem our fallen brothers and sisters, but we can make the choice of redemption for ourselves and extend the same possibility to others.

In Lak’ech. May only peace abide in your presence.

love, william

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