Monday, August 1, 2016


In search of assurances, we hold out.
For lack of assurances, we waver.
Without assurances, we squander our true wealth in violent pursuit of phantom gain.

What assurance do we have?

That this body was once born and must return to dust.
That we shall never cease to exist.
That creation will forever reflect the mind of its creator.
That we can never know what moves in a mind beyond our own.
That we will only ever know what is given to us to know.
That this moment is what is offered now, if we will but receive it.
That we do not belong to ourselves, but to a whole greater than we can conceive of.

What assurance can I give you? What solace? What comfort?

None but this: that what you are is enough.

Go therefore, and be at peace within yourself.
Act without interest in the outcome.
Give all that you are to the greater part of you.
Your gloomy thoughts, your tortured emotions
are not here to destroy you and threaten your soaring dreams.
They are here to show you the part of you that needs to be let inside
so that you may be free.

Love, william


  1. This is truly beautiful and brought tears and a deep sadness to me, for whatever reason.

  2. Thank you. Spurred by my own struggles, these words flowed spontaneously from a deep place.