Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Defending us all

David Wilcock just came out with a new article that highlights how far we've come in this process of the old breaking down and the new stepping in. The news is encouraging, to say the least. From where I stand now, what was previously a matter of faith now appears to be unfolding just as it was hoped for and foretold. The age of universal brotherhood is shining through the cracks in the old paradigm at an awesomely accelerating pace.

A lot of people rag on David for one reason or another, accusing him of spreading disinfo or being a shameless self-promoter. From the perspectives and filters in play there, those accusations are perfectly valid. I'm not here to invalidate anyone. Zen Gardner put up a piece recently where he kind of wagged the finger at something going on there. Heck, I think Benjamin Fulford's stories are wild too, and it's easy to see how that pattern of setting up expectations and then not having them pan out is in effect with his revelations. What of it? I'm not going to set myself up as an expert on things that I haven't the slightest direct knowledge of, like the Yakuza and some alleged secret society of ninjas working to free the world, to presume to make truth judgments off the top of my head based on sheer projection. It makes sense to me that something along the lines of what Benjamin talks about would arise in the world, as part of the great drama, but I'm not going to get worked up about trying to prove one side or the other in an argument about the details when it has zippitty-zap to do with my experience of life at the moment. The same goes for anything else. David has claimed that President Obama is a deep-cover white hat or something, a great soul whose role is to help usher in the Golden Age. He could still be, as far as I'm concerned. The evidence has yet to prove that he's not, on some level, working for the good of mankind. In fact, these same claims could be made about anyone on the planet who seems to be working for the dark side. And the more inclusive your perspective, the less embroiled in division your thinking, the truer it appears to be. At some level of unity consciousness, there are no more black hats or boogeymen. The shadow is a necessary element of the whole, doing its part to assist in the awakening process. It's that simple.

Don't you love my righteous, preachifying tone? "I'm right and you're gonna listen to me tell you how it is." Heh heh heh. It's so funny. (grin) STOP CRITICIZING, IT'S POINTLESS. Naw. Criticize all you want. But as much fun as it is to self-righteously tear someone down, it feels even better to see through that, forgive yourself, laugh a bit, give thanks for the experience, and move on.

I'm here to defend every last one of us who wasn't good enough for someone, who didn't do what they should have done, who lashed out from a place of blindness, or who was judged to be less holy than the whole, deserving of punishment. And this is isn't just self-righteousness talking, even though that does come in wherever it finds an opening. It is plain objectivity. I'm not saying I'm free of judgments in my mind. I'm saying that's what the truth in my heart tells me.

Here's what we can do: we can be honest about our experience. That threatens no one. It also opens the way for natural healing and transmutation to take their course.

So if the spectre of fear or the seething energy of self-righteousness appear on the doorstep of your awareness, the best thing you can do is invite them in with open arms. They will come in anyway, so why not skip the avoidance games and get it over with? They're not going to hurt you. All they want from you is recognition, acknowledgment. Give them the time and space they need. Play the gracious host, let them stay as long as they want to and listen to what they have to say. They will leave of their own accord. Some new guest will perhaps appear whose energy is incompatible with theirs. This road of acceptance is impeccable, optimal, elegant in its undemanding simplicity and efficiency. It liberates one from the detours and shadowboxing and manipulative manoeuvering that bog so many down in life. You can take the direct path, through your experience, trusting in it and yourself as the alchemical agents of transformation that will take you to your highest destiny in the shortest amount of time possible, with the minimum of grief, struggle, and suffering.

There's nothing to run away from. We're all one thing, dressed up in different forms to catalyze different effects and provide always the choice: how will I relate to this thing? If we can remember who is behind the mask, then we don't necessarily need to engage with the mask itself on its own level of pretence. We can abide in peaceful remembrance and experience the joy of the dance as we move through it with the light of truth in our hearts illuminating all things.

Thank you for being here now. May the sun of everlasting peace shine upon your soul, and may your life be the greatest gift you ever received or gave away.


  1. Namaste brother, we each must follow a path, every choice is sacred. Reflections causing grief merely expose our fears. In the end, I am that.

    In Lak' ech, prosper with unity... live with love....

  2. "Reflections causing grief merely expose our fears. In the end, I am that."

    Thanks. I will remember this when I feel the compulsion to criticize or defend a person or idea. "I am that."

    love, william