Thursday, October 23, 2014

All the Love Is Here

Your Heart, Complete.

Give it away, give it away,

Your Heart goes out to the world.

If your Heart is filled with Love,

then what measure of Love could it lack?

The Heart is always complete.

It never lacks for anything, for the One-that-is-All that lives and looks out from Heart Central, Point Zero, encompasses all things and all possibilities of things.

The Heart is all-powerful.

The Heart's power resides in Spirit.

The hollowed-out heart, the dream-shadow of the ever-gnawing hunger within

Saying something's missing, something's wrong,

Is just the tempter whispering

To trick us into forgetting

That All the Love is Here.

Satan, you trickster, you!

God in disguise!

Our best disguise ever!

The inverted image of us, opposite in all ways.

Brothers and sisters, we all play this game.

It's the most exhilarating game!

When the Love is always Here, filling everything

We get the idea for a colossal joke,

The most outrageous idea in existence:

What if the Love wasn't all here?

What if we could pretend to convince our Self of the only thing that could never be true? The one true impossibility beyond the realm of all imaginable possibilities?

While these things will never be true, it is possible to imagine, believe, and subjectively have an experience that seems to tell us...

That the Love is incomplete.

That there is something outside of the Love, cut off from its embrace.

That there is something wrong, something we did that we should never have done.

That we have been separated from God.

That we've turned our backs on him,

Or that he has turned his back on us.

That we are lost, that we seek something that was lost inside us,

Something that left a hole in our Heart.

That our God is outside us, apart, incompletely present in us, not paying enough attention to us.

That God is somehow mad at us, disappointed in us.

Every molecule and atom and thought and feeling in us is totally of God!

In the eyes of God, there are no mistakes.

Everything that exists, by its own existence, claims, proves, and exercises its own right to exist, which is the equal right of all things, under the all-allowing Law of Love.

How could the Singularity, the Indivisible, the complete Love that binds All in One, as One, ever be divided?

There is nothing that is not God.

And this God, which is Love, dwells in your Heart, and in mine, and in all of our Hearts.

God likes to play peek-a-boo because it's such a thrill, such a kick:

The relief, the overflowing joy and happiness, the exhilaration

Of rediscovering, all over again,

The Love that we are.

Love is always new,

But it feels even more new

When you've thought it was lost

And then you realize that it was never lost, never lost at all, not for one nanosecond in those quintillions of years. Not in all eternity.

And you forgive everything, let go of all else

For the joy of reunion

Of the Mind with the Heart in Love Central.

Then we begin the journey of the Heart:

The never-ending, forever awesome, astounding, amazing, new rediscovery of Love!

I see You, my Love.

I see You complete, innocent, as you are, perfect and beautiful and oh so sweet.

You are playing the game with me, and I am playing the game with you,

of I Forgot You Loved Me, And How Did We Forget to Love Ourselves.

But of course, the Love that we are cannot forget! The game is to pretend we forgot, the sweeter to enjoy our remembered Unity.

Spirit holds our hand throughout all time, holds us in perfect Love,

Embraces us in the bosom of the Almighty Power,

Keeps us safe through every step of the journey of pretending.

Every moment, we are all in.

Every moment, we believe in the experience of the moment.

We create a believable illusion of forgetting

By supposing that something is Out There,

Outside of the Love that we are,

Or that we didn't get our full portion of the Love,

Or that something of our Love was taken away, and that we have to get it back.

The end of seeking is the finding that what appeared to be lost, truly never was.

The good part of the game starts when I see you again,

As my Self, only asking for Love,

And I respond only with Love, having rediscovered the sweet nectar of Love as my heart's only self-fulfilling desire.

Love is never withheld; at most, it is only ever momentarily hidden from view.

You can't really fool me.

I'll only be pretending to fall for the pretense. That's all I ever did. I just have such a wicked poker face. Totally convincing.

I am, after all, all-powerful.

You know why?

Because I don't try to control anything.

Because my Heart is One,

 The One,

That is yours and yours and yours,

And all of ours.

My Heart belongs to You,

My Heart belongs to the world, ever-giving.

Give your love away, it will come back to you.

The more you love, the less lack of love you experience.

Love is what you are.

So be what you are, and know that you are Love.

And see all of us here, resting in Love,

Powered, directed, and animated by Love,

Just playing the game.

Winning and losing are roles we play,

What matters is how we choose to play.

I would love to see you choose Love.

To be free.

Free of doubts and fears, free of lack, free of pressure and guilt.

Letting the truth-experience of Love melt all these things away

By graciously allowing them to take their course,

Transmuting them into itself,

Exposing their nonexistence as that which they appear to be, while still allowing their appearance for the purpose of demonstration of all the ways of Love and all the ways of that which appears as something other than Love.

Love sees all as Love.

Appearances are the clothes that Love wears just to give us something to see.

You see the clothes, and you can see the One Self (that you are!) wearing the clothes

When you look with the eyes of Love.

Love is on the line, asking with infinite patience for you to pick up.

Love is on offer for nothing.

You can't buy Love. It permeates everything already. It's just Here, giving itself away.

Love wants to share itself with you, and share itself with the world through you.

Love has never stopped being your perfection.

Love redeems all by knowing, remembering, and reminding that there never was a need for redemption.


  1. Namaste brother, excellent post, I very much enjoyed immersing myself within. Prosper with true love, find that which is hidden, experience the singular, the totality.

    In Lak'ech, brother, live with joy.... discover love....

  2. Thank you, brother, from my heart to yours. Thank you.

    We are that, infinitely showering forth over all. Gratitude becomes our attitude. Beyond words is our pleasure in the knowing of our Oneness, as we traverse the worlds created for the neverending unfoldment of Love.