Monday, October 20, 2014

Being Love

I want to give you the straight poop, the whole scoop. In my own words, not just a rehash or a regurgitation or a rearrangement of someone else’s words. There are so many words out there. Sometimes you find words that really help you understand better, words that make sense of confusion, words that help guide you into the next unfoldment of truth. I am trying here to get some words together for you
and for myself to shed some light on the mystery of all mysteries, which is only a mystery by virtue of the lights not being on in that area. This is the thing that goes beyond thinking, beyond mind, past all captured definitions and concepts. Words can only point the way.

I stand on a threshold, peering in awe and delight into what I imagine and extrapolate in my mind as being the limitless possibility unshackled by the surrender to this ultimate mystery. I find myself embarking on the journey to the realization of that mystery. It is, of course, a journey with no beginning and no end, only punctuated by shifts from one state to another.

For many of us, life takes up entirely too much energy. We’re sucked dry of vital force, day after day. We’re not fools; we know where some of the worst drains are in our lives the obvious ones, anyway. We might be well aware that such-and-such trigger, when set off, makes us a raging lunatic acting out with no sense of proportion; we feel forced to endure things we resent, we feel victimized, as though the universe owes us; we see our addictions and obsessions eating up huge chunks of our lives and our selves; we see how judgment, blame, and guilt set us up against ourselves. What is it that makes us feel powerless in the face of all this? Why do we feel stuck in a rut? Why are we always subconsciously waiting for that magical thing that’s going to make everything all right? And why does it never arrive? We live our lives in quiet desperation, never at peace but for those fleeting moments when all of that weight on our shoulders has evaporated like it never was and we’ve felt free, unfettered, and full of life.

You see where this is going. I’m going to tell you what I claim to have found to be the secret that makes the difference. And you’re going to nod your head as you read, thinking, Yeah, that sounds pretty good. But that’s not enough. Obviously, as a person seeking an answer that will make a difference, you crave something deeper and more lasting than a moment of Uh-huh, that’s cool. He seems to know what he’s talking about. I might use that. I really should. After which your life carries on as before. No. That’s not what you’re here for. You want The Answer. And that Answer is going to knock your socks off and transform everything henceforth.

Bullshit, and you know it. You’re too smart to fall for that. But here you are, still reading. Still hoping. Really? On some level? Yes: there is a part of you that believes something is missing, and that part of you is willing to go to the ends of the universe to find it, if that’s what it takes. (For those of you in on the joke, please bear with me. I don’t know what I would say to you, actually, other than Awesome! Congratulations! You’re amazing! Keep doing just that!) Well, I’m sorry to say I don’t have it for you. But I can try to offer you the next best thing, which is what I hope to get across here, in a necessarily roundabout way, but as directly as I can: words to point you in the right direction.

I actually don’t even know how this is going to turn out. But now that I’ve started, there’s no turning back. Are you ready?

Walk with me.

With infinite tenderness and love, I say this: You are that thing.

You are not lost.

You are here. As here as here can be.

I speak of You as the Divine in you.

When you feel love, that is an expression of the Divine in you.

When you feel hate or hurt or hungry, that is an experience that the Divine in you is having.

Everything you experience, the Divine in you experiences through you.

The divine in you is watching all the experiences, all the thoughts, all the feelings that you have. No experience or thought or feeling that you have is better or worse than any other in the eyes of the divine in you. It is all part of the movie, a movie perfect in every detail, exquisitely constructed for the greatest satisfaction of the divine in you.

It seems real because it can’t not seem real. Whatever you are experiencing is real to you. To the Divine, it’s a movie... and it’s a whopper of a movie! It’s the greatest story ever told. Why else would God be watching? There’s nothing better going on than all of this! All possibility, all happening at once, stretched out here and there into filaments of linear time. And your life you bet your sweet ass is part of it all.

And the Divine in you is watching... watching your life unfold as part of the greatest story ever told, as a thread in the multidimensional cosmic tapestry weaving the Epic Tale of All Epic Tales spanning all of time and space...

... watching as you. Not separate from you. As you. You are God the infinite, formless All That and Nothing dressed up as a human being. Logic proves this. If you doubt it, then that is a shadow of your personal mind, the mind of the dream character, acting in such a way as to obscure the simple truth from that character. The Divine knows and cannot unknow. But it can conceal itself from itself by showing up as infinite forms and then lulling itself to sleep in some of those forms, teasing and tempting and seducing them into forgetting that they are actually the Divine playing in a seeming world of form. This makes the movie exciting and thrilling in a particular way. There is the appearance of peril and drama. And that is enjoyable for a time. But as the dream deepens toward greater and greater depths of unconsciousness, it also leads the characters into a world of really scary and messed-up shit. And sometimes the characters get really fed up with all the shit going on in the dream. They say, This can’t be all there is. This is messed up. What the fuck? Would someone please tell me what the fuck is going on? How do we stop this godawful train wreck that seems so unstoppable? For the love of God, is there any way we can redeem ourselves and save this dying world we’ve created?

The crazy, off-the-charts absurdity and insanity and the unspeakable evils that you have no doubt been progressively waking up to the existence of, are simply acting as an alarm clock. Personal roadblocks and disappointments, ditto. Now you are here, asking the very simple question: What can I do?

Everything up until now’ in other words, the past’ has meaning now only as the process or the history whose purpose, now fully discharged, has been to deliver you unto this singular, present moment. This moment. There is no other. Just a perfect, ever-present Now.’ It is in this ‘Now’ that the secret is engaged and the nightmare undone.

The secret is the ‘how’ of how we are going to get ‘there’ to a realization of the self as Divine Self, to the point where we naturally and easily express only that which is for the highest good of all in the moment. Yeah.

No? A lot of pressure there, it seems. I know I feel pressured if I think that way: fixating on the outcome, results-based, demanding. Another impossible quest for the unattainable. Oh, you can work your way closer to it, I suppose, if being closer is what you want to substitute for the real thing. And then, still, at any moment, life can take it all away from you. Here’s a better secret: we’re ‘there’ already. That’s kind of why it’s unattainable: if you’re trying to get there, you’re under the delusion that you’re not already there. That’s why all those spiritual paths are so laborious and your personal progress so often seems to take two steps forward, three steps back: as long as you keeping missing that crucial point, then all the doing and striving is just there to keep you busy in the dream never to wake up. Until you get to the point where you actually do surrender. But you don’t actually have to follow those paths if you don’t want to. The Divine is no humourless tyrant. Neither is it so boring and limited as to set up only certain prescribed ways of playing the game of life ‘right.’ This should be obvious.

The direct way to ‘get there’ is to first realize that there’s nowhere to go, nothing that needs to be done. We’re already home free. The Now is infinite, the Divine is infinite; it’s impossible to be separate from an all-encompassing infinity. Your very existence is proof of your Divine nature. When we see things as they are, the journey becomes a procession of experiences, as the Divine in embodied form, watching the movie play out. Watching the character act and react through all the circumstances and events of their life. Watching without judging, without resisting what is.

Now that is problematic, you say in your mind. (The mind is an expert at pointing out problems.) Well, sure there’s a problem: that doesn’t seem to match your experience. And besides, what’s the point if it doesn’t change anything? What about enlightenment and conscious evolution and stuff? Heck, what about your worldly goals and aspirations?

Well, it doesn’t change anything outwardly. Not at first. But I’ve gotten way ahead of myself. Hold those thoughts, we’ll come back to them.

So far, I haven’t really delivered on my promise. This is going to take a few more words. You’re not too impressed, you’re not really convinced. That’s my assumption, because that’s how I’d feel reading this. In fact, I’d feel like the writer was getting obsessed with proving his own cleverness and playing games with me. Patronizing, in a very slick and smarmy manner. I’m sorry about that. I actually didn’t notice that until just now, believe it or not. So here I go, I’m going to see if I can tune this to a clearer vibration...

You never did anything wrong. You can do no wrong. There is no such thing as wrong. This is on an absolute level. On an absolute level, the answer to everything is Yes. This is the game God is playing. Saying Yes to everything on an absolute level. In the realm of the relative, No appears. There’s nothing wrong with having a No. There’s nothing wrong with anything in the relative, from the viewpoint of the absolute. It’s all the same thing, after all. But so worth having! Equally worth having. Infinitely worth having. Indispensable. Irreplaceable. Precious and unique. Each and every form, each and every experience. Created anew in each moment of time.

Time is an abstraction of timelessness. Timelessness is; time appears to be, based on the perception of motion through a medium of space. Consciousness in time, or in relativity, is the only way the absolute Being can be conscious of anything. And what is it conscious of? Itself. In relation to itself.

What you can perceive, you are not. This is how we think, logically. This is the basis of separation. I am not this, I am not that. This thought or that emotion. They are the contents of my experience.

We are now caught in the I, the experience of being an experiencer separate from that which is experienced. This is a trap, a conundrum. Without some kind of cosmic glue to bind the seemingly separate consciousness to the whole, there is isolation. Arbitrary meaning, arbitrary boundaries. The possibility of fear and the resulting desire to control that which is experienced. Ultimately, madness and misery.

This unifying principle, without which everything would near-instantaneously disintegrate, is, of course, Love. Love recognizes that, yes, that is also me. That is also worthy, equally worthy, equally divine.

Love is absolute. It is an absolute value, unbound by relativity. Love imbues all things with their innate value as relative parts of the Divine. Love allows. Love says Yes.

It is said that our true nature is Love, that God is Love. Why don’t we try that and see what happens. See what happens if we start to align ourselves with that nature, with Love.

If it’s our true nature, then it should be effortless, right? Because it’s simply what we are, our natural state, to be pure expressions of Love. Obviously, we do not see this around us. We see greater and lesser degrees of Love, even apparently total lack of Love in extreme cases. Something seems to be impeding our true nature from being freely expressed. Our being is not effortless. Or so it seems.

But remember, we are that. The Divine lives in us, breathes as us. So really, the problem can’t even exist. Not in the absolute, at any rate. The problem, of course, lies in the realm of the relative, where problems can really seem to exist, as real as our individual existence.

I spoke of being aligned with Love. How does one achieve that in the relative world? I could just say, Think only loving thoughts, but that would be less than helpful. Yes, of course we can practice changing our thought patterns to a more loving vibrational frequency, but if the crux of the matter is not addressed, then at some point we will surely meet up with the frustration and failure that attends all endeavours not rooted in Love itself, for the purpose of demonstrating that that is not the way. Something deeper is needed, something more universally effective and effortless than the mere injunction to perform a certain way.

Because Love is absolute, it is our personal link straight back to Source. Love connects us to our own divinity. It is nothing more than the attitude you already carry on your deepest level toward all that is. Now, people tell us to the point of it being a cliché, Go within. But what does it really mean to go within? It means to go to that level of your being that says Yes to existence, Yes to all that appears, Yes to your own seemingly separate little self and all its seeming faults and foibles. Nothing is here to be denied. All anything asks of you first is that you acknowledge it as an expression of the Divine Love that you are.

The identity of the you’ that you carry with you is pure illusion, actually a creation of the seemingly separate mind. Don’t worry: that’s OK! Your mind is really the mind of God, it’s just that the form it takes on is a limited expression of that which knows no limits, but chooses to experience limits in order to fully express and explore its own nature in relationship!

There is only relationship. That is what the relative domain is all about. The first relationship you should concern yourself with is your relationship to the experience you are having Now. All else will follow, directly or indirectly, from there. Allow what is happening to be happening. This allowing is not really a doing. At first, it may seem like a doing. You are consciously paying attention to how you relate to your experience in the Now. Of course. Changing gears, changing habits, can feel like an exercise of Will. And it is that. What isn’t?

Now I’d better change course before I get out of my depth here. I did promise to get back to a couple of points.

The ‘change’ this is supposed to bring about? Well, I can tell you that I do feel it instantaneously myself. Whatever change comes about over time, will come about in its own time. I’m not concerned about that too much although I am very optimistic that it will serve me well on my journey. It just feels so good. Liberating.

This liberation is itself the mechanism for positive change. What has actually happened now that you’ve started to let go of denial and resistance on a basic level? Your energy isn’t getting eaten up by the extra tensions they create. Your energy is freed up to power more constructive things. The things that really need to happen, the things that your soul desires to happen. The beauty of it is that it works from the inside out. As your conscious Love goes deeper, the effect of that Love works its way outward. Magic. All of a sudden, things are a lot less complicated. At least, that’s how I feel.

OK, I’ve been writing all night and Id better get some sleep. See you around!


  1. Namaste brother, another fine post on love. The moment we define ourselves as "love" we are then able to slowly migrate toward accepting the totality of all expression. It is my belief a workable conceptualisation of love cannot be determined under a paradigm of separation. Love, I believe, must start and end with an understanding of the "self" as represented by all manifest reality.

    Having stepped through the doors of oneness, we then become capable of freeing ourselves from the slavery of discord, desire and need. I believe it is reasonable to assume that consciousness, as it relates to a reflection of this dualistic reality, must naturally express dualism as a core function of its nature. If this be the case; then one could argue the collective consciousness, like the pendulum of an old clock, would sway back and forth, entering into, and out of, an awareness of GodSelf divinity.

    The question I pose to you my brother, understanding the scope of divinity, is there anyway one could justify having ill feelings about their brethren or the state of the world?

    If we choose to insist a God exists, then we must also come to the reasonable conclusion our concept of God need encompass the totality of all manifest reality. Under this light, how could we ever define a deed, thought, or emotion as undesirable or unworthy of our loving attention.

    Unconditional love becomes the philosophers end game, the ultimate challenge to incorporate reason, logic, and love, into a working belief structure free of judgement, fear or chaos.

    In Lak' ech, brother, prosper with love.... live with knowledge....

  2. Namaste, brother,

    Beautifully said. It is so, and so I believe.

    The only "justification" for having ill feelings about one's fellow selves or any aspect of the creation is the fact that one is not yet personally prepared or capable of embracing the perspective of unconditional love. And that, in itself, is just another experience worthy of our loving attention.

    Thank you for commenting so faithfully. I really appreciate it.