Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Traitors to Truth

We are hunted. We flee and hide from that which we fear the most. But time is not on our side in this hunt. Our time runs out eventually. The monster comes upon us. The terror finds us. That which has been exiled, buried, and denied demands to be seen as it is, demands that we address it by name, demands that we own it as part of who we’ve been.

The gears of time, from the heaviest to the finest, grind out truth and justice from what took root, sprung forth, and played out as error and imbalance.

Truth will be reconciled to itself. No part shall remain apart from its wholeness. Not even the most recalcitrant, unwilling stone will remain unturned. The lights will go on and we shall see what we shall see, according to what we have, until then, refused to see. This process accelerates in times of apocalypse.

Make your excuses. Put on your buffers. Hide behind your mask. Spew your righteous indignation, attack those who know and threaten to reveal your unseemly secrets. This will do you no good in the end. The inevitable cannot be put off indefinitely. You would be wise indeed to be prepared when the moment comes.

The foolish man built his house upon the sand. The winds and the storms and the waves did it in, whipping and wearing and pounding it into the insubstantial, oblivious dream of nothingness that it always was. Kali the Destroyer felt no pity, no sympathy, no remorse for what she did to the lies she was sent to undo. Her task was simple and ruthless: a divinely ordained ceremony of scouring, disarming, cutting, slashing, tearing, crushing, blowing to bits, flaying, decapitating, violating, dismembering, bleeding out, sucking dry, pulverizing, and scattering the remains of the ghouls, demons, and behemoths of abomination. All the while dancing her terrible dance, the unstoppable whirling of the implacable dervish of the consummation of the follies of a dying age, for a new age requires their transmutation.

Traitors to truth, tremble. The time of your correction is nigh at hand. Welcome it, for it is here to save and set free your undying soul from the shackles of dreamed-up nonsense in all its disguises. You may have the wind knocked out of you for days on end, gasping for breath as you struggle to assimilate the ugly truth. You may be stripped of things you’ve been holding onto for dear life. Your ego may wail and gnash its teeth. But it is for your own good. You will pull through, humbled and purified of encrusted layers of self-importance, self-interest, self-adulation, self-pity, and self-deception. The false self cannot stand, it must give way. Only then can the real you step forth.

Bon voyage to us all. Amen.


  1. Namaste brother; a very interesting post is this, thank you for sharing. It is my humble belief that consciousness itself is expressed as a circle. We voyage across the playground of time and space either migrating toward or departing from our knowledge of self. Hanging on to a few metaphysical anchors we, as ego inspired individuals, can assemble a philosophical paradigm which embraces all reality. One such anchor is the concept of the singular self, an immortal being, omnipresent, omnipotent.

    If we truly embrace the GodSelf, then logic would have us conclude it is irrelevant which perspective of EgoSelf we see before us once we have accepted the truth that "all" is love.

    The question which confounds me is as follows. Do we not accelerate our philosophic learning when forced to extricate ourselves from the chaos created by Ego's follies. Personally, suffering has truly been the impetus for my philosophical pursuits.

    Chaos creates pain which in turn is the fertile ground for compassion to grow into a flower of love. This paradigm is most beautifully illustrated in our physical realm by the development of a pearl.

    If we can agree maya is the fuel consciousness uses to peddle it's way toward enlightenment and a knowing of the GodSelf within, then is not the entire journey a wonder to behold. Thanks again for the thought provoking post, a real treat.

    Namaste, brother, prospering with knowledge... learning from pain....

  2. Indeed. Beautifully said, all of it true. Thank you, brother.