Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Spiritual Sun Is Rising, the Lion Sleeps No More

Any Leos in the house? Here's looking at you, kids. You shining, glorious, badass mofos. I’m honoring you guys and gals today for being the solar embodiment of that one-of-a-kind, royal energy that's returning to its throne in all of our hearts.

I know a couple of Leos – a brother and a sister in our Finnish ‘rainbow family of living light’ – whose lion energy is so impressive that I am simply in awe, having been touched and moved by it from our first meeting onward. The charisma and soft, yet unyielding, heart-centered power that pours forth from their being is palpable and a force to be reckoned with.

Toni Rissanen from Oulu, of Limericks fame, does ‘conscious’ rap and poetry in both Finnish and English, beatboxes like a boss, dances like you wouldn’t believe, is a font of general esoteric and indigenous shamanic and medicinal knowledge, honors the divine feminine in our Mother Earth and all women, and is an all-around wonderful guy who makes everyone he meets fall in love with him. I am so happy to know him and call him a friend, words simply cannot do justice to the feeling. I can only hope that as many people as possible have a chance to get to know him and be touched by his great energy.

Toni once made some ORMUS water for me and my wife. That was good stuff. He also invited us to his housewarming party once, in a seven-story building with no elevator. My wife gets around with a wheelchair. Guess which floor the apartment was on? You got it: top floor. Of course. We were glad to climb those stairs to get there. The party was unforgettable. We were introduced to some beautiful new people and got to see some old acquaintances too rarely met. We vaped and smoked prime ganja to the point where getting back down the stairs to go home was an adventure in itself. Thanks for that evening, Toni, and thanks for all the sound healing sauna sessions, the dumpster diving tips, the magical massages, and most of all, thanks for being Toni. My beloved brother in light, may your pathways be always blessed and may you shine ever the brighter. Om veli, kiitos.

I met our sister Nitai at the same Finnish Rainbow Gathering where I first met Toni, on the island of Hailuoto in summer 2011. I never got to know her as well as I know Toni, but those timeless two weeks, and the equally timeless six days I spent at the Rainbow commune that fall, wouldn’t have been the same without Nitai.

I found Nitai’s warm lioness energy irresistible. Her uncannily leonine features and calm, confident, easy manner bespeak an understated yet unmistakable presence that commands both admiration and respect. She bears both great wisdom and an irrepressible sense of fun. She treats all with fairness and makes no compromises with the truth. I know she would give her life to save another without a moment's hesitation, and god help the man or woman who gets on the wrong side of her devotion to what is right.

Krishna is her name for the supreme personality of Godhead. Nitai spent time studying and practicing Gaudiya Vaishnavism – better known to the West as the Hare Krishna movement – at ashrams in eight different countries between 2001 and 2007. When I met her, playing the Indian harmonium and singing the sacred chants was just one of the ways in which she selflessly and joyfully served her rainbow tribe, raising vibes wherever she went. Even in the face of world-weary cynicism, she peacefully proclaimed the worthiness, holiness, and inner sainthood of her fellow beings.

I hope to see you again, Nitai, even more than once in this life, if universe will permit it. Thank you for sharing your vast treasures of soul and spirit with me and others. I will always love you with a fierce and passionate, yet soothing and gracious love. Fire and Water are strong in you, sister, but your Light is beyond this world. Namaste, siskoseni. Pysy aina Nitaina, vaikka nimet ja muodot vaihtuukin. Rakastan sinua. Kiitos kun olet.

This celebration of Leo is timely, for the lion is truly stirring within humanity. The qualities associated with that symbol certainly seem to be coming to life, bringing a new golden dawn for us all.

The elite mice who have so cleverly put this lion to sleep and tied it down have a few surprises coming. In their hubris, they have even appropriated the symbol of the lion for their own distorted ends. It has been reserved for so-called royalty and associated with war-worshipping, trivial, jingoistic, and even racist forms of nationalism. These artificial overlays are no match for the true, organic energy of Leo unleashed.

I am not a prophet, nor do I desire to lead others. I merely share what comes my way to be shared. This message stands or falls on its own merits. Thank you for taking it into consideration. What, if anything, the power it speaks of is to accomplish in the world, is in the hands of its all-knowing source. We are in its keeping always.

In gratitude,
Your brother,


  1. walking hawk here...(remember me?).... i am also a leo in your world.... Peace and Love Brother....

  2. I certainly do remember you! It's a pleasure to see you here. I salute the One in you, as Leo and all the rest. Peace and Love be with you.