Monday, January 26, 2015

Sing That Perfection!

Living truth is as simple as counting to one.

The One reverberates against itself by mirroring into duality.

Duality is the domain of mind.

Mind is nothing more than the occurrence of thought.

Thought is light, sound, vibration.

Vibration manifests on all octaves from primal creative impulse to the multitudinousness of apparent physicality.

Physicality on all its densities is a realm of experience.

Experience is a feedback process where information cycles through faculties called the senses.

The senses’ raw output is filtered and interpreted by mental programs to create the totality of what we are conscious of.

What we are conscious of is a distilled end product of the sum total of a vast web of streaming energy in the body-mind complex.

The body-mind complex is not a separate entity; it is part of an integral whole whose reaches and depths and spans and immensities go on forever, inwardly and outwardly, in an endless playground of mind knowing itself as an extension of the One while pretending now and then not to know, veiling parts of itself from other parts of itself for the purpose of its highest expression.

The highest expression of divinity is hidden in plain sight as all the things in experience that seem not to be divinity’s perfection.

Perfection sings itself and celebrates the miracle of existence in every quark and in every cosmos, in every catastrophe and in every triumph, in every cruel and every compassionate act, in every example of idiocy and genius, in every dissonance and in every harmony, in every desolate waste and in every paradise, in every moment of a lifetime and every moment out of time, in every shadow of denial and resistance and in every shining ray of realization and remembering.

Remembering who we are is the return of our soul’s journey to this eternal celebration.

This eternal celebration is the supportive, allowing space for the breath of creation, emanating from the One Love that we are, always were, and always will be.


To get a deeper, fuller, more rounded and grounded sense of the station that this train of thought came from, I ask you to please take an hour and twenty-three minutes of your time to take in what this lovely man has to say here.

Now you may understand why the song below is so dang catchy, and understand also why it was that I, listening to it during the end credits of The Lego Movie after taking in the movie for the fourth or fifth time in a heightened state of sensitivity, cried the living crap out of myself for the sheer emotional release of the gratitude and wonder and joy I felt at the enlightened vibes I was picking up from what I had just watched and the song I was hearing. Enjoy!


  1. Hi William! It seems odd to me that there are so few comments after your blogs. I find your writing fascinating, original, from the heart. I appreciate it and I support you. Thank you for sharing your experience. Love, Lori

  2. Dude! I commented once on this site but never mentioned I linked thru visible's site

    I read the whole butterflies are free to fly recommendation you gave and wow ! I resonated a lot of holes in my philosophy

    Thanks and I think I have to start a blog

  3. Hello, Lori,

    Thank you for your heartwarming, encouraging words. I have been fielding a relatively substantial amount of negativity and trials in the last little while, online and face-to-face, doing my best to aikido my way through it and watch my own reactions, with variable success. At a time when the inner light is under such constant demands, no amount of support goes unappreciated. Much love to you, and let your shine on!

    Jim C, thank you. I'm glad to hear you found the book useful. I definitely want to bring a wealth of reading suggestions here. There's so much brilliant, powerful material out there, and only so much a guy like me can personally pull through out of the ethers. I hope the muse smiles upon you, as she has upon me.

    Visible is a rock. His work has been an important part of my life since the early stages of my awakening, when I ran into it through Clif High's intriguing mention of the "dog poet" back in the day. His link has brought many more readers to this blog, and that has been a great source of encouragement also.

    Blessings to anyone who reads these words. We are never forgotten in the heart of the One who lives within us all. Our implicit trust in that intelligent power will carry us with all possible swiftness to our soul's highest destiny. As I live and breathe, Aloha! and god speed.