Monday, December 29, 2014

Wanted: Free Miracles

The observant reader of this blog will note that I make use of certain transcendental concepts which defy satisfactory explanation in terms of conventional rational modes of comprehension. They might be said to be suprarational, if I may risk such a term. The rational mind is not able to wrap itself around them, for their nature is beyond the world of the senses. At some point, the rational mind begins to suspect, and finally perhaps even admit, that its capacity to define and understand has certain limits; it circles back on itself with its endless demands for explanation and clarification and ultimately realizes the futility of the whole affair. This is no cause for despondency, however, for it is at this point that surrender becomes a conceivable option. It is to be noted that what is being surrendered is equal to nothing, and what is to be gained is equal to and greater than all that is and that ever might be.

Much to the chagrin of the echoes of my old thought structures, certain transcendental teachings begin to make sense – teachings which, earlier, I was inclined to misinterpret for the sole purpose of seeking the satisfaction of downing a strawman argument and being more right than the voice of the teacher. Gradually, I have been drawn inexorably toward concepts and philosophies that, while encompassing and embracing the reality of the senses as it appears to be, unequivocally belong to a suprasensory mode of thinking about or interpreting the contents of that seeming reality. The matrix begins to unravel as the mind plunges deeper into the rabbit hole of truth.

My purpose, as I hope you can see, is not to obfuscate, complicate, mystify, impress with a supposed personal superiority or come across as one who knows. I am as much a student and seeker as anyone who reads these pages. A devotee of truth, one who finds himself falling short in the living of that truth much more often than he would like, most loath to usurp the authority of the One who reveals all. I cannot stand here and clothe myself with pretenses; I am compelled to shed them and stand naked before the truth I profess to follow.

The teachings I now find myself opening up to are of the most radical and offensive kind, to which the conditioned mind takes an immediate distaste, discerning them to be inimical to its own nature and leading to its own demise. Fortunately, this character is now willing to drop its games of avoidance and face that which it knows will lead to its own liberation from the confines of the schizoid, separate self, to ecstasies unimaginable and a flowering of true divine Love.

As a matter of disclosure, fully knowing and regardless of what reactions may come of it, I can point to one particular teaching which I am more and more convinced may contain the key to unraveling even the subtlest layers of this unreal overlay upon the ultimate reality. It claims to provide a theoretical framework and a practical guide to awakening from the dream entirely, as distinct from any partial awakening to merely more expansive levels of the dream. This is an extraordinary claim indeed, and one should perhaps not be too surprised to find the name of Jesus matter-of-factly attached to it as the identifier of its source. (Mercifully, the name is given no importance and can be replaced by any name the student finds most appealing. Such latitude, however, does not extend to the way in which the teaching is meant to be interpreted. One Mind, one Truth, you might say.)

Truth be told, I have not even started page one of the Course in Miracles itself. I am gently easing myself toward it by reading Ray Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe. To be precise, I am reading the Finnish translation aloud together with my wife. The book has captivated our interest in an unprecedented way, as the clear vibes unmistakably pour through and fill our minds with a clarity and peace that we find irresistible.

I make no claims regarding this teaching. Even though it uncompromisingly presents itself as a universal curriculum, the Course does not set itself up as any kind of exclusive be-all and end-all, nor does it claim to be suitable for everyone. It stands or falls on its own in relation to each individual who encounters it. I am not here to sell it or proselytize on behalf of it. I am merely sharing my own experience.

The funny thing is, I was always a little put off on some level when a very good friend of mine would talk about this Course in Miracles and the philosophy of Oneness he had gleaned from it. I felt like he was cheating, trying to take a spiritual shortcut that was bound to backfire, sending him on a wild goose chase into la-la land. I was leery of what I saw as largely an exercise in spiritual buffering or bypassing, as elucidated by Bernhard Guenther on Veil of Reality (linked on the right), of which he saw plain evidence in Marianne Williamson’s dangerously naïve and dismissive response to his plain questions on the problem of psychopaths in power during an election campaign event. Williamson, of course, is famous for making the Course quite well known in the new-age lecture circuit. I’m too sharp, luckily, (heh heh) to fall for the assumption of fault by association, mixing the messenger with the message. In my mind, this was a case of two subjective, personal truths clashing without a common ground. Perhaps neither could see where the other was coming from. It has nothing to do with A Course in Miracles.

This leads us nicely into the subject of politics. Leaving aside any question of Williamson’s suitability for public office or the world of politics, I am lately often occupied with questions of spirituality vis-à-vis popular movements in the political sphere. I must confess to harboring some outrageously grand visions of a mass political awakening intertwined with a flowering of new spiritual, social, economic, environmental, and personal awareness, freedom, and responsibility arising in my own country in a rather imminent future. Naturally, I have thought about being actively involved in the genesis of such a movement. Not a figurehead, but a founding member and catalyzing agent. I reckon we have everything we need, so why don’t we just get on with making it happen and figure out the details together as we go. Oh yeah, and I get to be like king or whatever for a day, just to do the parade thingy and wave at the adoring crowds. Nothing too fancy. Hey, as long as we’re dreaming here....

But seriously, cherished self-aggrandizing fantasies aside, what’s stopping an entirely new kind of revolution from happening? People are waking up en masse, they’re fed up with the dumb, destructive crap these two-bit politicians and media whores keep putting over on us, and there is a serious wealth of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, skills, and resources here just waiting to be tapped for a worthy common purpose. The endgame of the cabal is being openly enacted: dismantling this republic, plundering the natural resources, and enslaving its people for keeps. If ever there was a time for the Suomi Lion to get into gear, this is it. I can’t be more clear than that.

Well, that’s my political speech for the day. Thank you very much.

Miracles do happen, on every level, simply by nature when that nature is unleashed. We all can be a part of a miraculous existence, by opening up to perceive the miracles we’re already surrounded by, and by opening up to the belief that anything is possible if we simply put our minds to it – all the more so when we unite with open hearts.

This transmission was made possible by forces unseen that have our very best interests at heart. Please do them the courtesy of acknowledging their existence and thanking them for what they do. It can’t hurt to put out a little prayer, either. We all need help, and it’s there for the asking, so please do yourself and the world a favor and avail yourself of what’s on offer. They’ll be more than glad to oblige.

Happy trails,
- BCii -


  1. When it brings peace with it you know that it is not from this worlds fear.