Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to read this blog

Hello there!

Whatever this blog business has been has been what it’s been. My task, which I undertake with pleasure and to the best of my ability, is to show up when I’m called and share what comes out. As for you, dear reader, only you can be the knower of what brings you here and what you seek to gain by coming here. I am not going to coddle you, control you, tell you what to think, or allow my assumptions of what you might think put a damper on the message. The message is why I’m here. My employer would know the why of things better than me, but certain bits of knowledge do come my way. The rest is the product of my own cognition, subject to my own personal limitations. I do pick up some of the stuff you see here from quite a clear channel, but certainly not all of it. How you take anything here is your call. Discern. Pay attention to how it makes you feel when you read it. That’s how I write, by the way, to a large extent: by feel.

All creativity is from one source. Credit for any truth value in this blog goes to the originator of it, who lives in the same place as the originator of me and you. They’re the same dude/gal/thing/force/thingummybob/you-name-it. So no worries. We’re all in this together. Everyone just playing their roles. No blame, no shame, no debts, no frets. I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing. Whatever happens is the interplay of manifest forces. The Tao. The Dance.

Dance with me. Feel. That’s right, feel what’s going on in yourself and let it play out. Respond inwardly, feel your own response to what you read. You feel already without thinking about it, but if you pay attention to the response, you can pick up what it’s telling you. About the text, about you, about life. What you think of as your thinking mind, where words happen, is a part of that. But only a small part. Your physical body is just as important, if not greatly more so. Impressions are received with the total instrument. The more open and relaxed you are, the clearer the impressions you receive. To attain objectivity, undo resistance to what is.

This is something I endeavor to facilitate here, by illuminating the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. Binding and loosing. The latter is what we’re after, the former requires that we recognize what it’s done to us and how so that the latter can do its work more effectively.

Love is all you need. I emphasize Love because it is the truth we seek, it is the one universal solution that knows the specific solution to any particular problem and has the power to make it happen. It is that which affirms what is, which cannot be out of alignment with itself. It is invincible and can allow itself any form, even the most horrifying. You need not be under the spell of horror. Love is what you are, and when you live as that Love, then you need fear nothing. Indeed, you cannot fear in that blessed state. Love sees itself in all things. What could threaten that which created all and is all?

My dear brother, my dear sister: believe in your Self. You are never far from home. You need only turn to see Love, the beautiful shining perfection of all.

The capacity to perceive and enact Love is on a dimmer switch from 180-degree total darkness at the bottom to zero-degree true north at the top. There is no limit to how much Love and light there can be. That dimmer switch is inside you. Ask the Divine to help you turn it up.

My work here for today is done. Thank you for being here now. May you be with God, as God is with you, and within you. Shalom.


  1. BCii what an amazing site. I have read with much interest your comments on Viz's site and I came here once I noticed your link in the side bar. I don't comment too much on what's what but appreciate the writing and essence of many commenters on his site. I do pay attention to things even though I don't respond often. I intend to explore your site further and I am greatly excited about it appearing. Many truly amazing things are happening globally at present and I believe we are in for one hell of a year and we have finally reached the tipping point! I see the waves of the old ways of chaos being taken back out to sea in this new eternal sea of consciousness.and there is not one damn thing the passing powers can do about it. When I was on a recent Aya journey, I came across a reptilian being sitting upon a gold throne, he would not let me pass. I withdrew my consent from him and he dissolved and a marvelous realm opened up in front of me. I came away with the impression that they are STUCK in their gold thrones. They are the engineers of chaos and their time is up as can be seen manifesting here in matter. Muchas Graciac BCii

  2. Hello, Eudoxia, and welcome! It's wonderful to see you here, and to receive such kind words from a respected fellow traveler.

    I see the tipping point as well, more imminent perhaps than many even suspect. This blog is my little contribution to help give that final push for the Light to break through. This global awakening has definitely begun to surpass the hopes that many of us dared to harbor in years past. It is awesome to behold.

    Yes, time is up for the masters of chaos. They believed karma could be deferred indefinitely due to the magic of their time manipulation technologies... not so! Consciousness rules reality, and consciousness is waking up to their games. Interesting, and encouraging, to read what Ray B. speaks of about the Turning, where the lords of darkness themselves are being forced to choose between incarceration (time-out to think about it) and expedited healing. If we only have the lower-level minions and their antics left, then there is quite little to fear after all, even as the insanity ramps up to an impossible crescendo here on Terra in Transitio.

    Much love and all the best to you,

  3. Greetings William I am still here exploring your site and links totally awesome. Ray B is always and interesting read and very keenly aware of the situation here. There are some special regulars at Viz' places. I've been at Veil of Reality most of the day and it was one of the uh huh moments. I ended a 3 year relationship about 2 years ago and it was this particular situation spoken about yes I had a Dark Side of Cupid encounter. I am however grateful for that because it has allowed yet another experience of the hyperdimensional beings that seem to be rampant on this plane but thinning out thankfully. It looks like we do only have the lower minions and their antics left and that is becoming pretty clear, things are just not working out so well for them at all. The more they try the more they expose themselves but that's arrogance huh. Pride comes before the fall. The Prince of Darkness (Bush 1) apparently can't breath and is in hospital - could that be an omen?

    Glad to be here William much love to you too - Muchas Gracias

  4. Hi William after being away for nearly 3 years of torture basically, back again. After a lot of loss of people close to me through death or transcendence. I found Tom Moutalk's site - after 25 years of ego de-construction, self introspection, near death experience, friends turning into fiends - I discovered the Dark Side of Cupid OMG now I truly get it and all my acquired knowledge and self discovery combined with other people, now falls quite into place. You helped get me here. Much gratitude.

  5. 25 years of dark cupid that is - not just one

  6. Hello, EJ, and thank you for taking the time to write and share.

    I'm grateful to have been of service. My own struggles are probably no less dark and difficult than yours in their own way. Having my Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto all in Scorpio, I deal as privately as I can and prefer to try to bring out the distilled wisdom aspect here.

    I'm very glad you've been able to find insight into your experiences. Now you finally have the chance to move on and not have to repeat them -- what a relief!

    May life bless you moving forward.