Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This treasure I sing

This treasure is indestructible, unassailable. It rests within me and I within it. It is within you as well, and its fullness contains all things. All things manifest are its own to give and take as it will. It is your birthright and destiny and your life belongs to it. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Ask and it shall open itself unto you. Open yourself to it, and it will transform you utterly. It is your wings, your shield, your mother and father, your very innermost self. There is nothing it cannot accomplish given the desire to do it. Sincerity will hold its attention. Innocence is its nature. Certitude and singleness of purpose will summon it from beyond the grave or any other event horizon if need be. Peace is its calling card. Miracles are its business. Understanding and wisdom are its ever-flowing gifts. The power it wields has no equal, for it is the source of power. United in its illuminated net of synergy, we are a force to be reckoned with. Those who misuse force will have their light taken away, but the forgiveness in this treasure's heart can wipe away all misdeeds. It knows the truth, and that truth will set you free. Lightness and ease will attend your every move. Confidence and trust will put an end to all doubts in your mind. You are that treasure, and your purpose is to remember yourself. It is the pearl of great price of which the angel choirs sing. It is the bane of demons and commander of Satan – "Get thee hence, accuser!" – whom he must obey. The law will guide you toward it, but only when you commit always to the next higher law. Only grace can grant it, there can be no storming its gates. This place sublime is where lovers go in their ecstasy of union, where true poets and painters get the means to create what they do in their selfless passion. It is the healing water and the purifying flame, the nourishing earth and the whispering wind. Its alchemy, the mystery, is the breath that draws every soul and atom toward its omega and sends it forth from alpha anew. I cannot but join these meagre words, so pale in comparison to its glory, in a humble effort to uplift fellow minds and hearts to the apprehension of its holy nature and eminent desirability. It is all I ever truly wanted, and now that it has been given, all I can do is share the wealth. Thank you for being with me now. Thank you for being who you are. It is what you do best, so I hope you will give it your all. The world deserves the best in you, so bring it forth and watch the mutual blessings flow. May all this become reality in your life, and may all beings attain this eternal bliss. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. Be One, be well, be all that you can be. See you on the other side, where even these words shall shine with the glory they clothe, and where words and time shall pass away as dust in the everlasting ineffable song of the One.

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  1. "I hope you will give it your all'
    That's exactly what we must do.
    "song of the One."
    Best song around love,