Thursday, October 12, 2017

Feel what longs to be felt . . .

Our depression and discontent
that we so desperately try to escape
through diversions of every kind
are speaking to us, carrying a message from our past.

They are the only clue we have
to the trauma embedded so far beneath
the preoccupations of our day-to-day awareness
that it sends back only its outermost layers of coping
to spike through into our lives.

Unconscious, we suffer and barely know it.

Eventually, the sense of wrongness grows too strong to ignore
and we are compelled to a more purposeful search
for its source and reason,
for why it persists,
and for its potential cure.

Others have trod this path before me
and shared what they have found.

They tell tales too similar for coincidence,
all seeming to fit together somehow.

Even those whose probing seems
to have left deeper, more personal and painful depths unplumbed
tell of things that fit into an overarching image of the whole
as detail, context… and mythic parable.

In my moments of deepest clarity, I find
that I cannot but perceive
that all is myth, all is parable,
and creation exists to mirror our endless quest
to know what it is we are
and what it is we are not.

Harrowing tales have been told,
tragedies most profound,
of loss too great to comprehend,
of injustice and calamity and abuse,
complicity and self-betrayal, lies upon lies
an interminable hell of stagnation
inside a mirrored hypercube of digitally-coded light
that simulates the real but can never deliver it.

We know we are meant to live free,
to enjoy co-existence and expansion
through creative immersion and challenge
and cross-pollination and co-operation
and unexpected novel forms
in an innocent and mutually honoring play of exploration,
yet here we are, conditioned beyond all recognition,
transformed into impotent marionettes
whose free will and awareness remain alive enough
to sustain the beast,
yet caged and diminished so as not to escape its control.

We are more than these dream characters in a holographic play.

We may be anchored to these forms while they live and breathe,
but we are not limited to the narrow band of possibility
afforded by their crudest capabilities,
the ones our culture tells us are the ones that matter.

What happened to our capacity to feel,
to empathize with our fellow beings,
to be fully present in the richness and vitality
of the holy communion of the now?

These things have been hidden and stolen away from us
by stealth and coercion and distraction,
numbed out of us through trauma
and post-traumatic stress survival mode.

Feel more, stress less.

Breathe, stretch, relax, let tension melt away.

Allow all feelings to wash over you as they will.

Forgive every less-than-loving thought;
they are only thoughts in a quantum sea of all possible thoughts,
attracted into awareness by the magnetism of past conditioning,
and communicate nothing of the true quality of who we are.

strive for growth,
let go of pretense.

Abide in the unshakable knowing-sense – gnosis – of your innermost being.

You are eternal.

You are boundless.

You are all-powerful.

You are infinitely caring and loving and kind.

Your alignment is impeccable and immovable.

Your wisdom sees through everything.

Your experience is a sampling of all this
through the instrument of a discrete being in time and space
voluntarily open to distortion and limitation.

All these qualities are your birthright.

Discern through feeling
what is and what is not of your divine nature.

Align your will to embody what resonates as true.

This is your gift and service to the whole.

Thank you.

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  1. Beautifully put. Inspiringly worded. Deeply felt. Thank you x