Monday, September 4, 2017

Initiation: Through the Fear

Initiation: Through the Fear on SoundCloud

This is a dream recall from a few nights ago when I woke up very early after just a couple of hours of sleep. I can now see how limited my interpretation of the dream was at the time; I'd now describe it as an experience designed to demonstrate in an intense way how strong, bold, courageous, indestructible, and pure of heart I am at the vibrational level I was at. A faith- and confidence-building exercise through confronting some deeply terrifying, trying, and repugnant manifestations.

None of what I went through in this or any other dream defines me unless I choose to let it do so. I can choose to interpret this or any other dream in a way that maximizes my empowerment and expansion toward my next highest vision of myself. And since this waking life itself is another level of dream, the same applies to every experience.

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