Monday, November 28, 2016

Gab: Activated! #SpeakFreely my warrior kin.


Such fascinating and dramatic times. There’ve been so many compelling stories to follow. Pizzagate is absolutely mind-blowing in its impact on the collective awareness. It has galvanized a huge popular movement, as I privately predicted when it first came out. I also predicted that this megascandal would be the final tipping point leading to the Satanic elite’s downfall. The abduction, trafficking, ritual sexual abuse and blood sacrifice of innocent children on this grand a scale, this endemically entangled in the entrenched power structure of black magic and blackmail, coming out in such an undeniable and concrete way, is an irreversible step over the line. The shock, rage, and disgust it evokes are so deep and powerful that I knew there was no way this would just blow over and yield to business as usual.

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The perps and their puppets are pulling out all the stops to keep the lid on this. The “fake news” psyop meme was rolled out just around the time Pizzagate was breaking in the “alternative” media. Reddit deleted and banned the /r/pizzagate subreddit, a major early platform for the crowdsourced investigative effort. In a parallel development dubbed “Twittergate,” a user named Molly employed an algorithm to detect networks of linked Twitter accounts and discovered a huge pedophile ring whose members were using the site to share obscene images involving children. Other similarly appalling rings have been uncovered by Molly since. Twitter shut down her account to protect the guilty. Both houses, Reddit and Twitter, have been leaned on at the top, and the top has succumbed.

These efforts are self-defeating. The more they clamp down on consciousness, the more the pressure of awakening builds. The ever-expanding experience of the One that we are has no limits on what it can do. It has manifested an unprecedented rise in both audience and participation in the new media: an unsquashable, horizontal response to top-down hierarchy. It has redirected traffic from Reddit and Twitter to the new Gab platform, a free-speech utopia that combines the best of both.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on President-elect Donald Trump. I am confident that he will be able to set off some positive changes, both directly through his actions and indirectly through what he inspires and catalyzes in others. It seems clear that the bloodline oligarchs and their tentacles are doing and will do everything they can to trip him up, undermine and compromise him. Just how much he is already compromised remains unknown. Some of the perennial pessimists of the conspiracy-rabbit-hole corner have had him pegged as a Rockefeller asset for some time. Some believe he is being played and used since day one. I think he’s very well informed, very aware of the real situation behind the scenes and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He’s obviously highly intelligent and shrewd, much smarter than the limited vocabulary of his campaign speeches would indicate. The accusations of bigotry and racism are no more than the tired, empty rhetoric of a perpetually-victimized and -outraged leftist fringe whose credibility outside its own echo-chamber confines is a thing of yesterday. Trump has shown some very promising signs and I remain cautiously optimistic on the surface while rediscovering, again and again, more and more, a supreme confidence in the perfection of all things, deep down in my core. [Edit: lest we get too high on the hopium, here's a piece that shows Trump is far from clean, pals around with some ugly beings, and has a history of leaning more toward expediency than principle when it comes to the truth.]

The pendulum of public opinion has indeed swung back, bringing the formerly-suppressed, so-called alt-right into a position of more favor. I think the alt-right has largely been a reaction against the destructive cultural Marxism of the left. I think the left and the right are both very needed political currents that need not be at each other’s throats, exchanging insults in lieu of thoughtful dialogue. What we do need is consensus on the facts. This is something the Dark cannot allow to arise—hence the flood of distractions, the inflammatory trolling and baiting, the onslaught of disinfo, the dumbing down, the corralling of the range of thought, the censorship, the threats of violence—anything to divide us and obscure the facts. I see that consensus growing exponentially. It's already far past the point of no return. The facts of our situation are staring us in the face. We who are aware cannot remain on the sidelines. We are needed in this fight.

The spiritual war goes far beyond politics. It is a war that is fought on every front. It is only a war from the perspective of duality; non-duality integrates conflict with the underlying non-conflict. We are simultaneously being called to choose a side and to transcend all sides. If we want a unified world of live and let live, of marvelous diversity and excellence and freedom, then we must respond to both of these calls. We must remain both vigilant and at peace within ourselves. The journey of self-reunification is what we are on. The fruits of success will be beyond imagining. We should have the audacity to envision exactly what we really want and the humble gratitude in advance that attracts that vision into our reality.

I love you all. May supreme confidence in the goodwill of the One overcome your every doubt and fear. Not by drowning them out, but by calmly and lovingly embracing them in the light of the timeless, living truth. May your intentions be conscious, courageous, and liberating. Namaste, fellow warriors. We got this.


  1. I Love it Bill... Feels like your ready to walk the Path of the Warrior... Dance... Feel the Light... Well written piece.. Speaking of piece... PEACE and I love ya man... walking hawk

    1. I love you too, Jeff. The more I deepen into sacred solitary presence, the more I feel that Light within me. I have been holding myself back from the true Warrior Path for too long... that fierce, yet tender energy makes me feel truly alive!